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League of Legends Build Guide Author TatteredWings

Speedy Terror Tristana!

TatteredWings Last updated on August 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Basically i like to run and shoot really fast and be able to cripple the enemy before they get a chance to react. I love this build because with my attack speed and the wits end i can make it so even if i don't quite kill the opponent, i make sure they don't have enough mana to sirprize me with anything later. I had been playing a similar build that was focused more on damage and survivability with an infinity edge and a frozen mallet but it was a bit too expensive to ever finish unless it was a really long game so i got tired of tryin. this build goes up much faster and by mid game you start getting focused because noone wants to loose their mana and take that much dmg without even getting to use it to blast something.

ANYWAY... the important stuff,
first of all i chose exhaust and tele because, well, i just love to pop into a lane and then make sure they can't get away! plus with the point in the mastery for exhaust they take a bit more dmg and can't hit back which is always nice =]. other options are ghost and incinerate but always take one of those with exhaust.

i went with a heavy offensive mastery build because i'd rather kill everything in sight and be gone than sit around a tower waiting for something to hit me so i can try to lure it in, but the masteries are not important in my opinion, and should be catored to your particular playstyle.

As for the skill order, i used to take them somewhat evenly but then i realized that jumping for dmg isn't good till endgame anyway unless your solomid and are killing wraiths =P so i chose to switch between explosive shot and rapid fire. when going solomid, or even laning with osmeone else, always try to keep explosive shot on the opponent whenever possible, it deters them from getting too close to you so you can take more pot shots at them =]. also i take rapid fire sooner because i love killing towers. one of my last games before writing this guide i took 9 towers on my own and pushed my team to victory pretty much on my own =/. i don't like to have to do it, but when you do its nice to be able to annhialate towers in seconds =]. this in combo with last whisper just eats away at them =].

ok so ill just jump into what to do now.

Early: Just stay close enough to get exp and last hit stuff and let them push, when they get to your tower jump directly behind them and hit them with exhaust followed by ES. the extra half a second or so it takes them to run around you lets the tower get off an extra shot at them, more if they are close to it. just play agressive but know when to stay back and remember for your vamp scepter to work you hafta hit stuff! just standing around won't do you any good. it lets you stay in the lane longer too!

Mid: now you can jump behind them and blast them into your tower causing your tower to focus them and get off 2-3 shots or more if you exhaust them in time. then hit rapid fire just as they hit your tower and start shooting, click ES and wait for them to get just to the edge of its range and fire it. that should just about finish anything off mid game. you should have your malady and your boots. you can get berserkers boots instead if you prefer the atk spd over movement but its up to you. the only big decision here is to get Wits or Whisper. dont bother with wits if the other team has 2 or more of ... Akali, Morde, Vlad, Shen, etc. anything that doesn't use mana for their skills, because it makes Wits useless. but if they don't have any, they'll wish they did =].

Endgame: by now you have your frozen mallet and might have started on your madreds bloodrazor, once you have MBR and Wits neither mage nor tank can stand against your might! =] your doing almost 200 dmg per hit + 4% of their MAX health and not only that but with last whisper lets most of that dmg go through no problem. and dont forget your malady stacks are adding to your dmg output per hit! and your Wits if you got it is doing dmg = to the mana it steals too! so you don't need bid dmg items like infinity edge to do lots of dmg =].

Things to remember! : always jump on wraiths when youve got a few seconds to spare after midgame, the extra $ helps. always be ready to gank top or bot at any time. ALWAYS keep an eye on where the enemys are and get ready to RJ back to a tower if you think your about to get ganked. ALWAYS!!! Remind your team how awesome the elite aura is and tell them to come get it towards endgame. other than that just remember your manners online and theirs no point in yelling at your teammates, it does you no good if your the reason they ragequit, just makes you lose faster...

Now i know people are gonna be like OMG way too much Atk Spd and such but i don't like having to rely on RF for my Atk Spd, just for killing towers. If you'd prefer to have a high dmg item then go for it! Also this is my first guide ever so feel free to tear it apart for me so i can rebuild it better than ever! =]

P.S. sorry for all the =]'s...