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Nidalee Build Guide by Person6

Support Nidalee breaks into the meta!

By Person6 | Updated on December 3, 2018

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DutchWolf114 (10) | October 24, 2018 5:25am
Hi! Thanks for the shoutout :)

Just want to clarify / rectify one thing (edit: okay, 2 things):
"not turn the bottom lane into a kill lane and steal everything (most times). "

I DO NOT advocate stealing everything, I was just pointing out that it is very likely that you will steal some stuff unintentionally at one point due to high base damage + Q execute ( Takedown). Also, every bot lane is a kill lane imo, doesn't matter wheter you play Nida, Lulu or Soraka you want to kill them - preferably you want the adc to kill them, but a kill is a kill. The only difference the champ makes is how you kill them. Nida pokes them to death then all-in, Leo just all-in's, Lulu has a lot of options, etc.

"neglected the fact that we are trying to support our bottom laner,"

I personally don't think we are by definition trying to do that. You want to support your team, not specifically the ADC, that's why roaming is so stronk.

Just wanted to clear that up, looking forward to reading your guide when it's finished :)
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