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Blitzcrank Build Guide by tailgating

Support Blitzcrank Guide

Support Blitzcrank Guide

Updated on March 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tailgating Build Guide By tailgating 24,786 Views 9 Comments
24,786 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tailgating Blitzcrank Build Guide By tailgating Updated on March 18, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



Hello I'm a Silver Elo player in NA and I had some success with Blitzcrank so I wanted to share this guide with you :)

Warning: This guide won't be pleasing to read for the eyes. The reason is that I really don't have all the time to make the guide pretty and I just want to give out my information to you guys. If you guys can take the time to read this whole guide, I'm sure that your blitzcrank skill will improve so much :)

I wanted to make this guide because when I saw other guides with trinity force and manamune. I was like NO. I don't know where they get all the money to buy Trinity, which I believe is an unnecessary item on Blitzcrank.

In the current meta, I believe the best role for Blitzcrank is the support in the bot lane.
I saw some jungle blitzcrank, and I really didn't like it. My guide will tell you how to play the best support blitzcrank!!
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My goals for the runes and masteries are simple. I want to be as defensive as possible. You are going to be the tanky guy on your team. You want to protect your carries as much as possible. You want to towerdive enemies so your carries can get the kill. Being defensive is the best route.
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Faerie Charm: is your first item. You also buy 3 wards and 2 potions because you're a support and you need to ward. Faerie Charm will later build into philo stone.

Philosopher's Stone Is your next item. This will get you the golds you need and also provide good health/mana regeneration.

Boots of Speed You need boots. Plain and simple.

Heart of Gold Will give you the golds you need and also health. Philosopher's stone and heart of gold are only golds item you really need.

Mercury's Tread In my opinion the best boots in the game. You can also get ninja tabi if the enemy team is mostly AD, but most of the game I get the Merc Tread.

Glacial Shroud First major item you will buy. Will make you tanky as hell and will provide the great Cool down reduction that is so so so good on blitzcrank.

This concludes the core items for blitzcrank. I tend to deviate from here
If the enemy's AP carry is pretty fed and strong, I will get the Negatron Cloak after Glacial Shroud.

Then I will Get the Frozen Heart Which will make enemy Ad carries suffer.

then I get the Shurelya's Reverie because the active allows you to catch up to enemies and grab them into your team.

Force of Nature and Randuin's Omen Follows afterwards. they are great defensive items.

For the last item, you can get whatever you need. Armor, Magic Resist, CDR. Guardian Angel is a good choice
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Why I don't like Manamune/Trinity Force

I play Blitzcrank as a support. Supports don't earn that much money. Trinity Force and Manamune are expensive for what they are worth to blitzcrank.

Ok I feel like blitzcrank doesn't really have mana problems early on if you conserve your mana wisely and don't hook every seconds it's up.

And if you buy manamune/trinity force, you're going to do more damage, but so what?

If you pull an enemy to your team, they are dead anyway, no matter how much damage you deal.
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Summoner Spells

You take Flash because it allows you to flash grab, flash escape. It's the best summoner spell. Period.

Then I take exhaust because it allows you to completely shut out the enemy ad carry for the duration and allows you to catch up and stuff. It's great!!

Why not heal? Your AD carry should take the heal. Heal does more for the healer and only does half heal for the allies around him.

Why not clairvoyance? Wards should be enough and I think it's not that good of a summoner spell.
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The areas are.

NEXT TO DRAGON. you can tell if the enemy mid is coming or a jungler is going for the blue and stuff.

THE TRIBUSH BELOW THE DRAGON This is where the blue side junglers use to come gank bottom, right after red. If you only have one ward, ward this place.

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Early Game

Early game, you have 1 goal.

Get. Your. AD Carry. Fed.

That means don't take any CS. And Try to hook enemies for easy kills

Hide in the bush and go for a grab at level 2.

It really doesn't matter if you get the ad carry or the support. But be sure to exhaust the ad carry when you're killing the support so he does no damage.

I kind of like getting supports these days because they sometimes take no flash and get 2 offensive summoner spells which means no escape for them.

For champions that have jump ability, try to run and E first, and when they jump away, grab them back and continue :)

Try to give all the kills to your ad carry, but take kills if the ad carry is unable to.

and remember to ward. Always
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Mid/Late Game/Summary.

You should always ward the dragon/baron to get them when they spawn.

You can buy an oracles to clear out enemy wards.

Try to hook an enemy squishy which ensure you a win.

I hope this guide was helpful

I'll try to add more details and stuff.

Thanks and have fun hooking :D
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