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Sona Build Guide by YounGun91

Sona - Support to win every game (updated 1st July 2011)

By YounGun91 | Updated on July 17, 2011

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Hello i just want you welcome on my new build for Sona. I started playing sona about 1 week ago and i love this champion. With Sona i had scored 95% wins of all my played matches. So i hope that you enjoy this guide and you will like it :)
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Item purchase

First i start with mana manipulator - this item is very good for spamming your abillities and the item helps your lane teammate too (of course when he uses mana - not energy).

After your first recall try to purchase phillosopher stone and boots. Phillosopher stone will provide you mana and HP regen and nice 5 golds per 10 seconds, which helps you in future to purchase more stuffs.
Of course dont forget for 1 or 2 wards on your river, you will be hardly ganked and it saves you a lot of money and XP!! :)

Next recall try to get one heart of gold, cuz you as support leave all last hits on lane to your carry lane mate. You will generate one more gold per every second then other players (it will be now 10 golds per 10 seconds => extra gold each second), this heart of golds you will sell in late game.

Next you shall buy boots of swiftness for and an oracle elixir. Now your job will be destroying enemies wards in jungle amd warding a lot (river, buffs and some crossroads in jungle)

If you will have a lot of money (from taking turrets and dragon, assists, etc.) try to get your tear of the goddess as soon is possible. With the Tear of the goddess you will solve your problem with mana.

Soul shroud is your next item, for your CD reduction and mana regen aura + of course nice HP bonus for you :))

Second aura item will be Aegis of the legion - that provides your teammates armor and magic resist buff.

After purchasing these you are on the way to get your banshee's veil providing you magic resist HP and mana. And now come for archangels staff for more AP to take better heals and Q damage ;)

And finish your build with Shurelyas Reverie
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Summoner Spells

I strickly recommend clairvoince and flash cuz of these:

Clairvoince will help you when you need to make sure that you will be not ganked, when somebody miss from other line. You can easily gank enemy jungler. You can scout Baron or Dragon, or when you are going to get Baron or Dragon you can easily put clairvoince and it will cover your *** and you will se when enemy are comming. Easily when you want to push mid you can put clairvoince to brush near mid and see if the enemy dont want to gank you. And at last it can help you when you need to put ward in brush and you are not sure if enemy isn't in this brush.

Flash - easy escape skill from some bad situations ;)
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I start with W, cuz of his heal and armor aura. When you have carry on lane you come to lane and try to take FB, carry attacking enemy will take a lot of damage from 2 enemy players and you will heal them easily, and provide him more armor you will help your teammate to take less damage.
!! At spawn after starting the game i usually spam 3 times W to take my passivly buff. When i come to the line, my first autoattack will debuff enemy hero !!

Next i try to get my Q
you can easily zone enemy players from creeps, and you provide AD/AP buff, which helps your carry on line to push the turret easy. From my experinece about level 7 is enemy turret down and your turret has about 80% HP.

On 4th level pick E - now you can slow enemy with your 3rd stack on your passive.

On 6th level sure pick your super stun ulti ;)
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Very important thing on this build is that you will not creep on your line. As Sona support you will just stay in brush and heal your carry teammate, who will try to get as most last hits as he can. Try to harras enemy oponents when you reach your 3rd spell use.
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Played matches as a proof

League of Legends Build Guide Author YounGun91
YounGun91 Sona Guide

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Sona - Support to win every game (updated 1st July 2011)
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