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League of Legends Build Guide Author yoyomobb

Speed Singed

yoyomobb Last updated on December 6, 2010
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This speed build is very versatile. Key element is SPEED. and after this its HP / tank / some AP

You need runes with speed which give you +4.5%
You need masteries with speed which give you +3%

As you 1st item are shoes you will have about 392 base speed.

Speed Singed can lane with everybody except support types. Your job really is to fling so your partner can dps, while the enemy chases you with your poison on him. Because of your speed your nearly unhitable, this is very annoying for the enemy but very effective for you and your partner to kill.

After you got the 1st 3 items your choice of item building really is up to you. But the very best next thing would be HP stacking (RoA or RCS)

Press tab see if they have 2 or more AP-dps if they do just buy a 740-gold megatron cloak and choose to build either FoN or Banshees. You shouldnt need to buy anymore armor though because melee dps shouldnt be able to touch you because of your speed so keep Heart of Gold and only build Omen if you really need to (in case of a OP yi or tryn or something like that)

I must say again the most inportant thing about this build are the 1st 3 (or 2) items. The shoes, the heart of gold and the lucky kage (if you dont want the kage you CAN pick something else it isnt even a must but i like it) Anyway after this you should get some hp and when you got some more hp just make sure your magic resist (and armor but i hardly need more armor) is up to match any1 of there magic dps.

Dont atk let them chase you with your poison on if they try to escape you have enough speed to keep up and fling / slow everything. Youll be able to even outmatch OP enemys just because they CANT hit you! If they do your fling will make a gap between you and you can run again. i Hardly atk enemys i only run / fling / run / fling and some slows in between.

Chose between the next item but pls buy either 1 of these!
Rod of Ages or Rylais;
Personally i like Rylais more but if you want to go save mode just get Rod of ages as your 1st full item!

(only if you really need the MR)
Force of Nature or Banshees
I like both items and always have a hard time picking between these 2. If i would get banshees i would get hextex because you need some hp regen. On the other hand i would get Force of Nature just for the sake of extra speed! Anyway if you would build Lich bane (or even triniry force) you wouldnt need the speed so Banshees is most preferable.

Deathfire Grasp. This you dont need but its a good item just for the sake of cd% and skill. On the other hand you can get any other AP item instead of this.

Omen. Just stick to Heart of Gold. You probably dont need extra def. If you do get Omen and like the hit-slow and cd%

Shoes. I like boots of Swiftness but you can also try boots of mobility. Since your Q doesnt affect battle you can run around circles with massive speed