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Alistar Build Guide by InFlames

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InFlames

Support Ali

InFlames Last updated on January 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my support alistar guide, keep in mind this is my first strategy, So bear with me on this one. The point of this build is to basically be tanky and provide buffs for teammates, also notice that there are only 5 core items, thats to keep space for wards. Map visibility wins games and is very under rated in some cases

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Armor: Why? It's simple, Alistars abilities and supporting require him to get in the middle of team fights. These runes are made for late game AD carries, since they will be doing the most damage

Armor: Read marks ^

CDR( cooldown reduction ): One of the things ive noticed about alistar is that after that classic flash pul headbutt, his cds downt let him do anything besides ultying and taking damage. so went with these cdr runes to allow him to get to that 2nd pul headbutt faster. This allows him to control the other team better and interrupt any channels if necessary

GP10: Very standard on support, allows your champion to be independent from the lane's farm, along with the items you should need about 0 minions to build your game.

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Again, i went with the 3 armor and 3 MR along with some health per lvl to get that tanky late game Alistar that just cant be killed.

Here's where i went for what my gut told me, i play this defensive tree and it works for me, you can try it and see how it goes. This tree's aim is to give you gold and experience as well as some utilities like extra ward visibility, Mana regen and CDR.

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NOTICE: Every time you see a Sight Ward or a Health Potion it means get more than 1 my usual early game trips range from 2-5 wards. late game i carry around 8-15. i literally ward the WHOLE MAP

Early game:
Well, before going into Early game let me explain how this part is going to be set up. It will be basically like instructions of what you're supposed and not supposed to do.

Bush control: bush control is a very important part of supporting your AD carry, not only does it give him/her the comfort of safe farming but it also allows you to prevent ganks from the tower in case the lane is pushed. If you can act like a ward yourself and stay in the bush, not only hidden from enemies but also providing visibility inside the bush. If the harrass is too much just place one of your three wards there.

Famring: Alistar support with this build will NOT require farm, a thing that annoys most ad carries is you hitting their minions, It makes it hard for them to calculate that last hit so make sure you just stay there healing and keeping enemies off him.

Warding: Most of the time given Ali's tanky properties you will not need to ward if you have proper bush control, however if you leave yourself exposed after pushing lane you will need to ward and keep an eye out for the river in case their jungler comes in for a gank. Otherwise, don't waste wards where you don't need vision. A comon gank is from the tribush behind river. In case this happens make sure you save your headbutt to send them into the towr and pulverize to keep them there. I find this to be an easy kill since the tower does most of the job, just make sure your AD carry gets it.

Late game your job will be lighting up the map like the fourth of july. I usually carry 8-15 wards with me and ward the spots the map below recommends. Map visibility is very underrated, it can warn your teammates of an impending gank, or perhaps someone out of position ready to die. Just make sure you ward the right places and you will have control over the map.

Items: Alistar's item composition is aimed to give him tanky properties to prevent him from dying in situations he's mostly in during team fights, in middle of the enemy team. These items along with his ult will surely give you survivability.

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Skill Sequence

There's not much to say here except that i don't usually pick a first skill until i need to, maybe your AD did a face check and you need CC to keep those 2 enemies bot from killing him, i take pulverize and stop them, otherwise heal is the way to go. If you feel confident in that your AD is not going to facecheck and die i take heal otherwise pulverize and then heal.

Your skill role is to basically keep your champion at full HP and only use the pulverize headbutt combo when you really need to since the mana expense can take it's toll.

Late Game: Flash > Pull > Headbutt > ulti.
all you need to do is make sure you headbutt the squishy into your team for him to die. if you do this, it turns into a 4v5, your ulti should keep you safe from CC and incoming damage.

Summoner Heal: Save it for when you need it. I find it specially useful in team fights, after my team is down at leas to half hp. It will give your team a ridiculous advantage over the enemis, and dont forget to spam your heal during team fights.

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