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Blitzcrank Build Guide by WeeeHaaa

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WeeeHaaa

Standard support Blitzcrank

WeeeHaaa Last updated on January 20, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Blitzcrank with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Morgana To state the obvious she has black shield. It can really make you useless in lane if the Morgana is good. Ways you can deal with this is baiting out the black shield. Ways in doing this are running up as if you are going to land a hook and not actually using it. If she doesn't use the black shield and you can run right up to them you can Power Fist instead of hook. Either way you should make out fairly well.
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This is just a standard support guide for Blitzcrank. It's the first guide I've ever done so expect it to not be entirely the best or right thing you should do. Things I can tell you before you get into the guide are as follow. I'm a diamond support main with over 4 K wins in normals. I've been playing since season 1 and have a lot of game knowledge. Also things change a lot in this game. Either new items, items deleted, new champions or changes to the champion themselves. In my personal opinion I think Blitzcrank is amazing and he's probably one of my best champions which is why I felt like doing a guide. I think the main question is, is he worth using in games or are their other supports that are better? I think he's a great support in certain team comps and who you are up against. Also please hover your mouse over the notes part for each section (runes, masteries, ability points, etc.) because I put in extra details for the method behind the madness. So lets get into this.

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Pros / Cons


Great at displacing enemy champions

Great CC. Power Fist, Rocket Grab and Static Field.

High mobility.

Great at protecting carries.


A bad pull can get your teammates killed. Think before you pull. :)

Ranged supports or supports with long ability range can poke you fairly easy.

BV and spell shields can make your life a living hell. :(

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Team Work

Team work OP. Am I right or am I right? The best way to play Blitzcrank is being that meat shield CC machine every carry dreams of. A lot of people I've noticed play him wrong in a way. They either sit back and try and land a stray hook or run in to fights like rambo and go full ******. These might work sometimes but won't always be the best way to work with your team. Your job in a team fight is simply protect the carries. I always try to help the ADC seeing how not all of them are the most mobile and can get kill very quickly. So what should you do in a team fight? What I like to do is hover near my ADC and if anybody tries to get close to them I will do everything to keep the enemy team off of them. Power Fist them, Rocket Grab or Static Field. A lot of times Blitzcranks will run in thinking they just need to run up and CC people and run around in the fight like they are doing something. It's not hard for you to run into a team and have the enemy get by you and delete your carry. This is why I hover around my carries to provide better protection. Now there are exceptions to this rule of thumb I stick by. Which are if your ADC is way in the back and is clearly safe from danger you can move up and be more of a front line and get your CC off. Because if you aren't using your CC then the fights will not go well. The reason I protect the ADC as best as possible is because they do the most consistent high amounts of damage. The longer they live the more damage they get off and the more dead enemies there will be. Also you might not like dying but if you can take the focus off of your carry and take that extra auto attack for them that's one or two extra auto attacks that they will get off which might be the difference in a winning and losing fight. So don't be afraid to die for your carry. Also don't die carelessly if there is nothing to gain out of it. Feeding the enemy free kills will not help you win the game. If it looks like no matter what you do will keep your carry alive don't be an extra free kill. Get the hell out of there.

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Unique Skills / tips and tricks for Blitzcrank

A lot of people think Blitzcrank is just land the hook and knock them up. That's only part of ways to use him. You don't have to always start off with the hook. As a matter of fact I think half the time it's better to run up to them and knock them up and then do your hook. If you can do that combo you will land your hook 9 times out of 10 more often. Either that or the enemy is blowing a flash and if they do and you already had them in Power Fist range you can probably still land the hook after they flash. Then you will have gotten a flash out of them and a kill. I use that combo way more because people don't know what to do really. Especially early game because the enemy ADC isn't going to do that much damage to you and there is no real downside to running up to them other than taking a little damage. You can also do what I call the ol' pump fake. You run in as if you are going for a knock up or trying to position better for a hook and if they start hitting you, you run back like you are running away and turn and whip your hook really fast. This catches a lot of people off guard and they usually aren't ready for it. It's easy to do also because the ADC has committed to auto attacking you and if you run back they will usually move forward to land another auto. Which I should explain is the best way to land your hook. If you wait for them to use their auto attack it puts them in a set animation where they can't easily move and you will land more consistent hooks. A good way to use this is you see one of your creep getting low and you know the enemy is going to go in for the last hit on it. They are going to go into the animation for auto attacking and will make the hook easier for you to land. Other things to help you land hooks is study the movement of the enemy. A lot of times players move to the same side to dodge. It might be to the left a little or to the right a little. If you notice any patterns you can start hooking a little off to the right or left and catch them off guard. Always be mindful of enemy minions because they like to find their way in front of your grabs. Try practicing your aim in games. If you get good enough you can start threading the needle and pulling through minions. This makes you a huge threat. I don't know if it helps but the animation I believe comes out of his right arm which can help give you an idea of where the grab is going. I guess one last thing I can say is if you know there is a winning fight in bot lane and the enemy has no flash and you do, you can always do a flash knock up and then pull but it's better to not waste your flash if you can.

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Final Thoughts

To end this I want to say I hope this helps out people learning or wanting a better understanding of Blitzcrank. Maybe it will help you play him better or even how to play against him. If you liked this guide please like it and maybe I will do another support guy. If you want me to do another support guide leave a comment with the support and feed back on this guide. Love to hear what you all have to say. Also I stream and try and teach support when I can. You can always stop in and check it out. I have no set schedule but if you follow the stream you will get an e-mail when I'm streaming. I also have Twitter and put up on there as well when I'm streaming @WeeeHaaa_ Thanks again to those of you who took the time to read this guide and leave comments and feed back.