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League of Legends Build Guide Author farmzweed


farmzweed Last updated on November 23, 2016
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Sah I am a teemo main. I know how dare I. In this guide I will show you how I play teemo. There are multiple routes to go such as tankmo, ap teemo, attack speed teemo, or a combo of either, but in this guide I will show you my favorite teemo. I call it Splitmo. The Idea behind Splitmo is to get the jungler to camp top lane (Make sure you ward and shroom they will be coming) Once they come top have your jungler either secure dragon counter jungle or gank a lane. With your W you should be able to get out of any situation. Just keep an eye on the mini map

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Runes with Splitmo are really personal. The reason is that he will use almost all runes to a good use but I personally use:

Quinces: 2 cooldown ( really good for shrooms and poking in lane)
1 Ap (Makes your entire kit, even more, hell)
Marks: 5 Attack Speed ( If you ever played teemo you know why)
4 Magic penetration ( Once your lane mate backs they will 70% of the time try to buy MR only to find out it's not that useful. This also keeps you strong in the late game.)

Glyphs: 7 Ap (Look at quince)
2 cooldown ( You can go with 2 more ap glyphs here if you're not splitting this is just to help shroom the entire map and get vision and pick up free pentas)

Seals: These are the same as Glyphs but if you feel like your too squishy you could pick up some health

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For Mastries I go 18-12-0

For Ferocity you go:
Fury (I like the 4% attack speed buff over the 2% ap just because you can get more autos in which is all that matters with splitmo)
Fresh Blood ( with the 6 second cool down on this and your q you trade with a q auto wich will proct fresh blood everytime this is in theory at level 6 do up to 300 damage Thats 96 dps)FYI: It does AD so they won't build agaisnt this since they will be foucus on your shrooms and E. Its broken for teemo.
Natural Talent ( You don't really need life steal since your so squishy plus you will spend most of your time poking and 1v1 so the ap and ad is better to defend yourself than health is)

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This all depends who your going agaisnt if your going agaisnt someone who has a dash I get boots and 4 health pots[/b. Example: Riven or Renketon (Only start this way if your good at farming with teemo early game otherwise you will fall behind) The other Start and more popular is to get a Doran's Ring and 2 pots

1ST Back
Now the thing with splitmo is your trying to get as much farm as possible so you should back only if you burnt all pots or after your laner as backed for at least the 2nd time try to make them back 3 times to get a nice level lead. (YOU MUST GET AHEAD TO BE ANNOYING SO POKE AND LET THEM BACK YOU DON'T NEED KLLS) so when you back depending on how you feel you can either build Liandrays Torment or Nashors tooth I personaly get Haunting Guise (Builds into Liandray's) Then I get Nahsors. (If you started boots pick up a Dorans Ring)
Full Build
With Splitmo your build will rarely change since your job is to push a lane and get a vision of the enemy jungle. So at this point, if you started boots you will sell them cause your passive on your w is your new boots. So with that spot free You should have Dorans Ring, Nashors Tooth, and Liandrayr's Torment. Your next Item will either be a Zrots portal or Ruuanns Hurricane. For the most part, you should also go Ruuans but if your lane mate fed your go for Zrots and just start roaming but this is rare. SO your final Item is a ginsos Rageblade. Once you reach full build and you will hit it quicker than anyone else since your splitmo. You will be able to 1v1 anyone. You will also be able to 2v1 with ease and if you shroomed right 3v1.

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Skill Sequence

We all know what skills to get first It goes R,E,Q,W

R: Noxious Trap:
Your ult will be what you upgrade first for the damage and the cast range.
Cost: 75 mana
Range: 400/650/900
Damage 200/325/450 and it scales with 50% of your AP (Stacks with Liandrays burn)
Slow: 20/40/50%
FYI: Traps last 5 minutes, Can be used as mini wards, Take one second to arm and stealth.

E: Toxic Shot
Your E is an ability that never turns off and adds damage to your auto with a poison effect as well
Range:680 (as well as your auto attack range)
10/20/30/40/50 impact damage scales with 30% of your ap
6/12/18/24/30 damage a second over four seconds scales with 10% of your ap
FYI: This is what makes your autos so feared cause it can essentially add 400 damage per auto, This is why the new Mastery Fresh Blood is so important cause it adds 10+Teemo LVL more damage. Pair this with a Q and max LVL you can do 800 damage in a matter of a second. (It's stupid busted cause then you just keep autoing and watch the flashes burn) [Theres also the Liandrays burn and if you take ignite you can just delete ACD's and Mids who Ironically mainly come to deal with you when your pushing]

Q: Blinding Shot
Your Q is a point and click blind that some how works on LEE SIN
Cost: 70/75/80/85/90
Range: 680 (Also your auto range)
Cooldown: 8 (If you follow the runes it's 6.4 ish, The same time as Fresh Blood)
Damage:80/125/170/215/260 Magic Damge Scales with 80% of your AP
Blind: 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 Secounds
FYI: Blind makes it so who ever got hit can't auto attack. Good to use on the enemy to make them miss CS but maily used to force a trade so your lane mate has to waste mana to hit back or take the free damage which adds fast.

W: Move Quick
Your W is passively a pair of boots and activetly a speed buff used to get out of ganks along with your passive.
Cost: 40 Mana
Cooldown: 17 secounds
Passive: Increase MVT Speed by 10/14/18/22/26% (Damage from turret or enemy Champion in the last 5 secounds cancels this passive)
Active: MVT speed is doubled for 3 secounds (Can't be cancled by turrets or Champion Damage)
FYI: This is good to get to lane but just be aware that once your buddy fights back your not as fast anymore and takes time to gety used to.

Passive: Camoflauge WOW WAIT IT HAS A NEW NAME Gurella Warfare
If you stand still and take no actions for 3 secound you become stealthed indefientlay. If in brush you can move.
This move is the talk **** in all chat and dont die


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