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Vi Build Guide by PolakujCZnotPL

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PolakujCZnotPL

Stay VIctorious

PolakujCZnotPL Last updated on October 8, 2015
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Easy Jungling

Vi Build

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About me

Hello, I am Plat elo EUNE player "Officër Vi". I have been maining Vi since start of S5, but I played her at S4 too. I played around 200 games as Vi. My

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Introduction - Who is Vi ?

Vi is a female 6300 IP jungle champion from Piltover.
She is a mix of tankiness and damage, a.k.a. fighter.
She possesses good ability to lock down target. OP, isn´t it ?
She is also highly mobile, and has a passive, which increases her tankiness.

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Pros and Cons


- Tanky, while she has high dmg
- Good AD scaling
- Mobile
- Godlike post 6 ganks
- Fun to play
- Can carry games
- Great snowballing
- Big bewbs


- Low damage output early
- Passive and Q have high CD early
- Q can be countered by dodging, or by getting in Vi´s way
- R can put her at REALLY bad situation
- Relatively weak abilities (Passive(W) and low AA empower + reset)

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For runes, run : 4 arpen marks, 5 ad marks
8 armor seals, 1 cdr seal
9 cdr glyphs
2 cdr quints, 1 MR or AD quint

Those contain most important Vi stats : Tankiness (not too much, but still...), CDR (the more the cooler) and some arpen.

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9/21/0 , because we are tanky, or not ? 1x Butcher, 4x Sorcery, 3x Brute Force and 1x Martial Mastery for attack, 2x Recovery, 2x Swiftness, 1x Tough Skin, 3x Veteran´s Scars, 1x Tenacious, 1x Juggernaut, 3x Hardiness, 3x Preservance, 1x Adaptive Armor, 4x Enchanted Armor

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There are tho ways of building Vi :

1) Normal Vi - Chilling smite/Purple Smite Warrior, Trinity, Warmog, Randuins, Dead man´s plate/Banshee´s, CDR/Armor/MR boots homeguard

2) Full tank Vi (with top Riven, Janna supp, etc.) Blue/Purple smite Cinderhulk, Warmog, Iceborn Gauntlet/Banshee´s, Brutalizer/Dead man´s/Ruby Sightstone, Randuins, Boots Armor/MR homeguards

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Skill Sequence

Max Q -> W -> E, at fighting start by using Q, then land autoattack and try to reset it with E. Then, you can use R to CC enemy, while doing dmg, or to chase him.

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Team Work

Well, this is thing that makes Vi one of everyone´s most favorite junglers to have at team. She can gank after 6 like a complete boss, while she can catch almost everyone at late game. She is one of the best team work champs at LoL. For ideal team comp, I would go with follow-up carries, like Ahri, and ESPECIALLY Yasuo, because he has free R, while you are together.

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Ok, so right now, this is everything. I will DEFINITELY add smth later. You can PM me everytime.

8.10.2015 - Created guide, Masteries, Runes, Introduction, Team Work, Build, Skills, Pros and Cons