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Ivern Build Guide by styllEE

Jungle grandmaster

🔱styllEE's Challenger Ivern | Rank 1 EUW🔱

By styllEE | Updated on January 11, 2020
586 Votes
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Runes: Standard IVERN

Font of Life

Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+8 Magic Resist
+8 Magic Resist

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Jungle Role
Ranked #6 in
Jungle Role
Win 54%
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Champion Build Guide

🔱styllEE's Challenger Ivern | Rank 1 EUW🔱

By styllEE

Hello and welcome to this guide!




My name is Rasmus, I'm 20 years old, I'm born and raised in Denmark and I'm a professional League of Legends player/coach
I've been playing League of Legends for about 9 years, started back in Season 1 and got to high elo in season 3, peaking challenger for the first time in season 4, and been challenger ever since.
In season 8 i peaked Rank 13 on EUW with 922 lp, and in S9 i have peaked 1320 LP RANK 1

I'm streaming on where I'm trying to help others by showing my gameplay and explaining why i do things and so on. ( Come by and say hi! :))

In this guide I'm gonna explain how i play Ivern, at the highest level on the soloq ladder (Challenger)
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+ Lategame Scale
+ Strong support
+ Really strong ganks
+ Daisy is basicly another champion
+ Good outplay potential
+ Good potential for early cheese
+ Strong invade lvl 1
+ Don't need pull

Ivern is a really great pick if you have strong carries on your team, and he works really good in this meta, as there is a lot of melee champions being played, which has really good synergy with Ivern's [E] Triggerseed.


- Ultimate Reliant
- Weak in his first clear
- Not really a good farmer
- Needs a good carry
- Hard to master to his full potential
- Can die to a lot of junglers early

Ivern can be punished early by getting counter jungled, so you will need to ward both river bushes to make sure, that you don't get invaded without knowing. Tell your botlane or midlaner to ward the oppisite river bush of the side you are starting on, and ward the river bush you are starting at. Ivern can also be really tough to play, if you have bad carries on your team, or if you have fallen too behind early.

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A lot of people might be wondering why im going for the Resolve-Inspiration tree instead of Sorcery-Resolve tree and it's quite simple.
The Resolve tree gives you way more tanky stats, and also better shielding + burst shield, compared to the Sorcery tree that gives you a bit more fighting and damage, but you dont really need that as a supporty champion, so going for the Resolve + Guardian is way better from my experience, and inspiration gives u 5% more max cdr, and futures market which makes u get your items faster, and u get a bit more tanky
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Red - Raptors - Blue - Gromp - Wolves - Collect Raptors + red, then smite golems, collect wolves,blue,gromp and then smite scuttle. U get lvl 4 really fast
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Thx alot for reading through my guide and getting down here!

Ivern is personally the champion i find the most fun in the game, as his kit is really different and hes a supportive champion that can surprise the enemy and carry a game if you are good enough!
If you are looking for a fun champion to play that will never get banned in soloq then Ivern is a perfect fit for you, when you play him enough you will see how strong he really is, and that he isn't just a support that deals no dmg, cus' you can actually 1v1 a lot of junglers early on with the power of Daisy!

I would appreciate if you would drop a like if you enjoyed this guide, as it would help me a lot, and you can always check out my stream if you want to see some high elo gameplay or if you got any questions about anything ( i can answer most of the league related ones ;) )
League of Legends Build Guide Author styllEE
styllEE Ivern Guide
🔱styllEE's Challenger Ivern | Rank 1 EUW🔱