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Not Updated For Current Season

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Nidalee Build Guide by azooz

starter's simple guide with tips (Nidalee)

starter's simple guide with tips (Nidalee)

Updated on May 10, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author azooz Build Guide By azooz 4,162 Views 0 Comments
4,162 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author azooz Nidalee Build Guide By azooz Updated on May 10, 2012
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hi this is my first time doing a guide...and sorry for my bad english
ill try to make this a simple guide as much as possiable, and for new people to nidalee.
nidalee (in my opinion) could play well in any lane, however i prefer mid or solo top, i like them both because nidalee is a good laner, she has great sustain and poke, which is good to have both of them, i like bot because she has some supporting abilitys like her trap and her heal, and if its a 2v2 lane you'll have more chance to hit other champions with your spear because:
1- they need great focus to: get cs, dodge ur spears, and dodge/avoid your partner's harrasment.
2- because 2 champions use more space than 1, so its like hitting a bigger target.
i only dislike 2v2 lane because i think you need cs if you want to be usefull, and you wont do well with a support champion because you dont have enough damage and ADs are better at getting cs, because u'll depend on ur low-damge auto attacks to get cs pre-lvl6
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Pros / Cons


+ fun
+ could get easy kills with luck
+ great long ranged poke
+ great lane sustain
+ good at finishing escapers
+ good burst against low health champions
+ has a heal
+ helps at watching the map with traps
+ has a mini-flash
+ can force champions to keep distance with one spear shot


- doesnt scale as well as other champoins in fair team fights( this problem could be solved in some team fights by poking with spears before starting the team fight)
- mana hungry (this problem is solved with: blue buff, or controling mana which is not hard at all with runes and some experince.. even without runes)
- even if you're fed enough one of your main abilitys is a dodge-able skill shot (spear)
- if you want to gank some1 you'll have to sacrefice ur spear damge as u want to be close to hit them with cat form (or you'll have to chose one of: cat hits, or spear high damge)
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i like taking mp5 rseals because it helps my mana hunger early game.
i take magic resist glyphs only if i'm sure i'll be against an ap champion(in a solo lane), i'll take insight otherwise.
i take movement speed quintessenses because it helps me chase/escape champions, and it delays my need to buy boots.
i take insight marks because... they're the best?
* you can get magic resist if you're against early game nuker like leblanc, otherwise i'd suggest magic resist per level AND few normal magic resist
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hmmmmm.... you get change the items depending on: you're level compared to others, your team, the other team's composition, your lane oponent.
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Skill Sequence

* you can get trap first if you want to help your jungle (invade protection)
* you can get heal first if you screwed up somehow
* always max traps last.. i dont have to tell why, its commen sense.. if thats how u spell it
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Summoner Spells

flash: its a must!!1! helps u escape,chase, etc
ignite: helps your cd dependency.. is that a real word?
heal: i love heal in 1v2 solo top lane.. and thats usually in low elo only
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Team fights

* pre-TeamFights poke as much as possible and set traps near the fighting field
* if you dont need your heal, use it on the ad carry, he'll like the attack spead bonus, you could use it on the tank if he was focused
*buy skins, they'll make you more confident thus increasing your focus, and will reward riot for thier lovly free game (lol so random :p)
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Unique Skills, And some playstyle

*the best time to start trading with your lane oppenet at low levels is: after u use heal (because of the attack speed bonus)
-once he get in your turret's range
- if there are no low/about to be low-health enemy minions
-if there are more than 1 low health friendly minions near him (he will chose to last hit or trade back)
*use your cat form to make enemy feal safe and then jump over the enemy minions and do a spear shot (must be done fast)
*you can use your trap to be able to see in fog for a short period of time
*never start a fair team fight
*at low, avg elo tell your partner to not expect alot of damge early game and to play safe
* aim your spears with some prediction, at low elo or short range dont predict too much
* always play safe in your lane untill you have advantage
*aim your spear on squishy targets, the shorter thier attack range the better, because if they get too close again they might die
* you're great at escaping and juking, which means you can help your team even if you're obviously losing, but if you know you are losing try to keep enogh distance
* if you're 75%+ on mana and you know you wont need it alot set traps as much as you can
* flash, jump (cat form) combo is pretty cool
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* if you know that they will not harras you, you better farm using cat form, if a minion is too far from you switch to human form or throw a spear if you can afford the mana
* throw a spear if you have 2 low health minions and auto-attack the other one
*you can use ur trap to push early game if you dont want ur tower to get some kills
*hmmm... dont ignite minions?
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hmmm.. sorry for my lack of: colours,pics,grammer,spelling, and explainations.
BUT if ppl realy see this guide i might do major changes and make it much more offical
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League of Legends Build Guide Author azooz
azooz Nidalee Guide
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starter's simple guide with tips (Nidalee)

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