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Kayle Build Guide by Palancar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Palancar

Surprise! I can do damage!

Palancar Last updated on October 21, 2011
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I had a couple games where I was just having fun as Kayle and when i killed a Shaco, Katarina, and Ashe without dying I figured this build had to be as least somewhat good. This build is not meant for ranked games as it is decently expensive, but for the average game you can farm a ton and finish it. Try it out and please comment on it.

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- I run magic penetration marks and one magic penetration quintessence because ALL of Kayle's abilities (ult excluded due to its inability to cause direct damage) use ap.
- I use mana regen/5 sec/level seals because of Kayle's early game mana usage.
- And lastly I use ap/level quintessences and glyphs because it really helps late game.

- The magic penetration quintessence can be switched with an ap/level quintessence if you so choose.
- If you choose not to use the mana regen/5 sec/level seals than you should substitute them for attack speed seals in order to hit with your e more often.

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My masteries are all based on the fact that I hate being squishy. I go 9/21 to get the cooldown reduction and magic penetration from the offense tree, and on the defense tree I wanted to be less squishy as well as the fact that I wanted the bonus 4% attack speed and ability power from Ardor.

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Start with a doran's ring and do not go back to base unless you have enough gold for your boots. If you have to go back before your boots buy a dagger first then the boots of speed second. After you have obtained your boots Go back when you have enough gold for a blasting wand. If you don't have enough gold by level 8 then you haven't been farming enough. Around level 10 you should have finished off quinsoo's rageblade and started working on your Will of the Ancients or your hextech gunblade(whichever one u want first, I base it off of the opponents I am fighting. If they are doing more damage than I can heal(which is most likely) I rush the Will of the Ancients and then grab a vampiric scepter before the hextech revolver. The order in which you buy the Will of the Ancients or Hextech Gunblade isn't of great concern. It is your call. Now you should have a few kills and about 100 minion kills. Get Rabadon's Deathcap as fast as you can. You late game depends on it heavily. After you get your Rabadon's Deathcap then you need to decide if your opponents are doing too much damage to you. If they are then get either a guardian angel or a banshee's veil. If your successfully staying behind your tank and not getting focused then get a B.F. Sword and turn it into a bloodthirster for the extra damage and lifesteal. With this you should be able to solo kill 2-3 champions.

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Skill Sequence

The order in which you get your skills is stated above. What I am going to tell you is how to fight. If your starting a fight and say its against a Xin Zhao. DO NOT PANIC! That is the most important thing. With all of your spell vamp and lifesteal just use Reckoning on him and then cast an ult and a heal on yourself. Also, use your Righteous Fury as soon as the fight starts. If Xin Zhao isn't dead by the time your Righteous Fury ends then just use Reckoning again. That should end him. BE SURE TO USE YOUR HEXTECH GUNBLADE'S ACTIVE DURING THE FIGHT! and remember to use your Reckoning whenever and as often as you can.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is for those tough enemies that do way too much damage in close quarters. The lowered damage done by that will allow you to kill them easier.
Ignite is for those ******* lifesteal Master Yi type characters. It works great with exhaust and
the true damage from it makes it easier to get kills in general. Best if used when you realize they have insane lifesteal or when they are running from you and they are at low health.