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Pantheon Build Guide by Domo808

Spear to the knee?

By Domo808 | Updated on February 27, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Well i hope you enjoy my Pantheon build! [;
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For my runes i get flat armor penetrations. Because in early game you would do lots of damage to any squishy characters. As for armor penetration marks makes it about 20+ that would do massive damage.For Seals you would go for armor because you might take a little damage to survive the fights.And lastly i would go for Magic Resist per level for Glyph it's good to keep it just in case you fighting a AP carry nor any AP character.
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As for Masteries i take a simple of 21/9/0. 1 point in summer's Wrath for Ignite & Exhaust bonus. 3 points in Brute Force just for the extra damage. 4 points in Alacrity for attack speed. 1 point in Weapon Expertise for the Extra Bonus armor pen. plus your runes. 4 points in Deadinness for late game damage. 1 point in Lethality goes great with Heartseeker Strike. 3 points in Sunder for even more armor pen. at this point you insanely high damage with so many armor pen at level 3. 1 point in Executioner same goes with Heartseeker Strike. Now as for 9 points in Defense 2 points in Resistance help with magic resist even with late game. 2 points in Hardiness for armor & armor seals. 4 points in Durability for just a bit of health when leveling up. And lastly 1 point in Venteran's Scars for Bonus 30+ heal once you enter game!
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For me when i build Pantheon i build him as Armor Pen & Attack Damage , i start off with a Doran's Blade. and start farming from their once i get about 800+ gold i go back to base and buy one more Doran's Blade and Boots. now i'm ready to gank & harass. When playing Pantheon you want to harass with spear and stun to get kills. When i get 2000 gold i go back to base and get Boots of mobility to chase down my enemy. As for Brutalizer that's my Armor pen ingame.Then back to hunt for gold till i get about 1875 gold to get my Yomumu Ghostblade for movement speed and attack speed. and one Vampiric scepter for my life steal.I save enough gold to buy my bloodthirster.And if i'm facing and tank i would get a Last Whisper if i'm not when i would go for my Phantom Dancer.And soon sell one of my Doran's Blade and get another Bloodthirster.And start to build my second Phantom Dancer.Lastly my end game item would be Warmongs because Pantheon is very squishy late game so you would get some health to put on that.
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Skill Sequence

As for Skill you would always want to max out Spear Shot. 2nd skill you would want to max out is Aegis Of Zeonia. and keep 1 in Heartseeker Strike till late game and max that last. 3rd skill you would want to make out is your ultimate which is Grand Skyfall. and lastly your Heartseeker Strike just because of the Passive it gives you.
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Summoner Spells

As for Pantheon you want to get Exhaust & Ignite.Exhaust helps slow your enemy for you to cast your stun ability and Ignite while fighting your opponent!
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i really hope you enjoy my build and take considered my build as you play Please Rate & Comment [; Thanks !
League of Legends Build Guide Author Domo808
Domo808 Pantheon Guide

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Spear to the knee?