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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Morgana Build Guide by Dangahh

Support Super Support Morgana

Support Super Support Morgana

Updated on September 28, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dangahh Build Guide By Dangahh 10 2 148,046 Views 2 Comments
10 2 148,046 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dangahh Morgana Build Guide By Dangahh Updated on September 28, 2012
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Pros / Cons


  • Can harass very easily.
  • AoE Stun ultimate.
  • Spell shield for magic damage and slows/stuns/snares/etc.
  • Great in team fights and late game.
  • Good at kiting.
  • Good at peeling the enemy team off your carries.
  • Decent scaling on abilities.


  • Not very tanky.
  • Can be caught easily.
  • No escapes.
  • No heal for your teammates.
  • High cool downs and mana costs.
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Summoner Spells


Exhaust and flash, both of which are in my opinion the 2 best summoner spells in League of Legends currently, Flash allows you to not only escape from tricky situations but it allows you to chase, and exhaust helps both in lane and during team fights, when you exhaust one of the other teams carries, particularly the other teams ADC it prevents them from completely destroying your team out right and allows your team for a better chance of killing them with the reduced movement speed and also allowing for amazing escapes.

Other good choices:

- Clairvoyance:
grants visibility of a certain area for a short amount of time, this is good when you want to clear buffs or objectives without risking your life walking over there, it also helps protect yourself from ganks and find enemy champions that you are trying to chase.

- Heal:
Really good on Morgana, especially since none of her abilities heal, it helps keep your carry alive in lane and can be crucial for turning team fights around that you may have been losing.

- Ignite..
I don't like taking this on supports since it's too good for preventing your carry from getting kills, if you want to go for a really hard push strategy you can take this but I would recommend exhaust over this in any situation especially since ignite is best used during mid-game.
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What I normally run; great for poking and tanking for your AD. Gold/10 quints since you won't be farming minions more than likely, mana regen/level for extra poking and lane sustain, armor for tanking minions and enemy champions especially their ADC.

3x - Greater Quintessence of Avarice:
9x - Greater Seal of Resilience:
9x - Greater Glyph of Clarity:
9x - Greater Mark of Resilience:


Extra gold/10 seals for even more gold accumulation if you don't decide to get as many gp/10 items, Magic Penetration marks for extra lane poke and harass.
9x - Greater Seal of Insight:
9x - Greater Seal of Avarice:

Also suitable:

Greater Seal of Vitality -
Greater Glyph of Shielding -
Greater Seal of Focus -

I tend to shy away from these though since you should have enough health and magic resist from your items and get the cooldowns from masteries and items.
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I tend to go 9/0/21 instead of 0/9/21, 0/21/9, 0/16/14 for the extra harass that the offensive tree gives with all the benefits that most supports usually want from the utility tree.

Other viable Mastery set-ups:

0/9/21: Instead of the offensive tree you would be looking for extra lane sustain and defense, great for those lanes where you want to sit back and help your ADC farm and not harass.
It has all the same Utility tree masteries with these thrown in.


This is a great mastery page it may be even better than the first one, it give you extra mana regen, extra tankyness which you may need especially to deal with someone like Ezreal's poke and to hold a lane while your AD has B'd or is respawning. The only problem that I see with this one is you won't have as much cool down reduction and you poke might be slightly lacking. I would make that deficit by running cool down reduction seals and magic penetration marks.


I use these masteries when they have a very poke heavy bottom lane such as Blitzcrank + Vayne or Nunu + Kog'Maw, I would also use this with the extra gp/10 seals in runes.
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Standard support start, instead of 3 pots you can pick up a 2 sight wards a vision ward and 1 pot, with the vision ward making it so you keep control of one of your bushes which is key for support Morgana or to clear wards from river so your jungler is safe to gank.

+ 3 + 3

Alternative start:

You would choose this start if you wanted to be very aggressive in lane and also very aggressive across the map, ganking for mid and pressuring objectives.

+ 1-2 + 0-2

Early game:

+ + +

Gold/10s! Gold/10s are amazing, Philosopher's Stone builds into Shurelya's, Heart of Gold builds into Randuin's, and Kage's Lucky Pick is there for extra harass and gold generation while in lane since you won't be killing creeps, most likely.
Start with either Heart of Gold or Philosophers Stone, depending on what their bottom lane is like, if they poke you every once in a while go for Philosopher's Stone, if they have high damage such as Vayne pick up Heart of Gold.
After the first gold/10 you can choose whether to pick up level 1 boots if you haven't already or pick up the other gold/10 that you didn't buy before(Heart of Gold or Philosopher's Stone) and then finish your Mercury Treads or buy a Kage's Lucky Pick if you aren't being chased out of lane.

Late game:

- Aegis of the Legion:
This is a core item for most if not all supports, it grants your surrounding teammates additional attack damage, magic resist, and armor. It's great for giving your team a little extra tankiness helping keep you teammates a live longer and deal more damage. I would take this first late game since it has such high utility.

- Shurelya's Reverie:
A standard support item that is absolutely amazing, it gives you cool down reduction which is good for harassing the enemy and it's also good for chasing after the enemy and initiating. Buy this as your second or 3rd major Item.

- Randuin's Omen:
This is an all around amazing item, especially for its cost effectiveness. Not only is it good for stopping enemies from running away, it also reduces the damage output of all champions especially AD/onhit champions. Buy this as your second or 3rd major item.

- Will of the Anchients:
Normally you wouldn't get an item like this on a support, but with Morgana you can due to her high damage output from abilities. It will help keep you and your ally AP champions alive and works well if your AP has one as well. I would buy this last or second to last.

- Banshees Veil:
Granted there is better items than this for survive-ability this is a good item on Morgana it helps her from getting burst down by enemy casters and stops disables for a short while and the extra mana helps her deal with a little bit of her mana problems if you constantly spam bind.

Alternative/situational items:


- Ionian Boots of Lucidity:
Great for getting that extra cool down incase you decided to go 0/16/14 and are lacking in cool down reduction otherwise I would stay away from these.

- Ninja Tabis:
Great for when the other team is very AD heavy or when you are losing bot lane due to the other teams carry.


- Guardians Angel:
An amazing item, better than banshee's veil in most cases, especially if the other team has a high burst potential or you are continually focused.

- Frozen Heart:
A great support item that works well if the other team has a lot of AD or their AD has a very high attack speed.

- Quicksilver Sash:
A great Item if their other team has a lot of croud control(snares/stuns/slows) and a high amount of AP champions.


- Zhonya's Hourglass:
mainly a staple for Morgana's going mid it's great on support Morgana too, if your team is being aggressed on or is aggressive you can use this in combination with your ultimate to initiate fights and protect yourself from enemy champions and the extra armor doesn't hurt either.

- Rod of Ages:
A great item for if your lane is dominating theirs, the extra mana and health allow you to sustain in lane and the extra ability power gives your lane greater poke and burst potential.

- Athene's Unholy Grail:
An amazing item granting a lot of ability power, mixed with a good cool down reduction and a small amount of magic resist if you can't handle the other teams casters.

- Abyssal's Scepter:
A good item granting a decent amount of ability power and magic penetration and a large amount of magic resist, pick this up if you are the one carrying fights and you need to be able to stay alive longer due to enemy caster.

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter:
This is a great item giving you a large amount of health, a nice amount of ability power, and the ability to kite and chase even better than you already do. It is also very good for fleeing and disengaging

Support Items

- Zeke's Herald:
This item is good for when you have a highly attack speed reliant ADC with you that needs a little extra to stay alive in fights, works best with champions like Ashe and Kog'Maw.

- Locket of the Iron Solari:
This is a good support item that doesn't get much love, pick this up if your team doesn't have a tank and it could possibly swing fights into your favor.
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Team Work

Team work is key to winning any game you play, without a good team composition and good team work you will more than likely lose your game.

Aggressive laning:
When in lane try to land your bind onto the enemies ADC when your ADC is ready, if you and your AD know each other well or know Morgana's play style you won't even need to tell them before it happens they should jump in and deal as much damage as possible.

Defensive laning:
If the enemy support is harassing your carry, such as Nunu or Taric, when you see the animation for their abilities go off either shield yourself or your ADC who ever they focus, since most supports deal magic damage this should stop most crowd control that they should try to throw at your lane partner and stop some of the damage that their support and sometimes ADC will do.

Team fights/Grouping:
When grouped with your team trying to harass the enemies lead with your bind, if you get a bind on an enemy champion it will allow your team to do some damage to them possibly killing them and let you lead up for a major initiation. If you get the bind and you have your pool available, throw the pool right underneath them to deal more damage. If you are the only hard initiation on your team, you make the calls, if you are ready to go into a fight put the black shield on yourself if you don't have good enough positioning shurelya's or flash with the shield still on you and use your ultimate. For this it's better if you flash for the initiation so you can save your shurelya's for chasing and making sure your ultimate stuns the key champions(carrys).

Kiting and running are inevitable, if you are being chased throw binds behind you to snare your pursuers, if you miss a bind throw your pool right underneath you or slightly ahead to deal damage to them as possible or to even deter them from chasing further.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dangahh
Dangahh Morgana Guide
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Super Support Morgana

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