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Sona Build Guide by Jawzke

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jawzke

Sona the Walking Fountain

Jawzke Last updated on September 28, 2011
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This is my guide on how to play and master the support champion Sona. Sona's main roles include healing and buffing her allies, whilst aiming to zone out and CC the opposition with her 2 offensive skills, Hymn of Valour and Crescendo. It's best to take Sona in bottom lane with a carry that you can help babysit so that they can be powerful for late game. Sona is very powerful in team fights and her ultimate can turn games around if it is used to it's full potential.

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Greater Marks of Insight to add a punch to your offensive spells.
Greater Seals of Resilience to help counter your early game squishiness.
Greater Glyphs of Focus to allow you to pump out more heals and power chords.
Greater Quintessence of Avarice for extra gold regen.

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Sona needs a combination of 3 different stats to help her and those are, Ability Power, Cooldown Reduction and Mana/Mana Regen. Start with a Faerie Charms and a Ward for your bush at bottom lane. Build a Philo Stone to give you nice regen and it can be built into the Shurelyia's Reverie which is a nice addition to your Song of Celerity. The Archangels Staff is an important core item that must be gotten early to help strengthen your heals and allow you to build up your AP and Mana Pool by pumping out Auras. The Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Elixirs of Brilliance help to reduce your oooldowns on your abilities aswell as give you a bit of extra AP. Now build an Aegis of the Legion which is a very cost efficient item and one that pretty much every team needs. If you decided to get Heart of Gold Early for extra Mana Regen then build it into a Randuins Omen to help give your team the edge against that fead Tryndamere/Yi etc.

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Skill Sequence

It's best to max your Aria of Peservearance first to help with your job of babysitting and keeping your carry alive followed by your main offensive skill Hymn of Valour for mnajor harrassment and zoning. Obviously you put up your ultimate whenever you can and try grabbing 1 on Song of Celerity at level 4.

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Summoner Spells

I grab Flash to help counter Sona's Fragility and also Clairvoyance can help with preventing ganks, checking the jungle and to see if the enemy is doing baron/dragon. Don't forget to Clairvoyance the enemy fountain at the start of the game at around 10secs to see which enemies are going into which lanes. I choose to master both Flash and Clairvoyance in the Masteries to help reduce their cooldowns so they can be used more frequently.

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Team Work

It's best for you to stand away from harm in team fights, a safe distance from their anit-carries, but also close enough so you can support your carry and fire of a game changing Crescendo is needed. Try to aim for 3 or more people when using your ulti to gain its maximum benefit for your team.

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Sona does not need alot of farming because you hav a gold per 5 item and also because its better to leave the farming to your lane partner who will most likely benefit more from it. Make sure to Clairvoyance the dragon occasionally and if it's free try to get it.

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Sona is a good choice for your team and she is incredibly fun to play and easy to master. You'll find that most of your games will be victories and that you will be the heart of your team. I can't guarnatee you 2k ELO, but I can offer you my own playstyle for The Maven of the Strings. Try it out and see for yourself ;).