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Nidalee Build Guide by noman113

spear of death AP top build

spear of death AP top build

Updated on September 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author noman113 Build Guide By noman113 0 6 4,862 Views 7 Comments
0 6 4,862 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author noman113 Nidalee Build Guide By noman113 Updated on September 6, 2012
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I have made some guides before but none of them have seemed to be as good as i feel this one is and when i made them i was sort of nooby and i had never tried them in ranked games. but that is not the point of this guide. This guide will be a way to get an extremely Over-Powered AP Top nidalee. By following this build your spears will deal about 600 base dammage, her traps will deal about 700 dammage and a 400+ on her heal. as a cougar she will also have very strong moves. I will be making an AD bruiser build with her too and that will be a better build for her Cougar.
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Pros / Cons

nid is a really good minion slayer after lvl 6
she is extremely over-powered
a max ranged spear will deal over 1500 dammage
she has great range
she is really good at poking down enemy champions
she is squishy early game
if you miss your spear you become useless for about 5 seconds, this can mean life or death
she WILL be targeted first if you dont stay back
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Skill Sequence

like all other champions the skill sequence that you choose does not always stay the same and what i like to do is if i am getting harrassed after level 6 my prioritys are R-Q-E-W instead of R-Q-W-E when i am fed and the other team is afraid of me i choose to build R-Q-W-E to get the extra dammage from my traps instead of the heal. if it is a normal game with a little harrass and a little bit of pushing from both sides i will go with a priority of R-Q and my W and E will switch off keeping my trap a little bit higher than my heal.
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the runes that i use are not exactly the best runes that you can use for nid but i like them because they give good early game sustainability and dammage. nid will get strong late game and the runes you use should not be used to have a better late game.

the Greater Mark of Resilience is my way of getting sustainability against an ad top but i normally have a seccond rune page up for nid when im thinking about playing her that would be against an ap lane or a team that is mainly AP nukes or Casters. it is just my way of being safe. with my other rune page my marks are Greater Marks of Warding

the Greater Mark of Resilience is my way of adding just a little extra dammage to my early game Spears, Traps, and heal. Whenever i play nid i use the Greater Mark of Resilience

The Greater Seal of Fortitude is there for a little extra Sustainability and will help you stay in lane a while longer and get more CS and helps to win your lane. again i will always use the Greater Seal of Fortitude just because an extra 30 health can sometimes mean winning and not winning your lane early game

The Greater Quintessence of Potency is my final rune that i use in all of my AP games with nid. it is a boost of dammage that is added to all your spells and it is worth getting it.

These are my runes and even though they are not the best runes of all time they work for me and i have had some decent games with them.
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My masteries are pretty general to almost all AP carry tops they give good sustainability and they give out some extantial dammage when you throw a spear and hit someone in the face. there is not much to talk about my masteries accept that by going 21-9-0 i am getting sustainability. if you go 21-0-9 and pick up mana, mana regen and movement speed that can also work but you have to be a little more cautious about ganks and less about getting CS and getting as fed as possible so you can distroy everyone in late game.
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Ward and Trap placement

i am sorry but i do not have any way to record league at the moment but if i do later on i will add a video where to place the traps and wards.

even though i am not able to show you where they are i will try to give a general location.
according to this guide this is an AP TOP guide so i will be only telling you top locations to find other locations for different posisions look for other guides or videos.

i will be starting with wards.
i normally keep 1 ward right in the middle of the river where you have sight of the enemy jungler trying to steal your blue and you have sight of the enemy coming in from the first path on the left when you walk into the river from top lane. this is my only ward that i use and I try to always keep one there so i have vision from the enemy mid and the enemy jungler

for traps i will keep one in the bush at the entrance to the river, one at the bushes next to the tower so you cant get ganked from behind (this works for both towers) I always like to keep a trap so if they try to sit in the bush and wait for me they will run into the trap and give me vision of them long enough to escape. other than that use your traps to get a 2 second burst of vision before you go into a bush or the enemy jungle. alot of the time i use them just for a safety precaution or to get vision on the other side of a wall to throw a more accurate spear. my theory on traps is it only takes a seccond but if you die it takes way longer to respawn.
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nidalee is an amazing farmer but not untill lever 6 when she gets her Cougar form. when you want to clear a minion wave all you have to do is use your ult to become the Crazy CatWoman and spam your Q and E. This is not always a good stradegy it is always better to last hit only and try to keep the enemy minions close to your tower but not close enough for the tower to attack them. this way the enemy lane cant get any farm and you get way ahead of the Pack
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Team Work

team work is one of the most important part about being a long ranged burst champion. you are the power behind your team and it is always best to stay in team fights and poke the enemy powerhouses down untill they have to either recall or they die. you are them main harrasser and dont be afraid to tell your team that if they are yelling at you for sitting on the other side of a wall and throwing spears to your hearts content
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thank you for reading my guide and i hope it wil lead you to greatness. nidalee is one of the champions that riot has refused to nerf majorly so far and it may not be long before you cant 1 hit a champion and making a team penta Rage Quit. so please leave a comment about how i did and dont be afraid to ask for more because i like doing it and i love to see people who can actually play a champion instead of trolling around the map and feeding
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League of Legends Build Guide Author noman113
noman113 Nidalee Guide
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spear of death AP top build

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