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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flyhumpy

Speed Kills!

Flyhumpy Last updated on September 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a respec of my build The Faster You Hit The Harder They Fall! That build was greeted with great results and many people loved it! That was before Panth was nerfed, but I have continued tweaking the build to gain many of the same benefits!

Speed Kills!
Yes it does, and this build will have people thinking "How the hell did I die so fast?!?" This is how it is achieved!


Armor penetration Marks (helps bypassing the armor of tanks and squishies drop like flies)
Faster attack Glyphs and Quintessences (the main point of this build)
Health per lvl Seals (some survivability..once I get more IP I might try something else here)


Offensive- 21 here...seeing as we are going all out attack speed, extra damage needs to be picked up somewhere

Defensive- 9 you want Nimbleness, I have been saved by this many times!

Utility- 0 nothing needed here


Spear Shot- I love this skill early on, A spear to the face at level one causes enough damage to make you **** your pants and run a way. Later in the game with the critical damage % one spear can decide between a kill or an "AWW ****!!" situation.

Aegis of Zeonia- What is scarier than a guy wearing no pants...a guy wearing no pants jumping at you about to smash your face with a shield! I love this skill, for the stun and the instant Aegis Protection regen, not a powerful skill, but dangerous for the enemy when done right! This is maxed last, no discussion!

Heartseeker Strike-
I have fallen in love with this skill just recently, I didn't know its full potential until I started to work with this sort of build. Active 5 hits, in a short time, double damage to champions...oh and did I mention its passive ability? 100% critical when opponent under 15% HP its amazing power will be discussed later.

Grand Skyfall- What the hell is that?-Twitch BAAAMMM!! *Twitch dies* Pwned-Pantheon. Okay so it isn't the most destructive ultimate in the game, or the most accurate, seeing as it gives the enemy time to run away and sometimes you will be sitting there among 4 enemies and all you can do is **** your pants. But when you do get the good hit and then you deal your deadly skill combo (explained later) you can mess things up for the other team. My favorite thing about this ulti is its non-physical use...but I will save that for my strategy part hehe.

Aegis Protection- Awesome passive ability, you can get that one freebee that might decide a kill or a death. Awesome for tower-diving...more on that later.

Summoner Skills

Exhaust- Slows them down, they have reduced armor and reduced hit chance. This gives you time to pummel them with more attacks!

Ignite- More damage dealt to them, and gets them when they are running away on low health.
Some people like ghost and flash for survivability, but with my build you shouldn't need to worry about that too much unless you are stupid and play him as a tank.


Attack speed is first and foremost, then we go after damage but depending on how the fight is going and what you are up against you might choose a different item, but that is alright because there is room to be flexible.

First item-Vampiric Scepter. Why you ask? Life steal early on helps those long evenly matched lanning periods and it is ready for Bloodthirster later on if you so choose!

Second- Berserker Boots. Movement speed and attack speed.

Third- Last Whisper. Damage/Attack Speed/Armor penetration...awesome!

Fourth- Shadow Dancers. What isn't perfect about these??

Fifth- The Black Cleaver. High damage, reduced armor per hit, and you will hit a lot so it is awesome!

Sixth- Okay I usually don't get to the point to actually focus on filling this spot because the game is usually done, but I like Bloodrazor for the attack speed, damage and extra dmg from the passive. Bloodthirster though is a good choice, because you already have the VS and you have the open spot for the BFS, and you will have another open spot!...but like I said anything can go here. Even Infinity if you have the cash.


Early game (lvl 1-6) Skills-Spear, HS, AZ, HS or SS, HS or SS, GS
Basically pester the hell out of the enemy champs with Spear, and if they are low enough and you have your summoner spells up do a skill mash! The way I do it is W,Q,E,D,F by that time you can do another Q and they should be dead especially with the help of your teammate. Skill allocation between HS and SS is up to you, but they should be maxed basically together at the end.

Mid Game (7-12) Skills- SS/HS then GS
If your team is doing well you should be able to jungle a bit without being worried, you need this for your items trust me. Don't be the douche who disappears in the jungle never to return to help though :( . This is also where you take advantage of your GS and take the enemy by surprise!

Late Game (13-18) Skills- Max SS/HS GS then AZ
Just rip **** up basically, don't go in first cause you are squishy as hell, and take advantage of mid/low health enemies, a well timed skill mash destroys in 1-2 seconds!

I hope this build helps all you Panth fans out! There is still room for improvement, so ideas are always welcomed!

Your text to link here... Link to my other build that has had great reviews!