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Trundle Build Guide by EpicBananaPeels

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EpicBananaPeels

Stench in the Jungle - Trundle Guide

EpicBananaPeels Last updated on March 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello all, this is my guide for a competitive Trundle that has led me to great success. I have watched many streams and read a great deal of guides and adapted a lot of the basic ideals to form my own Trundle builds and playstyle (as should you all). Don't take my ideas as concrete, adapt them and form your own way to play Trundle. The guide will also go through some basic ideas of jungling and such as well, depending on how much effort I put into this. Without further ado....

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Pros / Cons

1. Tanky even without defense items
2. Debuff and buff attack skill
3. Brings a lot of utility to the team with cc reduc, contamination buffs, and AoE slow
4. Good gank power and moderate jungle clear time
1. Either succeeds or fails, no in betweeen
2. Requires jungling knowledge
3. No raange ability

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As for runes I take my standard jungling runes which gives me armor pen and attack speed. Most jungle creeps have very low armor, except for blue and red buff and dragon, so you will be dealing true damage to those creeps. The attack speed is to speed up the jungling early so you can clear and gank faster.

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Masteries for Trundle are best invested in the defense tree to help make him tanky in the jungle and all throughtout the course of the game. I also chose to invest my last 9 points in the offense tree for the extra attack speed and armor pen, missing out on runic affinity unfortunately, but the offensive masteries help him to well to invest in the utility tree.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence I level rabid bite to level 5 first, as it is Trundle's main attack buff and enemy debuff. The second ability to level is your personal choice. I level Contaminate for the cc reduction that combines with the merc treads to make Trundle insanely slippery. Also a very nice attack speed buff to bring down turrets quickly or melt carries in teamfights. Although leveling Pillar of Filth gives a greater slow percentage on enemies caught in the spell. It's up to your personal preference what you want.

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So with the guide are three of the many builds I use on Trundle. Basically the idea behind Trundle's items are to get a powerful damage item, such as Tri-Force or Madred's Bloodrazor, and then to build tank items that give health and and a good balance of resistances(assuming the enemy team has a balance of damage types). Personally I favor some items over others, such as I favor Frozen Heart over thornmail in almost all cases, unless a fed Master Yi is on my doorstep. Frozen Heart synergizes well with Rabid Bite's debuff on the enemy carry, slowly his attack speed, and stealin his damage. Thornmail is best suited on champions that can taunt and force carries to attack them. Mainly for items just counter build with resistances to which enemy champ is getting fed. And pick up your damage item in order to take out that carry in your teamfights. Also worth mentioning that often times I build tanky first, and then pick up an Atmas, those are for the games where I am need as a tank more than a damage dealer.

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Creeping / Jungling

Sit back and grab a drink, this will undoubtably be the longest part of the guide, but also the most valuable. We are going to talk about jungling.

The jungler IS the most important member of the team. This is undeniably true, especially in the early/mid game. Your team will succeed or fail with the performance of its jungler. Now we discuss what your job is, and what you need to do to make your team have the early advantage, just by you jungling.

As a jungler your job is to know everything, see everything, be everywhere, and show up where least expected by the enemy team. You gank and you counter and you make their whole team call each other n00b for dying to Trundle. But to do all this you have to know your ****. Pardon my French.

When you jungle you need to know all spawn times first of all, as well as respawn times.
Blue Buff-spawns at 1:55 and respawns every 5 minutes
Double Golems and Wolves-spawn at 1:30 and every 90 seconds they respawn
Wraiths-spawns at 00:50 and respawns every 50 seconds
Red Buff-same as blue buff
Dragon-spawns at 6 minutes and respawns after 6 minutes
These are the facts you need to have memorized and you need to know them in order to take full advantage of your jungle, and your opponents as well. Knowing the spawn times also saves you from getting counter jungled and can lead to you ganking your opponent jungler in your own jungle, or their jungle. Junglers like Shaco try to invade often, ward up your buffs and kill that clown.

So now that you have the spawn times, let's talk about warding. I didn't include it in the item build, but every single time you return to fountain, you're picking up wards. Your team, if they are intelligent, is warding their lanes, but you need a pink ward for dragon, and to ward the opponent's jungle when safe. Knowing where that evil warwick is at all times saves your team a lot of stress. It also makes your mid game strategy very easy in terms of transition. See Trundle Mid game.

Now to ganks, at level 4, you are a ganking machine. Tell your team to let the opponents push them in lane, and then you are in every lane in about 4 minutes. Ganks start off with Pillar of Filth, Contamination, and then rabid bite and auto attacks. Rinse and repeat, avoiding the enemy words by not traveling through the river is imperitive. Make them rage when you run out of nowhere and gank the piss out of them. From level 4 on out, you job is ganking, and countering the jungle until your main buffs respawn.

As far as countering, the easiest thing your team can do is bring a cv. With cv you can rob the opponent jungle blind without him knowing, and if its a weak jungler like fiddle, you can catch the drop on him and combo that sucker. Be scared of a good shaco or lee sin, if they catch you with low mana its a tough fight so get out. The main thing you should remember about these jungler fights, is that he is gonna be calling his friends so either take him down fast or make your escaope. Very important to judge whether to fight or run, but that's what makes you a good jungler, knowing when, and when to not fight.

The main point is be aware, watch your map, and know what is going on and what your job is at each part of the game. Do what you can to piss of the other team and your probably doing it right.

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Jungling Routes

Route 1-Your first jungle route is fairly basic, and is your faster route of the two. Use it when you are confident in your team's level one fighting capabilities and protection at blue, and know that your not going to get countered. The route is as followed:
Blue Buff
Red Buff
Double Golems

Route 2-Take this route if you stole their blue, or if you need to gank top lane early. Or if you want to kepp no mana junglers like lee sin of shyvana from stealing your red early. Knowing when its best to use this route takes experience. But sometimes you just know which route to take. Route:
Double Golems
Red Buff
Blue Buff
Ending again at level four you are ready to gank. With route one you have an expiring blue buff and a fresh red buff. While route two gives you a fresh blue and an expriring red. Route one is faster, route two is safer, as it is not usually predicted.

NOTE* You need my mastiers and runes to be able to do route two, and still have enough hp to gank.

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This will separate you from a good and a bad Trundle, because ganks are everything at times. If you do your job ganking, you help all lanes of your team establish lane dominace and outfarm the other team. Ganks do not me kills, don't be stupid and dive at level 3 unless you know for sure you will survive. Burning a flash or ghost or forcing a recall is a successful gank as well, so don't go ape **** on that enemy top laner because you have to get a kill to be a good jungler. As for each gank it should be the same, skill order as follows:

Pillar of Filth making sure the pillar is placed behind and so that the imppassable terrain slightly knocks the enemy champion away from their turret.
Followed by contamination for your movespeed increase and attack speed. Place it so that you can get to the champ and get the attack speed buff for as long as possible
Followed by Rabid Bite and auto attacks. Make sure you use Rabid Bite right after an auto attack, as it resets your attack timer.
If your level six and feel the need to use your ult then use it after Pillar of Filth, however I usually save it for those times when ganks or fights get hairy and I need to survive, not for the damage or resistance debuff.

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Trundle During Stages of the Game

Early-As discussed in the Creeping/Jungling section, jungling, counter jungling, and ganking is your early game. Make it happen.

MId-Mid game is a bit more complicated. You should have wards up all over the place and a good knowledge of where most of the enemy team is. In this stage of the game you must control dragon, keep baron warded, and push towers and defend your own. Split pushing is beneficial at this time, but be careful not to abandon a turret and your team because you're screwing around in bot lane. Also you should be getting as much gold as possible at this stage.
Late-Basically just know what your doing in team fights in late game. You can intiate if you are the tank using Pillar, or if not intiating, use Pillar to break up the enemy team. Its as simple as ulting the tank for his resistances, and then debuffing the carry with Rabid Bite and then beating away at him. Should be able to drop them pretty fast with this build as you have damage and survivability. Be a thorn in the enemy team's side. If done right your team will destroy. See next line for exception.

*Please League of Legends players, do not be the bad Trundles I see every now in then who ult tanks and auto attack them, and basically go ape **** on support champs and tanks because the don't know what the hell they are doing. Your priority is to kill damage dealers....that is all.

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This was my first guide ever, so let me know how I did. I'm no expert but have played this game a lot so I figured I could help some people with one of my favorite champs. Constructive criticism is encouraged and thank you all for reading.

*P.S. I'm not creative and don't include funny photos and a trillion little jokes and pictures for those readers who must be entertained. Judge and vote on the content, and not the lack of pretty colors please.