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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Assyrian

SS4 Tryndamere (Over 9000!!!)

Assyrian Last updated on December 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Tryndamere SS4

Our Website!!

If you are looking for a champion where you can just headbutt your keyboard and get kills, it is not Tryndamere! Move along Citizen!!!1!!11!one!1!!

Summoner Spells:
Experiment with your own summoner Abilities to find out what matches your gameplay style most.

What I use are!

Flash Teleport makes for great escapes and Ketchups (Catch Ups) it's saved me multiple times in ganks, also helped me get a bunch of kills. (example: you just got jumped by 3 people, you use your ulti spin through a wall, but they have a Shen so he follows you through the wall, then you instantly flash to get away further. Then he starts headbutting his keyboard. :)

Ghost Great for chasing people and repositioning yourself on the map.

What others QQ about me not having that you can use.

Cleanse It does work well when in Undying Rage, but meh I like to just play it through then before I die, spin out and flash, quickly heal and come back and wreck their face. The only reason people would use Cleanse on Trynd, was because his ulti could not be activated when stunned or silenced, not because he can see and attack, that was just a plus. If they have a lot of stun, slow, casters, blind, ETC. Buy Quicksilver Sash, pretty much a free Cleanse, every 120 seconds. Without the 2 second duration that reduces additional CC's (crowd control) but that's really all you need. Especially because they buffed his Ultimate so it can be activated whenever now.

Exhaust The blind Exhaust gives is nice, but you are not always gonna be fighting melee, and Exhaust you can only put on one person, where as Ghost can be used offensively or defensively to get away, run down lanes, gank, etc. Also Tryndamere already has Mocking Shout, which can slow multiple targets and reduce their damage, so to me Exhaust is a waste.

If Against Ranged

If you are against 2 ranged classes in your lane, I suggest learning Spinning Slash first, then at level 2 learn Mocking Shout, level 1-2 crits are deadly. Slowing them down can let your melee characters get up to them and smash face. At level 3-5 upgrade your Bloodlust and max it out first, for heals and crit damage, so you can heal yourself when they cast on you.

If Fighting Tanks

I like to go black cleaver, or Iron whisper. Maybe even both depending on how many tanks there are, and if they are stacked health and not armor. Buy Madreds BigDMGRazer!

Again with the boots! <:(

Yes, the boots. Buy boots according to what you are fighting!

Sion, Ryze, Nunu = Mercury's Treads

Does not have to be that exact class combination, but if they have a lot of Slows, stuns, and casters. Mercury's is the way to go.

Garen, Master Yi, TyrantQueer (Trynd) = Ninja Tabi

Gives you armor, they are melee. Physical damage is negated by armor, gg.
Dodging is really annoying too, for them of course.

(If you wanna buy Phantom Dancers, go ninja tabi, and get Nimbleness in your masteries defence branch. Also switch your + Armor runes to dodge runes)

If you are in like a, dubteeeff gtfo outta my house, I wanna do BIG DAMAGE, and that's all you care about, get Berserkers!

Start of a match!

Purchase a Brawlers Glove
and 2 HP Pots
Skill you unlock is Spinning Slash (E ability)
Start Match 3v3 (Level 1-7)

At the beginning of a match go to the edge of your base and zoom through, after you do this, make your way through the Forest and into the enemies bush, while the rest of your team stands in the obvious bush! You will most likely always make it to the enemy bush before they make it there, if they are there then you can just zoom towards your team and start to engage the enemies, but move away so they lose aggro by switching to another teammate then come back and crit their faces until they die (Like a boss!). I'm not saying RUN away, I'm saying don't let 3 of them beat your face until you die, but the lower your HP is the higher your crit chance is so keep that in mind, but don't just sit there with 10% hp and think you're all that at level 1, but you do have the potential to Ace teams at the start of matches if you become experienced with Tryndamere and have decent teammates. DO NOT TURRET DIVE AT LEVEL 1 (Unless you have balls of steel, if you are gonna do this, please make sure you have your flash and spinning slash available, spin through get the kill, then flash into the bush beside their turret hopefully you get away if it's a turret kill that's not bad because they never got money!)

Trynd is still pretty squishy before he gets his Ulti so play more defensively then offensively unless you know you can out pressure them, or get some nice Crits, One good crit at low levels will push any squishy back.

Mid Game 3v3 (Level 8-13)

At this point you can start easily getting the Monster Buffs which will help you out nicely.
You can start harassing champs easier now and get away with no worries. Watch where your teammates are, if top needs help, go in the dragon room, and spin through when the time is right, good way for racking up some kills. Also if your 2 other teammates are squishy take the role of Tank, none of your items need to switch, but cuz of your ulti you can tank nicely, but keep an eye on your ulti so you know when its gonna end, flash or spin out if your gonna die and eat your Bloodlust stacks, by this point if they are still alive they will be hitting someone else on your team and your bloodlust should've given you a decent amount of health to keep fighting.

Late Game 3v3 (Level 14-18)

You will be dishing out some nice damage by this point, especially if you've been fed.
Help your team out in 3v3's or pick off their team 1 by 1, again if you have balls of steel, you can rush into all 3 if you have your Ulti, and kill 1 or 2 and get away safely, but I only recommend this if you're a bit more experienced with GTFOing from the scene. If your team is getting beat, fight together, try out leveling the enemies and when you do fight, tank for your team. Unless there is an actual tank on your team (I.E Rammus, Shen, etc)

Early Game 5v5 (Level 1-6)

If possible lane with a caster, if not no problem, if you are 2 melee and they are 2 ranged, play more defensively and get your levels, if you get the chance hit them and spin slash away, or vice versa, just so they don't get cocky!

(Level 7-13)

At level 6 or 7 you can go around and pick off some people, help gank lanes that are getting pressured.

Turret diving is fun ONLY if you get the kill! (I do it stupidly sometimes anyway :D)

Trynd can easily pick off people between this level bracket, especially if you have some good coordination with your teammates. I'm not saying you will always get kills between these levels, but you can definitely start harassing a lot more because you have your ulti, and a nice crit chance.

(Level 14-18)

This far in the game it is crucial to keep an eye on your minimap, see which towers are getting pushed, whos getting ganked. Be quick to team fights, because you can make or break the 5v5.

If needed backdoor, but make sure you can get out, and again keep an eye on your minimap, because you'll see 5 people in the middle, while you are at their top turret. Then all the sudden you see 2 people disappear, they are most likely coming to get you, so watch to see which direction they are coming from and go around them. If they are squishies pick them off if possible, if not leave and go meet your team and help them push.

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