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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Akar

Sona (v. X.105)

Akar Last updated on November 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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(First Guide)

Abilities (You can mouse over em to see what they do.)

Passive: Power Chord
- This is sorta what separates the good from the bad. Try to keep it ready w/2pts. Learning how to effectively use this will help out a ton. ALWAYS have this ready to go whenever you leave your base.

Q: Hymn of Valor (Aura: +Ability Power/Damage)
- As you'll find out this is her 'Attack' Ability. It'll target 2 enemies, focusing on champions blah, blah, blah. If you keep this ready with Passive, you can force most opponents to back off. Great for holding off on those that dive at you. Can be helpful to time this for Last hitting mobs for the Gold, especially if you're charging Power Chord. Tip: If you find the enemy really aggressive, or your team can dish it, then max Perseverence first. I've done this on occasion, but found it only hurts me later on.

W: Aria of Perseverence (Aura: +Armor/Spell Resist)
- This is her heal, and most Sona players will level this first for some reason. It has one HUGE drawback in that you can't pick who it heals. This will frustrate you and your team as you can't give it to who you want to or who needs it. The Aura on this baby is the real gem of why you use it. Tip: If you're low on mana like you would be early laning phase, then keep this up and not Valor.

E: Song of Celerity (Aura: +Movement Speed)
- One rank in this is pretty much all you need to start out with. I haven't found it useful enough (even before the patch), to get me out of a jam. It's helpful to have sometime before your first shopping trip to give that little umph back into the lanes.

R: Crescendo (Aura: None, It's her ULT!)
- This is a stun basically. You'll notice that I hold off on getting it to Lv 2 till I max out both Q/W. This is simply because Sona has NO escapes out of a fight and thats all this is really good for early game. If you're fortunate enough to have your Zhonya's before Lv. 12, then by all means switch it up.

If at Lv 12 you have Valor/Perseverence at lv. 5, and you have your AA staff, get a BLUE buff (if your team will let you). This will take care of your Mana issues, CD issues, and leaves you wondering why you need an Innervating Locket.

Summoner Abilities:
Flash - Will help you in getting out of a bind, then later on will help you with Crescendo or 'Valor' hits.
Heal - I get so much Flak over this, but it really helps. Even in team fights, you're a support style champ with a punch. Since you should always be hanging out with some teammates, this has made all the difference

Alternate Suggestions:
Ghost - This w/Celerity is a decent way to get out of a fix, or great if you're still levelling and haven't gotten Flash yet. Just Drop the point in Ghost instead of Flash and you're good.
Clarity - Again, if you're gonna take it, talent it. Really only good for early game, then you won't use it. Take it if you like to help your team with mana along the way.

Masteries: (Just making Comments)
Awareness: Only have 1 point in it as a 'filler', and it's all I've found I've needed, and additional points haven't made that much of a difference to me, since you can't do much w/o your teammates. Let them outlevel you.

Greed: This is a matter of preference. Most games Im in I rarely get the last hit in. If you're not a fan of it then slide it over to the Neutral Monster buff, or add a point in Awareness to help level that much faster.

Archaic Knowledge: If you're taking Heal and prefer more of a support role, you can JUST as easily drop this point and put it into Mender's Faith. I've done it on a few games and it's just as effective.

Pretty Standard. If you're wondering WHY the 2nd speed Quintessence its simply a preference. With Boots/Celerity, this will help you get to wherever your team needs you. You can just as easily put another Health Quint in here, but I've never had a fight where I've survived under 32 health to say "Phew, glad I took THAT..."

Start out with Meki's Pendant and 2 Mana Pots. This SHOULD keep you in lane till you hit around 1.6k Gold. Go back, get Tear/Boots. If not, go back at 1k and get Tear and basic boots. Boots of Mobility will help you get around a TON. Don't get Merc Treads, if you get in a situation where you need them, it's probably too late. After that build a AA staff, then straight into Zhonya's.

I've RARELY had a game go past this point to determine what items to get. I've narrowed it down to 2 options.

Void Staff: If you're on a team where they need some damage, then go Void Staff. As you learn to use 'Valor', the Staff will really hit home, even manage a few KS's.
Innervating Locket: Why so late game? This is a GREAT item for Sona, but building it early on has left you building this, boots, and Tear, NONE of which add much to her ability power, and I've found it not really necessary that early on. As long as you don't faceroll your abilities, the AA staff will give you plenty of mana to win a fight, then you'll probably be going back for an item when you run out.

Only had one game go long enough to get a Sheen->Lich Bane, so not much to comment here other than it was REALLY fun. I just picked the Armor cause it was on her Recommended, seems good, but never had to build it.


I LOVE this character and feel I'm pretty good with her. I've had people tell me Im better than most (which means I'm not as good as some), so thought I'd post and see how it goes. She isn't a normal support char cause she can still hit. If you're good, the enemy will realize that they need to take you down, but it'll be too late. I also still play her after x.105 patch cause peeps think she got nerf'd. Try it and lemme know.

NOTE: Vote neg if you want but would appreciate a post. Not gonna stop me from playing her.