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Build Guide by Anna Mossity

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anna Mossity

Sona, the Harpsichord from Hell

Anna Mossity Last updated on October 11, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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So, i am NOT a fan of support champs, but this one has got a special knack for doing the job better than any support out there. She takes Taric's aura, Soraka's heals and Amumu's ultimate and turns them into the powerhouse that she is.

SETUP : For the most part you want to have runes and masteries that complement a caster support, so i went with Magic pen, either HP per level or MP regen per level seals, and AP per level Glyphs. Flat health quints are a must here as Sona is incredibly squishy. For summoner spells i recommend Flash and Clairvoyance, as Flash gives you a solid escape along with the Song boost and Clairvoyance lets yo avoid those nasty ganks or set up one of your own. You could also use Ignite if you find your team needs a little more DPS or Clarity if you find you are having mana issues, but with this build you shouldn't have too many problems.

EARLY: Get a Mana Manipulator if you are laning with someone, or if they send you mid get Meki Pendent. You'll need both either way since the build into items you'll use later, so dont sweat about it. Get 1 point into Hymn and charge up you power chord before leaving base. Just like Phreak said, you wanna use your Clairvoyance to check out who's going where, and with the improved cooldown from the masteries you'll be checking things quite regularly.

Early phase you just wanna farm, using Hymn to last hit and harass. Try to save your power chord for when the enemy gets too close, its a lot of damage early and only gets better as you progress. Once you get around 1200 gold go back and pick up shoes and Tear of the Goddess. You will be able to max out your mana pool quickly and when it becomes Archangels you'll get a MAJOR boost.

Mid game you should start helping push towers. Just keep yourself within distance to use your Aria and Song to push the lane, using Clairvoyance to keep yourself aware of incoming enemies. Sona has very little in the way of escape so you must not get ganked. Remember to get a ward or two to keep yourself aware of incoming foes, Clairvoyance can do only so much. Work on Shurelia's Reverie and Locket, making sure to finish Locket first; it is your most important item.

Team fights is where you will shine. Once your team initiates throw Crescendo to further disable them. Isolate the weakest foe and use Hymn and power chord on them, its likely to take more than half of a squishy's health. Keep cycling music to keep the team buffed and the enemy at bay.

Late game you need to finish your items. Get Archangel's, Deathfire and Zhonya's, and grab the Golem buff. With the extra cooldowns from your items you should be able to cycle each song within 4 seconds or less, making you incredible useful with the team, and the burst you get from Deathfire is a great opener/finisher for the rest of them.


: Since Sona can cycle through each song every 2-3 seconds, the Locket is ideal for her. Do the math; 3 activates over 6 seconds, that's 750 health and 300 mana a MINUTE with the 3 second cooldown on the locket you only get 500 health and 200 mana, BUT its doubled for Sona herself, and that doesn't include the healing that Aria does or the regen the Locket's aura provides. This item, while everyone thinks is terrible on the typical caster, is perfect for a support like Sona.
: this should be self explanatory, but i'll digress; More Mana = More spells. Converting the mana you have into AP is a nice bonus but the big deal here is the mana.
: This item surprises me alot, especially since Sona doesn't deal that much damage later on. The activate is perfect to start focusing with, since by end build you'll be hitting them for 37% 44% (gotta love math) of their current health. Makes taking down hardier enemies easier. the cooldown and regen are just gravy.
: this item makes it real easy to say GTFO or GTFIT, especially when combined with Song. Since Sona has no natural escape mechanic and a good team will focus you first you must have a way to get out and this does it neatly while providing cooldowns and regen.
: If i have to explain this one you shouldnt be playing LoL. Its AP, its a major defence and will make all your spells save Song do better.

There are alternate items to get as well;

Get mercury treadsif the enemy is heavy in CC, which has been the usual boost for me to get. Also Boots of Mobilityand Boost of Swiftnesswork well, making her more a mobile support
Get Soul shroudin place of Reverieif you find you need more health.
if you are comfortable that you wont die, get Mejai'sin place of Deathfire. Personally i like having the extra burst but ultimately it's up to you.
If you find that you need extra damage output( example, not enough damage on your team, tougher enemies), try out Lich Bane. When the proc is up with power cord you get one MAJOR R-click.

Have fun, and let me know what you think of my guide.

UPDATED 10/11/10 : After reviewing the numbers i switched out the Celerity glyphs for Force Glyphs, since Locket + Reverie + Deathfire = 40% cooldown, which is the max cooldwon you are allowed.

Also added some suggested summoner spells for Sona and reasoning behind them. Also updated items list to simplify your END items. Anybody knows what builds into these items so prioritize accordingly.