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League of Legends Build Guide Author Striderk1NG

Striderk1NG's Guide to Improve

Striderk1NG Last updated on April 13, 2013
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Hello, If you are reading this guide is because you are interested in improving as a player, and that is the prove that you got what it takes to become better, because you have you got the determination that is needed to become better, but you aren't beeing able to do it for some reason. That's the part where I can help you. In this guide we will work every single part of League of Legends where a player can excel to become the best. I recommend you to read this guide by chapters and try what you learned in the next games you do, so you can absorb the knowledge and put it in action.

( I am also correcting some english errors, but according to the feedback you will understand everything that I the guide as to teach. So feel free to read. )

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Objective of the Game

League of Legends is about breaking the enemy Nexus, this is the gold rule to become a better player. I am sure that you already saw a lot of players that could end the game straight away, but decided to go get some more free kills, or decided to finally do Nashor when they could break the Nexus, that's the first thing you must be sure that you wont do, even if you are sure that you will win teh game, don't risk it you can always throw, specially when you are at late game.

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Calls and Priorities

Knowing priorites and making calls are the best way to put your team ahead of the enemy, because calls will be focused in objectives that will most of the times give your team high amounts of gold, for example: Nashor, Drake, Towers, Team Fights.

Making calls is one of the most important things in games, because it's most of the times about crucial moments, a good call can make a loosing team comeback and win the game, but can also make a winning team throws and loose the game. So, in order to make calls you need to know what are the priorities, wich depend in many factors for example, you know that your team can do Nashor really easy, so as you soon as you see 2 of the enemies pushing bot lane you know you can call for Nashor so you do it before they can arrive and fight you, beyond positioning, you got respawning timers, like, if you win a team fight you know that you are able to push for inhibitors, but you also lost 2 of your allies, so as you push, you watch their respawn timers in order to be able to run away before they can chase you 5v3.

Back to the last example, wanted to add that is the most common throw in low elo, I call it, overpushing, this is when you win the team fight, go push, but you back too late, giving the enemy the oportunity to execute your team, or even if they don't, they will go straight to Nashor in order to get an advantage.

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You need to know what to exploit, every champion has weaknesses and every champion has strengths. You need to know how you can make the best use of them, this is one of the most important factors in lane, EXPLOITING. So what is exploiting? It's the art of knowing your champion, but also the enemy, for example, Lee Sin, his strenght is mobility and early abusive damage, so that's what you want to exploit, you want to use your gap closer in order to use all your skills as fast a possible to do the maximum damage you are able to, and then you will just safeguard to a minion or ward, that way, you are poking your enemy and he's almost unable to win the damage trades.

I will show you a great example of exploiting mobility, by xPeke:

You see? That's not just one of the biggest plays ever, that's also exploiting the mobility of Kassadin. The good thing, is that you don't need to be Kassadin to exploit, every champion has it's strength so just study the champions you use and try to make plays, by exploiting what's your strength.

If you play a champion with hard engage like Malphite, you need to exploit that, ultimate when they aren't expecting, if you play an assassin like Akali, you must exploit her burst/mobility in order to take down the enemy's ADC.

A good way to practice this is to go for a custom game with a couple of friends and try 1on1 lanes, and even some ortodox plays.

But the term "Exploiting" go much beyond that, it's not only about that champions it's about players mistakes and exploiting the advantage that you may already have. For example: If you start winning a lane really hard, just zone him, don't play passively, because that will give him the opportunity to farm and be able to scale into the late game.

Reaction is also really important when making calls and exploiting, I see many players in solo queue that hesitate to engage, like a Malphite that doesn't ultimate a Varus that went further to give an auto-attack, just because of lack of confidence, lack of communication, and lack of balls.

Remember that sometimes, beeing skilled also involves a lot of courage, you think that xPeke wasn't nervous when he did that play, that he knew he could fail and maybe people could even laugh about it. Imagine if he went there and Olaf just Q + E him and he would have died instantly, like... "THERE HE GOES FOR THE BACKDOOR" - *PUFF!* - "Forget it folks.". It would be so embarassing, like really bad, probably SK would finish the game and win, but no. He had the balls to do the play, even knowing that it could went wrong. That is... Simply... Beautiful.

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Creating the Perfect Mindset

This is my favorite part of the guide, because I feel that the player's mindset is like... What will have the most influence in the game. You will notice that when you are mad with something in real-life, maybe a special girl, or maybe had bad grades, you will play much worse then you are happy, because of that special girl, or maybe be cause you received a puppy.

The best idea of a mindset I ever had is what I like to call the "k1NGSIZE MindSet" because this is how I inspire my friends that are working in our MultiGaming called k1NGSIZE. But you can also call it "PowerGaming MindSet".

Probably you already heard a lot of times the word PowerGaming, maybe because you played RolePlaying SA:MP, or just read a lot about Diablo III and Skyrim, but that doesn't matter. If didn't hear about it here's the explanation according to Wikipedia:

"Powergaming (or power gaming) is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems with the aim of maximising progress towards a specific goal, to the exclusion of other considerations such as (in video games, boardgames, and roleplaying games) storytelling, atmosphere and camaraderie. Due to its focus on the letter of the rules over the spirit of the rules, it is often seen as unsporting, un-fun, or unsociable. This behaviour is most often found in games with a wide range of game features, lengthy campaigns or prize tournaments such as role-playing, massively multiplayer or collectible games."

So powergaming is aiming for the best path, always. It's like playing an Orc with Heavy Armor and big mace in Skyrim just in order to take the best and the easiest path to complete the game. It's calling a person by her name in SA:MP RolePlay. It's going for the POWER.

That's what you want in League of Legends, build some big muscles so you can carry your team late-game. So adapt the PowerGaming significate to League of Legends. Think, "What could I do to be always ahead, always working in my progress to win?".

The way you will see League of Legends is absolutely different if you try to mix PowerGaming and the game, because there is no easy way to play League of Legends, but! Remember that PowerGaming is about playing at the maximum, going for what scales the best, going for the maximum gold you can, doing the best performance overall you can.

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Fighting Performance

This is where the best players of all times excel, it's just crazy, the level of concentration of professional players during fights. If you play at bronze elo, you will notice that most of the players "panic" a lot during team fights, because they just "derp" around doing nothing but using their damage in ways that it's potential is beeing lost.

You need to be aware of what is your role during the fights, what each of your skills can do to the enemy team and your own team during the fights. If you are a tank, you must take the front line specially if you are an engager, if you are an adc, you know that you are what people call: a glass-cannon, you do tons of damage, but you are an easy kill if you don't have a good positioning, so you need to be at the back of the team, kiting, moving between attacks, trying to stay alive for long so you can destroy the enemy taem, if you have a lot of CC, you need to defend your ADC because you know that if you are able to defend him he does more damage in 3 hits than you would probably be able to do during a whole fight by yourself, if you are an assassin, you need to take advantage of your mobility/burst to take out the enemy's main source of damage.

Of course that many of this things differ from situation to situation, maybe the best choice of an assassin is take a bruiser that's chasing your adc, but that's where you can distinguish a good fighter of a bad fighter, is the decisions that the player makes during the fights.

So I will show you one of my favorite players, and one of the best fighters ever, Voyboy, notice the fight that starts at 00:50:

That was an explendid fighting performance by Voyboy, because he was able to have the right focus and eliminate the biggest sources of damage of the enemy team. You can notice that as soon as he sees that he can't reach Ezreal because of his flash trought wall, he immediately jumps on Ryze assassinating him, and then he goes finish the job on Ezreal.

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One of the biggest differences between low and high elo is the vision of the map that they have. In low elo this part of the game is completely underestimated, this is why they get ganked and camped so much by junglers, and then they cry that they are loosing because of "babysit". To prevent this to happen you need to learn to ward, and by the way, every team member wards, no matter the position or role, except ADC because he have a support that does that for him.

Here's an image that will help you to know where you need to ward.


1 - This ward is important for top lane during lane phase aswell as to have vision to Nashor since 15 mins, that's when it spawns.

2 - This ward is important for bot lane to prevent ganks from River and also to have vision to Drake, you want to always have a ward here.

3 - You will ward here as top lane when you don't have enough wards to cover the River in front of Nashor and tribush.

4 - You will only ward here when you just have 1 ward and no vision for incoming ganks in bot lane.

5 / 6 - This is a counter jungling ward, aswell as it is a split pushing ward. You can use it either to counter-jungle, or to make sure you wont be ganked when you push the 2nd tower.

7 / 8 - This ward has the same job that the ward number 5 and 6, but it's in the opposite side of the map, covering top lane and red buff.

9 / 10 - This is an important ward for the jungler to protect his own jungle, aswell as you can use it as an offensive ward if you are in the other side of the map. It covers an entrance to your jungler, as well as mid from ganks. Aswell as it is important when you call for drake, because you can have vision of your enemies coming to fight over it.

11 / 12 - The tribush ward, it's really important because it's from where the most of the ganks will come from, specially if you are at the blue team because the enemy team will mainly attempt to gank you from behind.

13 / 14 - The lane wards, they are specially important to prevent the so called "ninja-ganks" as they are also really useful versus agressive supports, like BlitzCrank.

15 - This is what I like to call a "luxury" ward, but it also can be a ward that was dropped to have a better vision of incoming enemies while your team drakes. This ward is not so important, but is really handy in some situations. REMEMBER: Vision is never too much.

16 - This ward is used my mid laners to prevent ganks, usually they use the wards 9 / 10 on the enemy jungle and the ward 16 on the other side of his lane, so he can have a really good vision of incoming enemies.

Warding is more important than most of people think, for 75g you can manage to get an amazing comeback engage and win a game that you tought it was lost. It's much better to pay 75g to have a nice percentage of chances of not dieing, than giving away 300g for the enemy team.

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If you already achieved high elo, you probably already know everything about this chapter, but remember you can see the difference of farms between professional players, and it always shows us the power that is hidden behind a so simple thing - Last Hitting.

There are many guides about farming, I think that farming is about practice. I always had the idea that I needed to farm a lot, but the more I play, the more I last hit. It's something that become natural, but it's also important to have always in your mind during games that you need to farm as much as you can, because that's how you build muscle to carry late game.

Some champions have faster animations wich make them easier to use in order to farm, others have really slow animations wich make them annoying to use, but if you get used, it will be as natural as faster champions. Examples: Fast -> Ezreal | Slow -> Annie.

But what really matters in this chapter is to show you how important is to farm as much as it is possible to you, in order to do that, I will use some of the content used by Curse in their guides:

This spreadsheet shows you how much is farming worth.

If you are looking for a guide really focused in Farming and Last Hitting, I personally think that the best is the one by Curse: Last Hitting / Farming Guide


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