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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zip

Support Leblanc Season 3

Zip Last updated on November 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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not really for competitive play. just something fun that's been working well for me & I wanted to share it.

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K just go tanky
make sure u get gold quints cause u need $$$

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you can switch to magics for offense if u want idc
Def tree: anti minion aggro because u can harass with auto attack for some pew pews

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Laning Rules
Rule 1: Try not to get hit: Dont be the statue that birds **** on. Keep moving and avoid harass when possible
Rule 2: Double tap: Q + R + enemy ADC = happy days
Rule 3: You are Support - Zone enemy and be shield for ADC & forget about CSing unless ur like a minion away from getting GP10
Rule 4: Wards!!! Use your judgement: if you are getting pummeled by enemy bot lane, then ward the bushes. Oh and ward bushes if Blitzcrank is bot laning because blitzcrank groping you is not fun.
Rule 5: Call Mias for your ADC. Your ADC will CS more effectively if he/she is not typing instead of lasthitting.

Teamfight Rules:
Rule 1: Don't Get hit
Rule 2: Find their caster and Doubletap for silence: For example: You see ahri, she ults into range. You Q + R her. She is now useless for 2 seconds.
Rule 3: Do not tank the enemy - you are utility, just be annoying and silence important enemy carries like ezreal, graves, corki, ahri, or whoever wants to cast spells at your team
Rule 4: Deal Damage, then shield for your ADC when on CDs - You're pretty useless in teamfights after you spam your abilities and your CDs are up. So just shield your ADC from skill shots til you can shoot ur Q again.
Rule 5: stay away from the center of teamfights: you are a squishy. Being hit by every AOE ability is not a good idea.

Chasing Tips:
W + R + E = extended chase

When they tower dive you
Try E + R (on separate targets). I got a double kill like that once it was pretty funny.

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start standard support:
faerie charm + 3 wards + 2 pots = good start

first buy:
get philo stone

if you are behind get HoG
if you are ahead get boots + some wards

Third buy: wards + kage's lucky pick

now you have 3 gp10 items or w/e they call them nowadays. get wards and give ur team map vision. If enemy team is smart, now is time to get oracles.

Go check effective ward locations in another guide if u dont know where to ward

Fourth + buys
wards wards wards
try to keep like 4 of them on the map at all times

Late game:
If you are not broke from buying wards and oracle for your team...

If your team lacks an initiate:
build the Randuins b/c distortion + randuins = unexpected teen pregnancies

If your team is pretty solid for initiates and u find yourself running low on manna a lot, build athene's holy grail

If you're not running low on manna a lot, then build shield of legion or something tanky because tanky in this game is good.

Dont build rabaddons. In this guide, you are utility/bait, not AP carry.

1) i dont need merc treads cause i dont plan on getting hit by anything.
2) you run really fast so you can roam to place wards and complete ward sweeps faster
3) CDR boots or spell penetration boots are viable, but fast and accurate distribution is under appreciated 90% of the time
4) if chasing after single targets, boots of mobility will let you catch up faster
5) doing the gauntlet is fun (juking and running thru enemy jungle with everyone chasing you)

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence explanation:

A lot of the laning business in bot is to last hit and zone other ADC as best you can.

Since LB has lots of utility and lots of harass, just shoot stuff at their ADC and hope that he backs off.

Try not to get hit much in the exchange.

And remember to ward so enemy jungler does not catch you over extending.

Stay in bush and harass til they either
1) backs
2) starts being timid and stays back more, which allows your ADC to free farm
3) starts making stupid mistakes -> and you kill them