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League of Legends Build Guide Author lordgojira

SUPPORTS -By lordgojira

lordgojira Last updated on December 8, 2012
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-Summoner Spells-

For summoner spells below i show what spells i use for each supports

Clairvoyance works well with any supports for view for enemy jungler and clearing bushes

Flash, works great on any champ and is needed for supports because you are squishyer then other champs early game but when u build your items it becommes a bit useless cause u become more tanky, i take it early game for gank resistance

Heal is a great spell kinda for the same reason above for early survivibility i know my english sucks but also to heal your teamates

Exhaust is a great spell bot lane to assure a kill and to stop a ganker from doing damage or ad carry overall a great spell for any champion and to assure a kill

And thats all for the spells

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I buy 3 gp5 items so u have alote of cash for wards and later on i buy supports items and sell kages lucky pick for a slot or for zekes herald and continue on upgrading my gp5 items and buying wards and oracles and roaming with my team and also stay around minions and teamfights to gain exp to stay same level as teamates

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End Chapter

This is my first mobafire build i am open for tips and help on making my builds or writing my guide better i hope this build works well for u guys +1 if u like it and leave a comment.


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