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League of Legends Build Guide Author FreudianSlip

Summoners Rift Football

FreudianSlip Last updated on November 7, 2013
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What is Summoner's Rift Football?

It is a game envisioned by some of the great geniuses of our time, Eli, Ant, and myself. The summary of the game is to score as many touchdowns as you can in 20 minutes. As soon as 20 minutes passes the game is officially over, even if someone is trying to score.

Point values:
> 7 points for each touchdown (being executed by spawn pool turret)
> 3 points for each field goal (being executed by any other base turret)
> 2 points for each safety (the Free Safety killing an enemy inside the Red Zone)

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The Rules

1. Draft is the preferred game mode.

2. Teleport is not allowed.

3. Teams will be roaming the jungle, looking for an opportune lane to score from. You may kill whoever crosses your path. If you kill them it is called a tackle. Tackles do not have any statistical value, but they will make the other player start from base and have to deal with the death timer.

4. Since tackling will give you gold, recalling rule is as follows: NO RECALLING. The only time you can return to base to buy items is after you die. This ensures you have to try to score at some point rather than just killing people all over the place.

5a. You may designate one player as your "Free Safety." The free safety does not need to attempt to score a touchdown, but rather will prevent the opponents from scoring a touchdown. However; he will be designated to being outside the walls of the base. He must start there, but if he sees someone enter their base (otherwise known as "the red zone") he is allowed to give chase to try and stop them from scoring.

5b. You may not kill the free safety. You may CC them, but you may not make an effort to kill them. Additionally, since Free Safety's cannot be killed they may only walk back to base for items immediately after they have a touchdown scored on them. The reasoning behind this is they are near base, they can get better items to prevent it from happening again. The Free Safety cannot camp in base for a few minutes waiting for gold. They may also not remain in base trying to prevent another touchdown. Buy your items, and return to outside the base walls.

6. No farming or intentionally hitting jungle minions. Gold should be fairly equal for all players. If you miss a skill shot and lets say you hit wolves it is okay, just do not continue to attack the jungle mob. Everybody can see your creep score, so its not worth trying to cheat.

7. If the Free Safety receives the kill on you inside the "red zone" (inside the walls of their base), the free safety's team will gain two points, known as a safety, and the person who failed to score the touchdown will die and receive no points. HOWEVER if one can outlast the hit timer and run around the red zone long enough to be executed without the Free safety getting credit for killing you, your touchdown (or field goal) is valid.

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The game has a lot of potential strategies, so here are some tips:

1. Buy wards. It will help you see the routes the other team is taking so you can either stop them, or avoid them.

2. Communicate with your team. If you see an enemy heading their way, let them know, or group together and make your way around the jungle.

3. Pick champions with good early game. Since there is no farming or killing jungle minions you are most likely going to be low leveled most of the game.

4. Your free safety should be the most fed person on your team. He should be the one who buys oracles and roams around the nearby jungle to deny as much vision as possible.

5. Pick a free safety with good range. He/she will need to hunt down people trying to score, while also occasionally clearing out wards.

6. Uphold the code! If someone on your team is cheating, let them know so they can stop. Do not encourage it and do not cheat yourself. All this accomplishes is pissing off the other team. The game is meant to be somewhat challenging, which is what will make it feel rewarding if you succeed.

7. Since this is supposed to be played in draft mode, there are some champions that will likely merit bans more than the typical "overpowered" champions. Some of these include Twisted Fate, Pantheon, and Shen for their teleports. Stealth champions such as Evelynn and Twitch could also be troublesome.

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Feel free to leave feedback below. I plan on editing this guide occasionally, so if you have a good idea, or there is something broken in the game-play, leave a comment!


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