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Warwick Build Guide by NzPr0s

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NzPr0s

Support Warwick (supporting Ashe) [not troll]

NzPr0s Last updated on October 22, 2012
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Hello summoners!
My name is Duskwisp, part of the NzPros team, and I'll be taking you through my support Warwick build!
Now, when I play ranked and lock in Warwick when I call support, most people are like 'What the- Warwick support? Elo Hell nub"
But, little do they know, my support Warwick when with Ashe is LEGIT. Me and my friend are experimenting with combos atm, and this one is a real beauty. The point of this is that Warwick tanks all the damage early game, while taking all the hits, which he can then heal back easily with his passive and Q. Ashe then sits back and basic attack + W's all day, doing tonnes of damage (as Phreak would say) and slowing them for Warwick to hit them some more. Plus, as soon as they both hit level 6, they win the lane. Double cc ults is soooo so fun :)
This is in progress btw as I have to make it look pretty and get used to the links and stuff. First Guide!

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Now, Normally a support gets money per 5 and mana regen runes and blah, blah, blah, but Support Warwick isn't your average support. For this build to work, he needs to tank the damage for his ad carry (ashe). So, in this case, I find it necessary to take lots of armour to tank the damage that those nasty enemy ad carry's dish out. Hence the armour seals and quints. Now, in my experience, AP carry's tend to deal more damage late game, so I build magic resist per level to deal with that. Flat magic resist should not be necessary as their support will not deal a whole load of magic damage, and unless your mid is a total moron who doesn't call mias, you won't see the enemy mid either (until mid game). Plus, as long as you remember to ward, you shouldn't have any worries for any ap jungler. For marks, I just went flat damage as this encourages them to focus you (who can heal easily) rather than your adc (who can't early game). If this isn't to your taste, cooldown reduction runes can be as viable as it lets you Q and R more.

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For items, I like to start off with HP per 5 and a health pot rather than your average support (who buys wards). This lets me rush the philosopher's faster. Philosopher's is a no brainer as it gives money per 5 along with health and mana regen, allowing Warwick to tank more damage and heal faster (he is pretty mana hungry early game). I recommend going back when you can afford buying the Philosopher's, plus basic boots and a couple of wards (vision wards if your jungler is finding it hard to gank). After this, buy a heart of gold (more money per 5 and health for more tankiness)and a recurve bow. Then buy situational boots such as Merc Treads if the have lots of cc, Beserker's greaves for damage, or boots of mobility to gank tonnes or farm lots. Finish the recurve bow into wit's end or Madred's bloodrazor. I prefer Wit's end as it combines tankiness with damage for a low cost. Bloodrazor is good, but It costs a LOT more which hampers your build progression. Then I build sunfire cape. Sunfire cape is a great item as it combines health and armour in a single item which lets you towerdive for 10 years and come out alive on the other side. It also has a great magic damage passive which compliments wit's end and his passive and it has a low cost when compared to items such as Frozen Mallet or Warmog's Armour. However, the aforementioned Warmogs and Frozen Mallet are good replacements (I tend towards Frozen Mallet for the slows, but if you have an Ashe with you (which this build is designed for), slows aren't necessary). Then I like to finish Shurelya's Reverie as it gives nice cooldown reduction for Warwick's ultimate, and it has a nice speed boost built in (not to mention the health and mana regen). Randuin's gives more cooldown reduction, plus massive armour boosts and more health regen(so you can towerdive for 20 years rather than 10) and an active slow (just in case your ashe isn't there) and a neat passive that means if the enemy adc tries to kite you, he might be slowed. It's a REALLY nice anti- ad carry item. But, if the enemy AP carry is owning, Force of nature functions in the same manner against them (sort of) (and if you get FON you can't towerdive for 20 years :( ). I like to finish the build on a guardian angel, which gives an all round tankiness boost plus the passive means you can ult into the middle of the enemy team and survive. But, if you don't like Guardian angel, Warmog's sort of replaces it as long as you have enough armour and magic resist (which you should from the other items)