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Lulu Build Guide by Demlish

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By Demlish | Updated on April 9, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Demlish and this will be my first guide on Mobafire on a champion i truly love. I play Lulu as she was meant to be... as a support and this guide will show you how i build her and why.
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-Amazing shielding
-Very versitile
-Strong early harass
-Can turn people into critters
-Fun to play

-No heals outside of ulti
-Mana hungry early
-Pretty squishy until you get some items
-Misclicking a spell could kill you or a teammate
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Summoner Spells

I have chosen Clairvoyance(CV) and Heal as my two summoner spells. These two are very good and standard choices for supports. I picked CV for the obvious reason, so that i can scout their jungler or look into bushes for ganks. As for heal i see this as a need for Lulu since the only kind of heal she has is her ult. If you don't want to use CV or Heal then other viable options you could get are...
-Flash: Flash is very helpful in hasty escapes, but as a Lulu you have so many that i don't find Flash as viable as having a heal
-Clarity: Clarity is an okay SS. I see this being extremely helpful early game it helps you stay in lane more, but Lulu has less mana problems mid to late game.
-Teleport: Teleport is very useful in the fact that you can jump to any teamfight to support. I don't get it only because i start with boots of mobility and if im not already in the team fight i'm either dead or assisting another teammate
-Exhaust: Last but not least i have exhaust as a option. Exhaust is a great supporty thing to have when laning with your carry because it allows them to get ignite or get those few extra hits they need without wasting their SS's. Exhaust does take some coordination with your carry but timed right can be amazing.

The rest of the Summoner spells i dont find too useful for support Lulu, but if you have a suggestion feel free to drop a comment as to why
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Early game
As you can see above i start with Faerie Charm(FC), 2 Health pots, 2 Mana pots, and a Ward. Another great start is FC, 3 HP, 1 Mana pot, and 2 Wards. It really depends on your lane partner and team comp. From here i progress into getting my Boots of Speed and Gold per 5 items

Mid Game
By now you should have a feel to how you lane is going. If you keep dying because of heavy cc either your not using Whimsy squirrels enough or they are both very coordinated. If the second option applies to your case then rush merc treads now instead of later. If your winning your lane grab some boots of Mobi and move fast to help other lanes. After your T2 boots are done get your Ageis and then Frozen Heart The order doesnt matter. If your being focused down the most then Frozen Heart should probably come first. If your carries are getting killed first then follow the build and get Aegis.

Late Game
Now is the time your finish you Shurelya's and your Solari After those comes the biggest choice. As you can see above there is no last item. This is where you guys use your brains and decide based on the enemy team which item you want. A few of the things i will do are as follows.
Heavy AP - With a team very high in the AP department you can either go for Banshee's Veil so that you have more survivability or an Abyssal Sceptar so that your have survivability and help your AP's out
Heavy AD - Against a heavy AD team you have two of my favoritte choices you can either get a Randuin's Omen to help your team against them and give you some more health. Or you can go with the classic Thornmail. Thornmail is very good if you get focused by AD's with a very high Attack Speed because all of their dmg is right back in their face.

If you guys have any suggestions im always up to hearing them
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Support CS

I figured i may as well make a section on this because it is something i see far too much. Farming as a support is a dont. Let your Carries get all the CS because if they get their items faster his dmg will go up faster than your supporty items will help you support.
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The runes i take are farily simple and to the point.

-For marks i take Magic Resist because it helps you greatly in the Early game and even into late game. Less dmg = more susatin, more sustain = Win

-For Seal i take Armor for the exact same reason as Magic Resist... just against the AD

-For Glyphs i take Flat mp5 because Lulu can be very mana hungry early game so the mp5 helps to offset it.

-For Quints i take the so popular Flat Health. More Health = more dmg you can take.. = win
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I feel that my build is extremely successful in all situations so give it a try and don't forget to leave me feedback for my next Guide here on Mobafire as i want to try and make more. All tips are helpful good or bad and i will take into consideration. Thanks for reading this far... Now go turn those Champions into Squirrels
League of Legends Build Guide Author Demlish
Demlish Lulu Guide

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