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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GearsPowered

Sona the OP Aura mistress. New and Improved v.2.4

GearsPowered Last updated on September 27, 2010
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

Champion Skills:

Power Chord: After casting 3 spells, Sona's next attack deals 24 + 12 x lvl bonus magic damage.

Additionally, Sona's Auras persist for 3 seconds after deactivating and set off a 2 second global cooldown.

It's like a free mini sheen. While overall fairly useless, you'll find it handy for last hitting champions. The other passive is what makes Sona the support mistress. The Aura's persist for 3 seconds, while there's only a 2 second cooldown. When you have your soul shroud, all your spells (other than your ult) will have a 4.55 second cooldown.
This means that you can cast your first skill wait 2 seconds, cast your second skill, wait 2.55 seconds, and recast your first skill. This will allow you to maintain 2 aura's 24/7 while healing and either damaging or speed buffing (Like you should be). This is key to Sona's power.

Hymn of Valor: Persistent Aura: Sona plays the Hymn of Valor, increasing nearby allied champions Damage and Ability Power by 8/11/14/17/20.

Activation: Sona fires bolts of sound, dealing 70/120/170/220/270 (+0.6) magic damage to the nearest two enemies (prioritizes champions).

Cost: 55/60/65/70/75 Mana
Range: 700

This is Sona's offensive spell, grabbing it after level 1 is only good when you feel aggressive. If you're finding yourself more defensive, avoid grabbing it till end game, your other skills are more efficient at keeping you alive. I will refer to this skill as HoV
Aura of Perseverance: Persistent Aura: Sona plays the Aria of Perseverance, increasing nearby allied champions Armor and Magic Resist by 8/11/14/17/20.

Activation: Sona sends out healing melodies, healing Sona and the most wounded nearby allied champion by 40/65/90/115/140 (+0.5).

Cost: 55/60/65/70/75 Mana
Range: 1000

This is Sona's bread and butter for group fights. Use this everytime it's off of cool down in group fights. It prioritizes the lowest HP champion and the aura is quite handy. This allows you to focus on keeping yourself in a decent position and allows you to be aware of everything going on. This skill will be referred to as AoP.
Song of Celerity: Persistent Aura: Sona plays the Song of Celerity, granting nearby allied champions 8/11/14/17/20 bonus Movement Speed.

Activation: Sona energizes nearby allies, granting them 8/11/13/17/20% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds

Cost: 55/60/65/70/75 Mana
Range: 1000

This skill is almost as good as AoP. In team fights it's amazing, if you see someone getting ganked, it's a life saver. The speed increase is tremendous, and twisting it with the heal makes Sona a beast. The passive aura is also quite nice. This skill will be referred to as SoC.
Crescendo: Sona plays her ultimate chord, forcing enemy champions in a line in front of her to dance, taking 150/250/350 (+0.7) magic damage over 1.5 seconds.

Cost: 100/150/200 Mana
Range: 1100

This skill is amazing. Which suffice to say that 3 of Sona's 4 skills are all out amazing. While the damage is negligible, the stun range and the stun in general is just epic. Once you master where to aim and the range, you'll be a monster. People running away? lolstun them. Bad initiation? Lolstun the other team. This skill will be referred to as lolstun.

Items(In Order)

1.Meki Pendant: andMana Potion: x2

2.Meki Pendant: intoTears of the Goddess: ,Boots of Speed: intoBoots of Swiftness:

3.Tears of the Goddess: intoArchAngel Staff:

4.Soul Shroud:

5.Aegis of the Legion:

6.Will of the Ancients: orStark's Fervor:

7.Stark's Fervor orWill of the Ancients:

Optional Items:(Only if you know someone else is bringing a specific Aura)
Zhonya's Ring: 120 AP + 25% AP bonus. Easily another 70-80 health healed with AoP.
Guardian angel: A great survivability item. Though with the nerf it's less than awesome. The armor, MR, and self revive is still handy on Sona.
Innervating Locket: This allows Sona to spam her spells and self heal for more. Which makes this great for long team fights. Only problem is the aura was nerfed to death, and really doesn't do much for the team.

Summoner spells:
: Clairvoyance is an ok skill. It helps with preventing some ganks, while allowing other ganks. Generally better in ranked if you see they have a jungler.
Clarity: Clarity is basically a must. Early/Mid game and even late game the spell is just a lifesaver. Use this before you use your mana pots, because you'll generally have it off of CD before you use both of mana pots.
Cleanse: This is another situational spell. Because you're generally squishy till end game, if you notice alot of CC this spell is actually quite epic. Cleanse + SoC to get yourself out of a terrible situation.
Exhaust: Honestly this skill is useless with my build. Only grab it if you're planning on doing some sort of combo, or know someone else is buying a mana manipulator + bringing clarity. And even then it's just about useless.
Flash: While flash can be a handy alternative to ghost, the nerfs have rendered this spell all but useless. If you find yourself not using ghost then flash is a decent alternative.
Fortify: Useless spell, don't bother with sona. ARAM may be the only reason to bring it, and generally it's against the rules :P.
Ghost: Ghost is great, honestly I never go without it. Between having to run to allies who are in trouble or getting away from enemies, Ghost + SoC + Boots of swiftness = one crazy fast sona.
Heal: Don't bother bringing heal, you heal for enough as it is and their are much better summoner spells.
Ignite: It works for some Sona's, not really with mine. Much better choices out there.
Rally: Rally doesn't seem to be a great idea, but with the bonus AP and healing, it may be useful. I won't use it, and being the squishy you are you probably shouldn't either.
Revive: If you bring revive, please stop reading this now.
Smite: Refer to revive.
Teleport: Teleport could be useful if your with a premade and you have a teemo, shaco, or someone who's planning on warding the place like no tomorrow. I prefer ghost and clarity, but this could be a viable stratagy.


Greater Seal of Focus x1: .29% Cool Down Reduction:
Greater Seal of Vitality x8 : +1.08 health per level (+19.44 at champion level 18)

Health is self explanatory, while the one Cool down reduction rune is to put you above 20% CDR.

Greater Mark of Insight x9 : +0.95 magic penetration

You can either use AP or Magic penetration. I personally use Magic pen because it's the only source of MPen you'll have, and because Sona's skills don't scale so well, it's all optional.

Greater Glyph of Focus x9: -0.65% cooldowns

CDR Allows Sona to twist her spells and buffs alot quicker, making her a healing buffing damaging machine. You can't go wrong with CDR

Greater Quintessence of Focus x3 : 1.64% cooldowns

Refer to Glyphs

ArchMage's Savvy: 3/3 (.6ap per level) 10.8 AP at level 18. Free AP
Deadliness: 1/3 Critical strike chance incrased by .66% (This is a filler Talent, anything else is acceptable)
Sorcery: 4/4 3% Cool down reduction. A great mastery
Archaic Knowledge: 1/1 You have 15% extra magic penetration. The 9th point to put into offense because you already have 21 in Utility. 15% MPen is pretty handy even when you're a support. Another viable option if you're determined to not be offensive at all is an extra point in awareness.

Perseverance: 3/3 Increases total health/mana regeneration by 4% . More regen is good.
Haste: 1/1 Your ghost spell is 8% faster and lasts 1.5 seconds longer. Handy spell to have if you use ghost, otherwise you can spend it anywher eelse.
Expanded Mind: 4/4 Increases your max mana by 5%. This is a must, especially when you plan on having an Archangel staff.
Awareness: 1/4 Increases your experience gain by 1.25%. This is a filler talent, only so you can get farther in the tree. Utility Mastery is another option.
Medititation: Increases your mana regen by 1 per second. This is an insane mastery, and is worth every point.
Insight: 1/1 Your clarity now grants the same amount of mana to allies, as it does to you. Another spell that compliments Sona even more. Not only is she an aura master/buffer/healer, she's also a handy mana battery.
Greed: 1/1 You generate 1 gold every 10 seconds. This mastery is ok, if you plan on using flash or clairvoyance, there's bettery mastery choices.
Quickness: 3/3 Your base movement speed is increased 3%. This is a great skill for Sona. Ontop of her speed buff, her base speed is 3% higher. Don't pass this up.
Intelligence: 3/3 6% CDR. There are no words to express how sweet this is. With this and all your other masteries, you will be at 20% CDR right from the start.
Presence of the Master: 1/1 Reduces the recharge time of your summoner spells by 15%. This is handy to have as well for clarity and ghost. It's nice to see them off of cooldown sooner, so you can have them ready for worst cast scenarios.

Skill Orders

Laning with an Average lane partner

1.Aura of Perseverance
2.Hymn of Valor
3.Aura of Perseverance
4.Song of Celerity
5.Aura of Perseverance
7.Aura of Perseverance
8.Song of Celerity
9.Aura of Perseverance
10.Song of Celerity
12.Song of Celerity
13.Song of Celerity
14.Hymn of Valor
15.Hymn of Valor
17.Hymn of Valor
18.Hymn of Valor

Laning with an Agressive or Strong early game partner

1. Aura of Perseverance
2. Hymn of Valor
3. Aura of Perseverance
4. Hymn of Valor
5, Hymn of Valor
6. Crescendo
7. Aura of Perseverance
8. Song of Celerity
9. Aura of Perseverance
10. Hymn of Valor
11. Crescendo
12.Hymn of Valor
13. Aura of Perseverance
14. Song of Celerity
15 Song of Celerity
16. Crescendo
17. Song of Celerity
18, Song of Celerity

Solo Middle

1.Hymn of Valor
2.Aura of Perseverance
3.Hymn of Valor
4. Song of Celerity
5.Hymn of Valor
7.Hymn of Valor
8.Aura of Perseverance
9.Hymn of Valor
10.Aura of Perseverance
12.Aura of Perseverance
13.Aura of Perseverance
14.Song of Celerity
15.Song of Celerity
17.Song of Celerity
18.Song of Celerity

Game:(If you're laning Top or Bottom with an average lane partner )

Early game: Build a meki pendant and 2 mana pots (You can substitute the meki pendant for a mana crystal, but I prefer mana regen)

Use Aria of perserverance right from the start for the aura. Once your mana is full (If you had picked the meki pendant) use it again and again till your passive is ready (Power chord)

Once you have 1 point into HoV, use it for harassing. Early game it does a ton of damage, and with your passive MPen, it hits fairly hard. With this and your passive, you can whittle down champions while healing yourself and your lane partner. While I generally don't go past level 1, if your team is dominating the lane, pick up 1 level of SoC and level HoV/AoP to just keep the steamroll up. If the lane seems fairly even, or they have a fairly tanky/support champion, focus more on SoC/AoP to prevent ganks and heal up. You won't be high on the damage meters, but you and your partner can push like no tomorrow.

Early-Mid game: You should have about 1600 gold before you go back (Play defense, keep yourself and your lane partner healed, if your parter is harassing well, try to get in for the kill. You damage spell is extremely powerful early/early mid game) Buy a Tears of the goddess and boots of swiftness (Merc treads if they have 2+ stunners. Champions that lack a ranged stun (Eve, Alistar, Xin etcetc) are almost worthless when you can easily outrun them.

Once you have your tears and boots, your SoC will allow you to be a speed demon. You're essential in group fights and pushing. You should have your stun off of CD, and you should only use it if A. You're getting ganked. B. Your team is initiating. C. Your ally is getting ganked. or D. An enemy champ is low on HP, and you can finish him off with your lolstun, HoV, and a melee attack. Otherwise don't waste it, it can and will turn the tides of a teamfight. Your AoP needs to be level 5 when your champion reaches level 9.
Don't get greedy with mana, if clarity is off of CD, spam your heals to top off people, or use your HoV to kill minions. It increases your max mana, and that makes a difference end game.

Mid Game: Now you're healing like a champ, you'll have to go back once or twice due to mana (You better be twisting/healing your allies). Twist the speed buff and heal in group fights while using the damage when you can. Both the speed buff and heal are extremely spamable, and allows your team to stay nimble and alive. You will notice yourself saving ALOT of your people. If you have to run back, constantly use SOC to get back in the fray asap.
Upgrade your Tears into an archangel staff and start your Soul shroud. If you can afford your soul shroud, stick to people. The 15% CDR aura makes champions like Vladimir, Kogmaw, Garen, and Annie a force to reckon with.

Mid-Late Game: Now you should be group fighting and have 2k mana+. Spam your heal and speed buff like they're going out of style, while saving your ulti for ganks/saves. You'd be suprised how you can save an ally from being ganked by stunning anywhere from 2 to all the enemies champions for 1.5 seconds. Then you can heal the person and use SoC to allow them to escape. Remember though, support is a thankless job.

If you haven't finished your soul shroud by now, you need to go and farm. When it's done, work on your Aegis. Generally you'll have enough for a health crystal and cloth armor. This will give you about 2k HP and 2k MP. You'll have a bit more survivability, and with your aura have a somewhat decent amount of Armor/MR (Even more when you finish the Aegis) level. Even though your team won't admit it, they'll appreciate the 15% cdr aura ontop of your MR/armor/Speed/AD/AP auras.

Late game: Just like mid-late. Your damage spell is almost useless now, but you'll be spamming SOC/AOP ALOT. Your carry just got out of the fight with 1/10th hp? Heal him and speed the group so they can continue. 3-4 heals later (15-20 seconds) they'll have almost 1k hp and can help out again more conservatively. You'll even be able to let your carry kill towers if you won a group fight rather than forcing him to go back and heal because of how spamable that heal is.
Build your Aegis. Now you have 2 item auras, and your twisting 2 more auras up 24/7. Build either a starks if A. Noone has one or B.Your main damage is melee or a Will of the ancients if A. Noone has one or B.Your team is mainly AP. Your team will appreciate it alot. If the game goes on long enough, you'll have both. Running you 6 aura's. You'll get to watch your team lolstomp the other team with your assistance.

Your Aura's and buffs:

Throughout the game, your aura count will increase. Starting out your aura's will include

8-20 Attack Damage and Ability Power
8-20 Armor and Magic Resistance
8-20 Movement Speed - And during cast an 8-20% movement speed increase

Afterwards your item Aura's are:

12 mp5 and 15% CDR - Soul Shroud
12 Armor, 15 MR and 8 Attack Damage - Aegis of the legion
30 Ability Power and 15% Spell Vamp
20% Life steal, 20% Attack speed, and 30 Hp5 (And -20 Armor to enemy champions) - Starks Fervor

End game your allies will have: (If you twist SoC/AoP)

12 Mana per 5 seconds
15% Cool down reduction
32 Armor
35 Magic Resistance
8 Attack Damage (28 Attack Damage if you twist AoP/HoV)
30 Ability Power (50 Ability Power if you twist AoP/HoV)
15% Spell vamp
20% Life Steal
20% Attack speed
30 Health per 5 seconds
20 Run speed (If you twist HoV/SoC)
-20 armor to all enemy champs
Take that and multiply it by 4, (Don't count all the extra stats you get from the items on top of the auras) and you can see why this makes a huge difference. On top of a spamable heal that heals for 200-250 every 5 seconds and a 20% speed increase for 1.5 seconds every 5 seconds, makes you a monster of a support.


Most games will find you 20+-30+ assists. So if you feel ballsy and don't need either the starks or wills, grab a leviathan or mejai.

I do not believe Sona should be built AP and damage. Her skills are just way to supportive, and her damage/ulti damage is mediocre at best. Her specialty is keeping the team alive and making them stronger. Don't let people make you think otherwise. She's an insanely useful character to your team, and will make any great team, completely awesome.

If you have any questions, drop me a comment and I'll answer asap :).

Also I plan on adding more as I play more. Giving more options based on specific scenarios. Expect a guide on laning with an agressive player and a solo lane guide soon.