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Sona Build Guide by JaspurrTheCat

Support Sona (Why does everyone else focus on sustaining mana?)

By JaspurrTheCat | Updated on November 9, 2017

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Arcane Comet
The Ultimate Hat
Gathering Storm

Iron Skin


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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High damage based on AP

You will rely on AP items, this is a very gold intensive kind of build, and overgrowth will also rely on you staying in the thick of the fighting, you will use Q a lot to try to lower an enemy champions health enough to kill them. Once you have your ult, attempt to use Q to poke at them before rushing in, using your ult on them, and then finishing them off with Q again. W and E will be mainly side abilities used to heal allies that are helping you go after enemy champions and making a quick escape when the enemy team decides to gank you.

You will rely almost fully on poking until you make a final rush, if you are good at poking you shouldn't need to use W to heal yourself often, but it's still there if necessary.
League of Legends Build Guide Author JaspurrTheCat
JaspurrTheCat Sona Guide

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