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Veigar Build Guide by Cursed Miltank

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cursed Miltank

Suffering Awaits?! Dominating with Veigar

Cursed Miltank Last updated on September 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Before commenting

This guide is not a definitive guide on playing Veigar in Dominion: it reflects my style of play. I am also not an expert on rune builds, so you may feel that a different set up is more efficient than mine.

This is also my first guide here, largely due to the lack of Dominion Veigar builds at the time of this writing, so please be constructive.

Oh, and I also forget my exact skill sequence with Veigar: I detailed my thought process with the sequence in the appropriate section. If I incorrectly labeled one of the levels in the sequence, due to the game mechanics forbidding it, do feel free to point it out.

Fun fact: Veigar is the second champion that I have ever used on League of Legends, so I am quite familiar with him. However, I don't consider myself a very good Veigar (in Classic mode, at least).

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Pros / Cons

-Capable of causing heavy burst damage
-Uncommon in the current meta (enemy team may not be well suited to counter him)
-AOE stun, arguably the best in the game, gives him strong offensive/defensive capacity

-Relies on the enemy team's low magic resist (meta may change to have more resist)
-Low mobility at early-game
-Heavy CC will ruin Veigar if he is alone

Although it may seem that the cons outweigh the pros, Veigar is a very strong champion to fight against. With Veigar, I usually appear in the top threes at the end of the game, garnering around 1100 points. Veigar's limited mobility is what is holding him back at the beginning, but his score will surge once he gets a Rabadon's.

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As I mentioned above, I'm not that great with runes, since it appears to be a bit of a number cruncher, which I really don't like. If it works out, I'll roll with it.

The only runes that I am recommending, therefore, are the Marks of Insight for the magic penetration. It goes through a decent amount of base magic resist, helping Veigar get a kill in the very first fight.

Flat dodge seals help counter the so-called "right-click" champions (those that rely on auto-attacks), since they typically can deal heavy damage to Veigar, flat magic resist glyphs gives some early-game durability, and flat AP quints help get the first kills.

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I went 9/21/0 mainly because Veigar lacks survivability. I'm not very concerned over being able to Flash or use Ignite with a 9/0/21 build since they are there mainly to help in the early stages of the game. By late-game, Veigar usually dishes out so much damage that the summoner spells end up being unused, at least when I play.

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Veigar's role in Dominion is as a champion killer. He is also very effective at defending towers from one or two enemy champions, but any more is obviously dangerous to deal with alone. He should not stray too far from a nearby friendly champion until he gets enough AP to hold his own in a 1v1 fight, since Veigar needs to have a strong early-game. He typically can start wandering around once his Baleful Strike is at level 3 or 4 and becomes an enormous threat once he has max Baleful and level 2-3 Dark Matter (depending on how many champion kills you get, due to Baleful Strike's passive). However, wandering alone is advised against if the enemy team has stealth champions roaming around the "jungle."

At the beginning of the game, Veigar should be counted among the champions rushing to the Windmill (topmost capture point). A well placed Event Horizon will disrupt the entire enemy team that will be inevitably heading there for the necessary second to focus one champion down to low health: be ready to use Ignite. Veigar obtaining one or two kills at this stage of the battle is a good sign.

Hitting multiple enemies with Event Horizon is integral to Veigar's success, since it not only keeps you safe and makes it easier to hit with Dark Matter, it also keeps the enemy champions preoccupied for a few more seconds so that your team can get to where they need to go and do what they need to do.

Farm minions while you are heading to capture points with your Dark Matter and Baleful Strike: it will help get the extra gold early-game to get to Rabadon's Deathcap more quickly. Don't be afraid of pushing lanes if the enemy capture point is being guarded by multiple enemy champions: the minions will be able to force the enemy champs to split their attention between yourself and your meatwall and give you time to kill at least one champion.

When defending a capture point, Dark Matter can be used to dissuade enemy champions from trying to capture your point. However, Event Horizon is a better alternative since it will not only stun the champion instantly, it will also allow your tower to begin attacking while you use Dark Matter to deal heavy damage. Only rarely do squishy champions walk away with any significant amount of health due to this tactic.

As with any typical Veigar, your spell combo should be Event Horizon -> Dark Matter -> Primordial Burst -> Baleful Strike -> Ignite (if necessary). If the champion has heavy lifesteal, it's not a bad idea to Ignite before Baleful Strike to counter the health regen. Baleful can be used as a harrassment spell due to its low cooldown and can be used to cut out just enough health for your full spamming combo.

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I always start with a Fiendish Codex for a variety of reasons. Although Blasting Wand, Amplifying Tome, and Boots of Speed are a viable starting build, I usually avoid getting Boots of Speed first because they are (shockingly) not helpful for Veigar. He is so squishy at the start of the game that the boots only save him in certain circumstances, so I just go all-out attack in an attempt to take out one enemy champion and cause the others to break off early. In any case, Veigar should not be seen by the enemy team until the last possible moment, since he will surely be focused due to his fragile defenses. With the amount of gold you have left, you can immediately head back to base after the fight finishes at the Windmill to get Boots of Speed, which you will need now.

Once you finish Sorcerer's Boots, build a Morello's Evil Tome. You might be wondering why not get Deathfire Grasp for its Active ability. Although this is a useful item to use against tanky champions, I found myself desiring more cooldown reduction than what Deathfire Grasp can provide. With Morello's 20% CDR, I can spam Event Horizon more frequently for more nuking power. If the enemy team is naturally hp heavy, Deathfire Grasp can substitute for Morello's.

With this done, it's time to quickly build a Rabadon's Deathcap so that you can get some easy kills with your ultimate. I usually pick up a Blasting Wand first, if I'm strapped on cash, but if you managed to get enough gold for it, there's no reason why you should not pick up the Needlessly Large Wand instead. Either way, you need to build some AP really fast so that you can get some kills on your way to Rabadon's.

After Rabadon's, Abyssal Scepter will help give some survivability while increasing your nuking power to deal with minor magic resist items. Which item in the recipe you should choose is ultimately a personal preference. Also take the progress of the game and the enemy team composition into consideration. On the chance that you notice the enemy team building magic resist, get a Void Staff instead.

It is around this point that the game is in its late-game period, where most of the nexus' health has been depleted for one or the other side. I have not been able to build a Banshee's Veil at this point, but it is theoretically good for keeping Veigar out of trouble at critical end-game moments.

I am doubtful that a sixth final item will be able to fit into this build, but a Moonflair Spellblade can help for the cheap Tenacity in between your Banshee's cooldown while giving a little AP. Really, the final item is a bit of a personal preference.

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Skill Sequence

The idea behind the skill sequence is to max out Baleful Strike. Event Horizon is set to the right level to stun long enough for Dark Matter to hit and is not leveled until late-game. Level 2 Event Horizon is long enough for a fast clicker: level 3 Event Horizon is unnecessary for an experienced Veigar and takes time away from maxing your Baleful Strike to make best use of its permanent AP gain. Event Horizon should be leveled to 2 before you obtain Primordial Burst so that you can Dark Matter enemy champions with accuracy early in the game. Dark Matter goes second for the damage increase, taking a point in Primordial Burst whenever it is available.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite is pretty standard: Flash is there to get out of a bad fight or to chase down a fleeing enemy champion for the last hit and Ignite is essentially another attack you can throw at the enemy champion and a kill by Ignite counts towards your Baleful Strike's permanent AP gain. You should not hesitate in using these spells early-game since you need to dish out as much damage as possible and get those kills.

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In short, Veigar should focus his time fighting enemy champions, preferably at capture points. However, he should not go out of his way to hunt down champions unless it is in his favor to do so. Racking up kills makes Veigar incredibly powerful and capable of taking out almost any one enemy champion with his entire nuking combo. Event Horizon and Dark Matter are also effective spells to fight champions at the capture points.

Overall, focus your time at holding or attacking capture points and you will be able to cause the enemy to suffer in your presence.