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Blitzcrank Build Guide by demonwithoutlove

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League of Legends Build Guide Author demonwithoutlove

speedy rampages of doom

demonwithoutlove Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Tested and looking for oppinions

I built this set up when i realized that getting overdrive with blitzcrank is actualy in most cases a better option early on rather than going for rocket arm being as the added movement speed will allow you to land more hits early game and effectively give you more of an advantage over your enemy when you are laned against one or more characters alone.Next off the rocket grab being second allows you to pull your enemies who may be close to death in away from other champions and minions and then use overdrive to run them down using the last bit to make your escape.

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items ive noticed can be tempermental to the player and as such i tend to lean towards this build being as im more of a brawler in the way i play blitzcrank and how i use the added atk speeds and mana to run my enemies down and finish the job when needed.The runes run along with this allowing me to start off with a greater base health and mana even if only by a bit letting me give up getting mana boosts early on to get the greaves and start using his basic attack to deal some major damage.

So the first item i suggest is the Berzerkers greaves being as it gives a moderate boost to movement speed, as well as a 25% boost to attack speed allowing you to get either 15% of that or +1 movement right in the start of the game. The addition of the Hextech Gunblade allow you to mid-late game run right up and smack champions around beign as the lifesteal and potential additional damage will mean most of their base attacks will be canceled or abilities greatly reduced.

Next I move on to the Trinity force which is great for further increasing your life steal and if you feel like being adventurous in what you choose ive also discovered tiamat to be a good substitute allowing you in the end game to have the ability to go against enemy champions while still keeping the minions off your team mates allowing them to run the nexus to the ground.

Now the rod of ages is an item that can easily be replaced however i like the ability for the regain at level up as well as the increase as you get kills allowing the already great health and mana increase to further even for the Phantom Dancer long story short is attack speed.he needs it and it provides greatly.

And for the evil tome its usualy simply the first item that comes to mind for me but the added ability power and cooldown is a near must when using blitz beign as late game being able to fire off each of your abilities more than once even when in a 3-1 match greatly out weighs the cost.

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So this is my first time making one of these and hopefully it isnt too bad compared to what you look for and i look forward to any good or bad comments i can get.