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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gristeh

Sona - The Supporting Orchestra

Gristeh Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Hello, welcome to my first guide to the most amazing support champion that is Sona. I use sona mostly to help my team push turrets and win, I guess like most others do haha. Sona is a brilliant champion to have in your line up and muchly recommended champion if you are wanting to get those Victory streaks in. Use and abuse her! Here this guide will show you the way to play Sona to where you can spam your Q W and E till your fingers bleed! :]

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[*] Meki pendant + 2 mana potions.

Perfect start to your item build. With clarity also you shouldn't be taking alot of damage intake, with her heal there is no need for health potions. This should keep you in lane till around level 5-7 farming around 1700 with assist kills and around 40-42 minion kills.

[*] Boots of Swiftness.

You may feel this is an odd choice but the faster Sona can get around the better. You can easily save your teammates with a quick E push and save them with your heal much quicker than you would with magic pen or resist boots. Its a fantastic choice of item, choose it!

[*] Morello's Evil Tome

Well I was slightly baffled when I chose this item on my build tonight but I was suprised and how much it helps! With the mana regen helping you out for more spamming the ability power gives you that extra umpf to give you out some damage and healing power.

Towards the end of her build I chose high health items and then high AP items. With hourglass helping you in many ways as sona is likely to be focused.

With these items you will have a high mana regeneration build with lots of ability power. Slightly squishy but you shouldnt be pushing out to the front! Relax, heal and take it eaaaaaasyyy.

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My runes are mostly typical of a caster support champion. I choose mana regeneration for the most apart followed by a few Ability power runes, I follow with Quin of health upon level and regen, and also AP. They may look a bit odd but hey it defaintly works. I've yet to lose a game with Sona because of the high mana regeneration build/runes.

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Team Work

If you're wanting to play Sona the way she should be played then be ready to be helping your team as much as you can. While most feel all she does is heal you can give out some sturdy damage with a Q and her power cord buff. Be sure to remember you can help your team get a speedy get away with E so don't just be relieing on her healing power. You have around a 2 second gap where you can cast no spells so a speedy get away is better than a heal that just lets you die that little bit slower.

Be sure to stay in the good books with your team as obviously Sona does need blue buff now and again. Asking your team for help with this makes it quick and easy and once you show them how much of an importance you are to the team you will surely make 4 new friends for life.

Don't flame! Be prepared to die for your team. As your R is a very good initiating spell so be prepared to be focused. This will most likely happen if the enemy team have a clue of how powerful sona is so with this happening, hopefully by now you will have your Hourglass which you should not forget to proc like most do. Click it! Dont be scared :P. Alot of movement with E, around creeps and team mates if possible keep the melee off your *** as they can not walk through. With ranged, keep your heal up and just try to intake and give out as much heal and damage as possible.

You need a cool head with Sona, she doesnt give out the heal you need right to the beginning, but towards level 18 shes fantastic, and a real joy to play.

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Obviously you have not got the most amazing last hitting power, but Sonas auto hit does around 52-54 damage at beginning level so be sure to watch creeps health. When you begin to build your mana regen items you will be able to use your Q more to last hit. Dont expect your minion kills to be in the high area, but farm to the best of her ability. Your going to make your money from assisting and the odd Q/ auto hit kill.

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I hope you like...

I hope you like my build. Its my first, and I love Sona. Try it, enjoy it, vote it. :]