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Mordekaiser Build Guide by SFHFWill

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SFHFWill

Still Brings the Pain

SFHFWill Last updated on December 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My name is SFHFWill. I play one champion, his name is Mordekaiser. I honestly think he's a great champion and still viable. I've gone many games with a high amount of kills and only a few deaths. Many people believe morde is no longer viable, that's completely wrong.

I'm also tired of seeing nothing but terrible guides that will leave your champion gimped in the long run. So hopefully you take something away from this guide and put a few more maces to a few more faces.

This is my first ever guide and I'm terrible with computers so forgive me if there aren't enough pictures. =/

This is for Classic 5v5 and 3v3. I don't do dominion.

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The Role of a Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is a pushing mage that can take one hell of a beating. I've lasted longer in many fights with this build than a tanking Nasus, and have put out more damage. It's that simple. A tank with CC or another brusier with CC and your able to lay down some pain on a team.

Tanks or other bruisers that Mordekaiser works well with are:


You're able to put out a lot of AoE damage, tons infact. You won't always have the highest kills, usually I blow everyone away on assists. When Mordekaiser gets to a fight, and you start bursting, you'll have a 3 second period when your damage isn't really that high. In that time others will steal the kills. If you're wondering why it's pretty simple.

Your Mace of Spades will hit a group of targets for around 400 each. A single target will take nearly 700 damage. Your Siphon of Destruction will hit a group or single champion for 600. That means in less than two seconds against a group of people you've knocked down 1000 hitpoints with your Creep Death ticking at a nice 180. So In two seconds if you hit a group of 3 people with all your spells you've done 1360 damage (if they have no resistance) and your Children of the Grave will be ticking as will Ignite. That will bring them to around 500 or so hit points (minus tanking champions). In that time, you'll be doing nothing for another 2 seconds, see why you hardly end up with the kill? Doesn't matter though, you just weakened their whole team, slowed their movement and attack speed, added a temporary ghost to your group and will now help your team push further into their base.

That is what Mordekaiser does. He hurts people, a lot of people, all at once.

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The reason I go with the rune choices that I have posted are simple.

Greater Mark of Shield: Last longer against any one doing AP business. Don't tolerate that. Hurt em....after you've farmed a bit more.

Great Seal of Defense: I go with this because Morde is a late game champ, period. If your goal isn't to farm the **** out of your lane before knocking out their turret, you have failed.

Greater Seal of Celerity: More spells cast means you have a shield up more often. Also means you're doing more damage. I see nothing wrong with this picture.

Greater Seal of Swiftness: Mordekaiser has no CC, so if a gank comes your best defense is ghost. I also delay getting boots as quickly as other champions. The reason is simple, you need to focus on damage and sustain in lane before ganking. If you have a jungler coming to your lane, good, make sure you're grouped with one that has a slow/stun/CC of some type. In that CC period you'll do more damage going for fast Hextech Revolver and Ignite than simply knowing you can run there faster. Running doesn't equal a kill, unless your Singed. Leave the boots for now, use the seals for speed.

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You're a front line fighter, people will try to kill you quickly once they realize that not targeting you is bad. Stay alive and do damage, who cares if you get up to 700 AP in the offense tree. A dead Morde does a lot less damage.

Defense tree gives Morde everything he could ask for and more. Higher sustain, faster cool down reduction and movement speed. Don't be picky, you're an awesome champion this way.

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Work towards your final build, yes there is no changing this build no matter what the other team is doing. You will always be hit by AP moves (even if they're focusing on AD more so) and you'll always be hit by AD moves. Make your shield last against both. No need in higher magic defense over armor.

You crush 90% of all casters before they can do anything to you.

Balance between defense and AP at all times. I typically will rush to Hextech Revolver, so buy an Amplifying Tomb and HPot to start. If you're up against two, farm at turret, no reason to give them gold by dying. Hold the line, that's' what you do. YOU HOLD THE LINE. In 80% of games, my turret is still standing by the time we've knocked down all their front line turrets and the other two are of my teams are busted to ruble. By that point I'll get 3 or 4 champs trying to kill it, just focus the creep first. They do not want to try to kill a Mordekaiser under his turret when his shield is full and with no creep to take the first few shots. Considering how high Mordekaiser's burst is, you can easly drop two or three of them below 60% health by the time they get to the turret. Now they have to tank it with dots ticking and a guy gaining shield and bursting them. Doesn't work.

After that, get boots, if you're against melee, boots and cloth armor. Start building towards a Randuin's Omen. Don't worry about finishing it. Remember one defense item, one AP item. Repeat.

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Skill Sequence

Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction clear creep extremely quickly and give insane burst.

If you're worried about armor or want to use more abilities earlier, go ahead and put one point into Creeping Death at level 5, then ignore it til Mace of Spades, Siphon of Destruction and Children of the Grave are maxed.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Ghost or Ignite and Flash. Doesn't matter, nothing else is viable.

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Never ever stop farming. EVER. You need 15725 gold, not including pots and wards which you should be getting, to completely max out. Last item to max out is typically Hourglass. Other than that have fun, use wards, don't get ganked, play safe. Solo top is ideal but if you're duo bot or duo top, keep pushing and make sure your lane partner isn't completely dumb and tries to gank constantly. That's not what Mordekaiser does early game. He farms creep and then he farms Champions.

Fully maxed out your stats are pretty beastly for a bruiser. Let them know that.

Final Stats in Game:

Heath Per 5: 43
Movement Speed: 410
Attack Damage:115
Attack Speed 1
Armor:263 (with Creepign Death Up)
Ability Power: 511
CDR: 25.2%
Magic Resist: 182 (Creeping Death Up)
Magic Pen: 10% with 20 taken off
Spell Vamp: 25%

Ability Damage and Cool Down:
Creeping Death: 182 and 9 sec CD
Mace of Spades: 404 on 4 targets or 666 damage single target 3 sec CD
Siphon of Destruction: 532 with 4.5 CD

Total burst on single target with all spells up in 2 seconds including Ulti and Ignite with no MR: 1643 at level 18 maxed on items, no buffs or exilers