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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nave

Strong champs to carry with :D

Nave Last updated on July 19, 2013
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After recently getting out of silver and getting to gold 3 (still climbing but im taking a break from ranked) I kinda wanted to make this just to help people. Most of these things I'm talking about still work for me in gold

Please remember that the champs your good with are probably your best bet to winning and any champ can win. I'm making this just in case you want to learn any new champs that IMO would do very well in silver.

There are two types of champions that I'd recommend. the champs that can snowball super hard and get their team fed and the champs that have insane lategames.

Top: Ryze, Darius, Jax, Jayce, Nasus, Rengar, Riven, Singed, and Trynd,
All of these champs either have crazy lategames or snowball HARD. Rengar is kind of special because if you know all of the tricks with him (triple q) you can carry games easily, but hes someone you will need to practice a lot. Nasus will get farmed, no one shuts him down. Trynd and Singed can splitpush very well and are great lategame.

Jungle: Amumu, Evelynn, Fiddle, Hecarim, J4, Lee, Naut, Rammus
Amumu and Hecarim have insane late games most people will let you get a 4/5 man ult.
Eve stealth op, no one buys pinks and if they do come through lane to gank.
Fiddle has a crazy win rate and punishes people who don't ward correctly. It is so easy to get good ults with him.
J4, Naut, Lee, and Rammus have great gank potential and can get your lanes snowballing hard.

Mid: Ahri, Akali FIZZ, Kassadin, Karthus, Ryze, Syndra, Talon, TF, Zed, and Lissandra.
Most of these champs are very good roamers. Fizz is insanely good because no one expects his ******ed burst in lane and he can roam extremely well. Karth and Ryze are just late game beasts. Syndra is interesting, I put her on here because it seems no one really understands how good she is. She can kill at 6 so easily and pick up more kills every time she has her ult up. Lissandra has good roaming and some of the best initiation is the game.

AD: Draven, Vayne, Graves
I don't play much ad but this is what i came up with.
Draven and Graves Snowball hard. Put graves in lane with leona and you can kill everyone. No one knows how to shut down Vayne so most of the time she will get farm and will be a huge problem.

Support: Blitz, Thresh, Leona, Janna
I'm not a big support player either, but i feel these are the best. Blitz will grab people all day. No one can dodge for some reason lol. Thresh can land pulls easily like blitz, but Thresh is just op. Great initiations, save your stupid team with your lantern, and snowball your lane. Leona snowballs like crazy when put with strong early game ad's such as Corki, Graves, and Draven. She also has great initiations.

How did this end up so long . oh well .
Feel free to tell me what champs I should add on to this and why !!! This thing is not finished yet and I could use peoples help! <3


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