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Janna Build Guide by orionova

Support Janna (wip)

Support Janna (wip)

Updated on February 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author orionova Build Guide By orionova 3,205 Views 0 Comments
3,205 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author orionova Janna Build Guide By orionova Updated on February 6, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Janna
  • LoL Champion: Janna
  • LoL Champion: Janna


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance



Hello and thanks for looking at my guide.
Janna is a very strong support character who moves very quickly has an ad steroid shield game changing ult great slow and even an aoe knock up her versatility and the presence she brings to both the lane and team fight is very strong. As a support you have a to keep wards up set up kills for your carry and keep them alive to the best of your ability.Janna is one of the harder and more versatile supports because of her many advantages. This guide is aimed at using her as a support and is my first guide so feedback is welcome:)
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Runes and Masteries

While the runes may seem unusual they are aimed at supporting my early game and helping acquire my items faster as well as having more ward money.

My Masteries are aimed completely at supporting and the speed one is maxed because of its synergy with Janna's passive and e
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Summoner Spells

Some argue that flash is core on her.
However since the nerf which made flash ulti much harder to do and with a maxed speed mastery I find it well outclassed by heal which I fInd far more beneficial to both Janna and her team.
Some say it helps janna towerdive however heal helps both you and your ally towerdive.
As much as people argue for flash I can't find a good argument for it which I can't refute.
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Early laning as janna

Being a support means being flexible in everything you do the entire game.
And your first show of versatility starts at the beginning when you choose your first items.

When your choosing your starting items what you should base your choice on is "what level does the enemy jungler gank"

For early ones (2-3)
I go boots ward and a mana potion. This lets me be as quick as possible to respond to the incoming gank lets me see it coming and the mana potion will make sure my mana is high enough to be able to cast my spells if the jungler goes for my lane

For midlevels(4-5)
For this I go for my standard 2x faerie charm 1ward 2xhp pot this gives me early sustain sets up for my laning item list and gives my lane protection for my lane and since ganks aren't an immediate threat I delay the time I put my ward down

For laterlevels(6+)
With this I have a lot of leeway however I tend to start with a mana manipulator and one potion as it gets me one of my core laning items from the beginning and and a alittle sustain so I can stay in lane comfortably without needing a ward for Abit
However though they won't be nearly as good the junglers can still gank the lane before level 6 so it's best not to push your lane. Also it demands that you go back early even if you don't have enough gold for any items yet so that you can ward your lane in time to see the enemies junglers level6 ganks coming

As for the actual laning items. Your early-midgame laning items are the only static parts of your build everytime philo and boots heart ionians and kages. This gives Janna sustain tankyness damage and sets up for the rest of your game.
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Warding with Janna

Part of your job and one of your most important jobs as a support is warding. As Janna your warding range includes your lane and the bottom half of the river. Keeping the entry to your lane and tribush warded during laning is mandatory. If you and your jungler are coordinated and intent on counterjungling the opponents blue warding it can help you support your jungler as well as mostly eliminate your need to use cv in that half of the jungle.

If your mid is having trouble with ganks as Janna warding your mid's circle bush or the wall bush can help him immensely and often put him at a better disposition towards you which is great.

Vision wards are something I only ever buy in a coordinated environment. This is because if me and the jungler and ad carry are coordinated it means taking dragons is easier and more efficient and always better done than simply buying a vision ward and pinging while sitting in front of dragon for 5 minutes
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How you build your Janna

This is the most challenging part of the game from the moment you finish your laning items and push your tower.this is where you must show your versatility and challenge your decision making skills.fortunately I'm here to make that easier.

Once you start on your build you must always keep 3 things in mind
1.which build path am I following
The first build is made to be most beneficial to your ad carries
The second to your ap carries
And the 3rd is made to help stop your carries from being assassinated

2. Who on my team is most fed
This is half of what dictates what path you follow
If your ap carry is the most fed then build your items around maximizing his potential

3. Who on their team is most fed
This also plays in your path choice as well as the order in which you get items in that build path

Your ad carry is fed however their talon is as well and your caitlyn is a tempting target to him. This may cause you to get an aegis followed by a Shurelyas in order to keep her safe from harm. Perhaps a mejai. Quicker than usual to make you a higher priority target to talon. Your job demands that you even die for your team if necessary so be prepared to do so

The order in my builds are simply the basic order of how you would build Janna the order in which you build them is up to the situation and what you feel you need.

An important note.
I tend to not buy an oracles on Janna until I have about 500-600hp from my items as this makes me much sturdier so I will have less chance of dieing while carrying oracles

Boots:once you get your soul shroud cdr boots are no longer neccesary as you get plenty from Shurelyas from there you may freely switch to sorc or merc treads
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Why rylais on support

Why? Because rylais gives her everything she needs. Janna has superb ratios and scales great with raw ap. it makes Janna tanky. And finally the slownados assisted her team as well. It gives her everything she could ask for in an offensive item
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Well this was my first guide. I hope this guide has helped you learn to better play Janna.
I also hope it was moderately easy for you to understand.there are some things id like to use which I can't because I'm currently using an iPod to write this. Constructive feedback is welcome and thank you for reading my guide
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