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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author panagia

Support tank Abilty power

panagia Last updated on September 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a support tank-ap build .

Summoner spells:
The only spells i would never play to blitz are promote smite heal and revive.
I am a flash fan.
And ignite or exhaust will probably help you get some more kills.
Teleport is also a very good choice for any ganger and support.
Clease is also an oppotion but i prefere flash due to its offensive potencial:flash grab and you allies fiest on the body of your poor victim.
I wouldnt take the other options expect if my team really had such a need .
(fortify is no that good without the splash from defensive masteries)

I never play the buff duration bonus as i tend to let my allies get the monster buff as a support.The rest is pretty much normal.

Movement speeds glyphs for mobility.
Ability power per lvl glyphs will also work well in this build.
Dodge might be much better but i dont have dodge runes so i put hp per lvl on seals.
Magic penetration marks as your attack dmg will be really low.

The core is Sheen boots glacial shroud rylais scepter.
Abyssal scepter is to support nukers in your team and for some magic resist.
You might never get to zoniak ring or even exchange it with a tanking item like guardian angel or a randuin omen.
I always play rylai's for ultis aoe slow and some hp.And i always play glacial shroud asap for cd reduction: its a must for more ultis and more grabs.
I have boots of swiftness and boots of mobility for suggestion, its your choice.You want more mobility inbattle and hero chasing or more mobility in the map for faster ganging ?
If you feel that you are not getting any gold and you are not gonna get enough ap to be painfull, after rylai's go for a sunfire cape and change your playstile to pure tanking.
You might consider then going for trinity forse instead of lich bane also as you will be really low in ap.
Another thing you should consider is getting wards and placing them outside your base when sidged, this way you see your enemies handing out waiting for the next creep wave in the "fog" you pull em your allies kill em : end of sidge.If you manage to place one ward in their base out of tower range its even better .Other ways to use wards are already known and are comon for all heros : ward golem ward baron ward lizzard .But remember you are the support, dont wait for someone else to do your job

Early game:
When at lane dont spam grab . Keep your mana and only grab when your enemies are unaware of your position or are charging for a kill. The only spam with grab which is resonable is when you are in your towers range and your tower doesnt attack minions but still a good oponent will most times dodge you.
For sure grabs you must forse you oponent to retreat in straight line exmpl:An ally sion,gang if your oponent doesnt go in straight line sion caches up and stuns if he goes straight you grab. This might sound very situational but it happens all the time in battle when your oponents are fleeing.At such cases always overdrive and grab.
Anyway early game you need to gang alot as soon as you get your boots and some mana.
The little secret here is not to waste your grab as soon as you pop out of the fog.Over drive, power fist your enemy and then after he starts running a bit grab him.If your oponent is not a tank and your ally helped you with more dmg then the job is done . Some times even a tank will probably fall to this .If however you start the gang with grab and fail then the gang is already over and you have failed !The first way to gang is 100% succes that you will do max dmg possible.
Also one more advise , Dont rush to use you ulti when fighting a signle oponent , not having you passive for 2 second might cost you a kill.Rush it though if you are in deserate need of the small silense it does.One Early game you might find your self mana thristy many times , so dont be shy of buying some mana pots.

Mid-late game:
Late game dont expect to get many kills this is a support build , you will be killing only with you allies assistanse.
Just hide behind trees and tell your allies to give you sight of whats beyond them,
Grab and gang is the way to go.
With good allies that give you sight of your enemies while you hide in the fog you will get many kills and some of these kills might just win you the game .
With frozen heart and your runes you will have 30% cd reduction and with the golem you will have max cd reduction: this will help you punch more and more and spam grabs without the fear of the large cd.Your mana will be more then enough.
At 16 lvl you might even use a second ulti during the same fight as it will have less then 30secs cd.
Sometimes you might play against really good enemies that never let you grab em.
At such occations you will use grab after battle has already started to get a squishy dmg dealer closer to your allies fire power and generally to harm the enemy lines positioning.
Here its really up to your own awareness how well you will fanction ^^ .
You will also have to use your ulti in a 5v5 battle as soon as your oponents start their focus and start spamming their spells . Charge inside them to catch em all , this small silense is more then valueble at this point and its dmg is descent.

Sorry about my bad english . Cu