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Stuck in Silver/Bronze/Iron? Trying to make Gold or achieve higher? Perfect Guide for you

Stuck in Silver/Bronze/Iron? Trying to make Gold or achieve higher? Perfect Guide for you

Updated on December 3, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Velkoz Demon Build Guide By Velkoz Demon 1,098 Views 0 Comments
1,098 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Velkoz Demon Build Guide By Velkoz Demon Updated on December 3, 2023
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Champion Build Guide

Stuck in Silver/Bronze/Iron? Trying to make Gold or achieve higher? Perfect Guide for you

By Velkoz Demon
Welcoming Beginners
If you are a beginner at League of Legends, you may find it difficult to acheive such a realistic goal such as making to Gold rank in your first season. It is highly recommended that you get an idea of how to control a champion, get use to moving with click actions and get familiar with the summoners rift map.

Play some Co-op Vs Ai. Once you get more confident in winning vs the Ai at beginner level, jump it up to the intermedaite level until you get confident with winning against the intermediate level.
For the most efficient way of learning, I recommend you create your own private matches and play solo and add some Ai on your team, that way you arent just getting random team mates winning the game for you.
Unfortunate with this method, you will not recieve xp for playing any of the matches.

Optimaly once you feel really confident winning vs the Intermedaite Ai's, try to challenge yourself by creating a 1v5 against the Intermedaite Ai.
I would say a large portion of the player base will not be able to complete this challenge sucessfully on their first try. Also if you really want to make it more challenging, play a marksmen champion.
Establishing Mentality
You are here as an intermediate player. You think are you are pro level player that deserves challenger but stuck in bronze because your team mates are bad. (trust me there is ALOT of players that think this way). The truth is, you guys are wrong. You just need accept that you are stuck in Bronze because you keep yourself there with the way you are playing the game. Only YOU can hold yourself back, not your team mates.

The first thing you are going to do is get rid of the mentality you have for thinking that you are the best and eveyrthing you do is correct. Ego is one of the biggest things that hold players back from climbing to their goal rank. It will make you tilt super hard when you start loosing a game. It will make you angry, and just not enjoy the game.

The 1st rule of playing any video game is to have FUN. If you are not having fun, find something else to play because the game is just simply not meant for you, and you dont need to be ruining it for anyone else!
Stuck in Iron
For those of you that are stuck in Iron rank, ask yourself if you really care about achieving a goal because honestly when I look at this rank, its hard to tell if anyone of you really care about winning your games and getting to a higher rank.

Simple advice would just be to start caring and improve yourself. Simple advice like stop dying is lazy advice because its hard to dictate when you can die or not. But you should care about why you are dying and try to learn from it. Learn how you can get takedowns on enemy champions. Focus on learning 1 champion and master it. If you wanna play more champions, by all means do so but at least spam 50 games per champion before switching to the next champion. This rule can apply to all ranks. If you dont want to one trick. play a lot of games on one champion at least 50 before going to the next one and try to keep the pool minium of 5.
Stuck in Bronze/Silver
Congrats, for being higher rank that Iron. But now you are stuck in Bronze.
Again same question for Iron players. Ask yourself if you really care about achieving your goal. Put MORE effort into learning. You guys are not putting enough effort into caring about how to win your games.

Care more about when you are dying and if it was avoidable. Care more about taking damage for no reason and if it was avoidable. Care more about where you are being positioned. Care more about threats and weaknesses to your champion. Care more about OBJECTIVES over kills. Care more about where minion waves are and when you need to collect them. XP is super important and the only way to get it gaurenteed is by killing minions.

Most importantly just care about the Objectives on the map. Always play for the Objective.
Almost Reaching Gold
You are at the peak of Silver rank and just barely making it to Gold.

Again, Play for Objectives. Always take objective and encourage your team to play for the Objectives. Use pings as communication. Learn and MASTER champions. Small Pool of champions specifically.

Prioritize Map Control. This could be a means of pushing a minion wave ahead in the mid lane before going to the Dragon Objective. Breaking down the Mid Lane tower because either A) you killed your opponent B) your opponent is not in lane C) you have team mates sieging.

Map Control is the one the biggest things that you will snowball your game to victory because it gives free access to Objectives and pressures the Enemy Junglers resources. It also gives the Enemy less options for play because they will own a smaller portion of the map and you will be able to track almost every single move.

Learn how you can gain map control. Learn champions strengths and weakness to apply pressure for the map control. Do not force any plays. Let enemies make mistakes and punish them. Keep a good mind set and do not flame. NEVER use chat. Communicate by ping and mute all players if they get upset. Recommend to turn ping volume down to 0

Try to Learn how to play the game using unlocked camera and move your camera around the map. You want to be able to do this so that you can watch something happen while you are doing an afk task like recalling for example or just dead in grey screen. You want to be able to retreive infromation such as ultimates/summoners being used. Who is there in the fight. How much HP/Mana/Resource. What level they are. What areas are safe to move to. Where your vision is. How many minions are in a wave pushing towards you.

All of this is valuable information that you are missing out on in so many of games playing to locked camera only. It is one of the biggest handicaps you can give to yourself. If you are still playing locked camera and you have acheived Gold rank, and have interest to go higher, You absolutely must learn how to play the game by controling your camera. It will be uncomfortable at first but thats the whole point. The game IS NOT EASY. It is a competitive game. If you want to better, than improve yourself. Anything you can find to improve yourself always matters.
Closing Statement
This guide is mostly just simple advice, that you can use to help yourself achieve your desired goal in League of Legends.

I have played LoL for quite sometime, but over the last few months I have gave it a huge break due to just a very boring meta to keep me interested.
However upcoming patch 13.24 which is the new items update and Velkoz changes, I will be making my return on the rift.

So if anyone of you are genuily interested at getting better at League and you really want to climb. You can reach me on discord using this link provided below

I will be giving players some feedback aobut their matches. Vod Reviews. Some live Coaching via screenshare. Completely free.
How ever if I get a large volume request, it may tone down to vod reviews and feedback and group sessions where somebody random will be selected as a screenshare host and I will give feedback as a classroom.

Once you join the discord, Say a welcoming message, state your goal and link your summoner ID so I can get to know abit about you.

Thank you for reading this guide.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Velkoz Demon
Velkoz Demon Guide
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Stuck in Silver/Bronze/Iron? Trying to make Gold or achieve higher? Perfect Guide for you

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