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Warwick Build Guide by Erathmis

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Erathmis

Suport Wick, the trolliest troll

Erathmis Last updated on October 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Note, for you lazy skimmers or players that have a good understanding of the current meta of just know supports in general important **** is in red (i think)BEFORE YOU MAKE FUN OF ME THE PURPOSE OF THIS BUILD IS FOR SHEER AMUSEMENT AND A LITTLE HELP IN NORMAL QUEUE SO YOUR NOT ENTIRELY USELESS

wanted to thank Dewo, SV and w/e dude did magewick i dont remember his name but since they have such awsome guids between the 3 theres nothing i can cover they didntt so i decided to share my support wick guide :)

okay onto the intro!

My ingame name is Arathmis not actually Erathmis so if you want to add and wisper me feel free

now the 2 big things to remember while playing this

1. You are a squishy ***** early on, like im talking sona squishy so dont play like a lanewick you wont last.

2. You are the support so you DO NOT LAST HIT UNLESS UR CARRY IS UNABLE TO FOR W/E REASON (also ward A LOT!)

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I run
CDR per level blues x9
ArmorPen Reds x9
Armor Yellowsx9
and Health or Mana Regen quints x3
(i like health because after philo stone if you play smart you dont need the mana regen)

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Like I said, Your a squishy ***** so i run 9 in defence to try and take some of the lane pressure off so i can better support my ad carry. This build does not include enough mana regen to spam early on so its up to you to decern to harass or not, but a good rule of thumb is ur W cost next to nothing so dont be scared to use it, only worry for the cd.

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Its up to you if you do lucidity boots or merc treads, I like the lucidity but if im getting focoused for some odd reason i go ahead and swap.

Then The last major decision is between WoTA and AS, Both are good but my view is to play as an offensive support. I like to get in there with my cc and make my team scarry as hell.

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Skill Sequence

Get a point in w and q just about whenever you can, early on play defensive but once you get higher mana try and flush out their carry with ur Q and give your ad carry 10 - 15 minutes of free farm.

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Summoner Spells

Like any support i run cv for the map control, and ignite to add a little kick to my harass in lane to keep the other side down abit. Say you get 3-4 good hits in on them and they need to potion or else ur carry will kill them when they try and last hit. Follow them back a ways and ignite them so they cant heal for much and are forced to stay way back for a solid 3-4 minutes or leave lane early cause they used an extra potion.

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Play Style

Your ideal lane partners would in order be
1. Caitlynn
2. Kogmaw / Tristana
3. Vayne
4. MF / Ashe and anything i may have missed.

The reason cait and tristy come first is their range gives them a big edge and between their harass and yours your pretty scarry to any mid to short range laners (ashe, vayne, mf etc..)

Kogmaw is good to but his early game is pretty weak and him and support wick makes for an easily bullied lane. Which can get you in a hole so im not stacking that lane too high up

Vayne and trist both have a decent and excellent range so their good farmers and harrass. another good match up for you.

Aight now that you know who you wont heres Your job according to priority1. Harass the enemy. If that squishy sona comes in to try and poke your carry **** punt her in the face! force the enemy to play scared youll get the edge in last hits and stay fairly safe from ganks (i main jungle ww and believe me ganking is hard if ur laners are low hp or too terrified to come in)

lategame your entire play style can be abriviated into 1 nickname AURAMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What you do is simple use ur ult entirely for cc and try to center yourself right in with your team so they get lots of buffs.

and use ur W A LOT!!!!!!!
like no joke every cd if possible.

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Ranked Play

huehuehue, dont.
"but it works so good!?!?!?!" -fresh level 30
"DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!" -rest of the world.

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Dont, unless your ad carry is not in lane to cs then do. You wont that kogmaw to be one scarry little turtle dog monkey rat thing. (i promise im not 9)

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Team Work

1. Call your mias.
2. Ward everything in existence.
3. Die for your team to live in fights if you have to cause in actuallity your pretty useless
4. Press W.
5. When in doubt press W again.
6. Use your cv accordingly (plz not too often so its never up and dont forget you have it either, its hard to determine how much is the right amount and it varrys for teams so its up to you.)

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farming, dont.
let the ad carry get it.