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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Trundle Build Guide by DuffTime

Sustained Jungle Troll

Sustained Jungle Troll

Updated on August 17, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime Build Guide By DuffTime 101 17 518,522 Views 136 Comments
101 17 518,522 Views 136 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime Trundle Build Guide By DuffTime Updated on August 17, 2012
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Trundle
  • LoL Champion: Trundle
  • LoL Champion: Trundle
  • LoL Champion: Trundle
  • LoL Champion: Trundle


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Welcome to Duff's sustained jungle with Trundle!

Like my official Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter for future updates! Don't be shy!

Twitter; @RealDufftime


This guide will provide a build, runes, and mastery's, designed to maximize both your jungle efficiency, and also enable you to deal damage and gank as often as you please.

You will never have to base until you choose to. I'm not exaggerating when I say that, you can jungle and gank endlessly with this set up, and that's what makes it so powerful.

I often times accrue 2-3k before I base with this set up. Sometimes I base right when I can afford Wriggle's/Merc treads, but I never base before Wriggle's/basic boots. (About 1500 gold.)

That is an incredibly powerful function, to be able to jungle as long as you wish without basing right from level 1, and will give you a serious advantage in the jungle that most other jungler's simply cannot compete with.

The amount of map control your team will have right off the bat will prove to be devastating, and be quite difficult for your opponents to deal with.

In this guide, we will briefly discuss my method to a successful sustained jungle using Trundle, the Troll.
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I have released a troll build or two along the way.


Those builds were intended to be enjoyed as humor.

But rest assured, this guide and it's information contained are not the stuff of trolls... Well... He is a troll... But I'm not trolling you. :B

These builds, this guide, and this concept, are very real, and fully functional, I assure you.
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Mastery's. No Bull Spit.

Since the new mastery pages, it's hard to say what's best or what's better, but this is what works for me :)
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Runes. Duff, that looks real ugly.

Heh. I could do worse.

I've run the oddest combinations of runes before. The bottom line is, if it works, it works.

I spent a few hours one day with my comp's calculator and word pad, and the above listed runes are the final result.

Why 6 ATS and 3 Armor pen reds? Again, it came down to efficiency of runes, and the numbers I wanted more than anything else were attack speed and armor pen.

In the guide, we add a bit of AS into the build, to make better use of the lasting AD bonus off of his bite. The ArP is a bit higher than you need to jungle, but that helps with ganks while your opponents start to level up more and their armor values increase.

The armor helps with jungle and general tankiness.

MR per level is a great option. I play a very tanky Trundle, because he -must- put himself in danger to put your opponents in danger as well.

Also I find that Trundle makes a nice soak, and you actually want a cooldown or two to be blown on you.

For this reason, I like this balance of early, mid, and late game, and the balance of jungle and ganking runes. It works marvels for the sustained jungle as well as for fighting later.
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Items built.

I've listed a few sample builds here, but realistically you need to be building differently according to every game.

That's why I listed five different builds, and a few with items you'd obviously not use in every game.

As a general rule of thumb:

Only buy Trinity Force if you're snowballing and your opponents don't deal enough damage to be scary.

Frozen Mallet is arguably Trundle's best item. It's tied with Trinity Force in my book. As much as I love biting people's neck with Q and having that Trinity Force proc activate, you have to think realistically. If your team's even half competent, Frozen Mallet usually results in more kills, and better teamfights than Trinity Force.

Sad but true.

The reason for this is because there's not enough gold in the jungle to get strong enough defensively early on if you rush Trinity. In some games you can build the Phage/Chain mail/Negatron, and then finish off Trinity, and sorta cheat like that, but you'll have to be the Judge~

Resistances are a must. My builds on Trundle vary widely, I'll build Trundle somewhere between Tanky-DPS, Off-Tank, and Full Tank. He can do all three roles if he must, but I find he is more effective as either a tanky DPS or a sturdy Off-Tank.

For God's sake, do not build him as a full AD carry. I will find you and do bad things to you.
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Duff, what's your jungle route?

Hate to say this, but I don't have one.

I'm a reactionary jungler. I don't go into any game planning to get "X" creep camps and then gank at "X" time.

The reality is, you may want to invade jungle with Trundle, because he can do that very well.

You may need to take mid, and you may find by the time mid gets back that you have smite, full hp, and extra EXP, and get an early red buff and decide it's time to gank instead of basing. Or time to clear your entire jungle again. (Trundle passive can do that if you cover a lane at the right time.)

You may just AFK jungle farm for 20 minutes because all lanes are pushed and there's nothing to gank. - Since you can do this without even basing... Why not?

You may invade jungle hard and try to kill their jungler, because all lanes are pushed and there's nothing to gank.

You may go crazy, tower dive and feed blue buff to Anivia, and be forced to gank mid constantly to avoid losing your mid tower for your mistake. - Yes, everyone makes stupid mistakes and you'll need to evaluate your plays as you make them. Feeding blue buff to an AP carry is probably the worst mistake you can make. Red buff to a solo top is also -incredibly- devastating in most games. Be careful NOT to die and feed those buffs to those champions, you will GREATLY hurt your team, not help them.

The jungle is free form, and as such, it can (And I believe should) be played accordingly. But to do so takes experience and tact.

All being said, I can offer you a rough draft version... I get blue early, (First, if I don't steal wraiths.) and then do wolves -> my wraiths -> Golems -> Red.

Keep in mind, I truly don't follow that pattern in most games, because I gank rather frequently. I don't waste time on my ganks, however. Generally I use my pillar, make them flash, and forget about them. It's enough to give my team summoner skill advantage, and allow my team mate a few minutes of lane control. I then leave the lane and don't usually come back for a while.

In this way, a simple "E" can be an effective way to change the outcome of the laning phase, and it doesn't take long to do it at all. You literally just walk up and pillar behind them, and most players will flash. When they flash, just go back to jungling, don't go crazy and dive like a moron unless it's a sure kill and a sure get away.

Pardon my ramble, but ganks are as much a part of my route as the neutral creeps are, so I feel the need to explain a bit.
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Trundle ult application in tight jungle situations.

Don't forget! Trundle can ult dragon and Baron! :)

If you're getting low HP, ulting dragon will boost your HP back a bit. If you're just about to die, an ultimate COULD be the difference between life and death. Just a random tidbit.

I've used Trundle ult on things to survive the last tick or two of ignites before.
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Pro's/Con's of sustained jungle Trundle.


-Able to gank constantly due to high HP.

-Endless jungle capability.

-Freedom to base when you WANT to instead of when you HAVE to, even during the very early stages of the game.

-Good at invasion of enemy jungle.

-Due to the above points, you generally out level, and outfarm your opponents junglers, and gank more often to boot.

-More flexible in terms of gear than most melee champions, allowing him to fit into more team comps.

-A great mix of steroids, debuffs, and disables, providing a very substantial, albeit subtle impact on a teamfight.


-No 9 in utility means less blue and red buff. You'll have to learn not to spam all your skills on Neutrals as you jungle, and limit yourself to Q.

-Requires practice to adjust to the endless jungle play-style, and a player who knows when he should base for gear. It can be tempting to just stay out forever. (I would know. I've made my first trip to town with 3k more than once using this set up.) Sometimes you want to stay out for a long time, and other times you don't. You'll need to get a feel for when to base.

-Trundle is a great champion, but can be situational in regards to team comp. If he fits the comp well, he's amazing. If he doesn't, he's average-ish.

-Requires a realistic, and team oriented mentality. It can be tempting to buy Trinity Force every game, but DON'T DO IT! Lots of games, Frozen Mallet and resistances is what you really need. Other games, Trinity Force is a good match. Also, you will need to learn when to build what, and this is something that is not easily explained, and will depend on both your team, and the opponent's team.
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Is this really something new, Duff..?

Actually, yes. Yes it is.

There is currently nothing quite like this in use to my knowledge.

Certainly not on Mobafire, so I felt I would share my creation with you, my little Trolls.

I'm not the only one to use vamp scepter on Trundle, but my rune page and mastery's were created and drawn up by myself. That good 'ole DuffTime ingenuity ;)

No other build will allow you complete each camp with so much survivability. I've killed Blue golem without smite and with no pull on several occasion, because I invaded jungle. Their Wraiths -> Wolves -> Blue worked for me, but you should only do this kind of thing if you're a confident jungler. Stealing wraiths is not worth dying in the jungle if you can't pull it off.
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PVP application of Trundle ult.

ALWAYS... ULT... THE TANK! (Or tanky DPS.)


This turns you into a tank for free and turns a well farmed tank into a potentially vulnerable target.

There are two basic methods to effectively use this skill:

1; Steal defense to keep yourself alive

2; Steal defense to cause someone else to die.

Either method is equally effective, and if you can kill two birds with one stone and do both at the same time, it's obviously not a bad thing.

Don't go crazy!

I generally ult the tank, pillar between him and his team, and beat him to death. with his resistances and health dropping, and my team beating on him, even tanks tend to go down pretty easy.

This is essentially why Trundle is a good counter to Singed and Cho Gath. Being super tanky doesn't help as much when Trundle's around. ;)
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Have questions? Don't agree?

Please find me on Facebook/Twitter if you have any questions and contact me there, as I will not be updating these guides any longer or checking in to answer questions!

Sorry for the inconveniance, look forward to seeing your questions on Facebook and Twitter! =]

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Have fun with your sustained Trundle!

Keep in mind that until your masteries and runes look like these, you are -not- running DuffTime's sustained Trundle build. You are running your own interpretation of DuffTime's sustained Trundle build.

This is a huge part of the secret to my success with Trundle, and now the secret is out in the open.

I do hope you'll let me know how it works for you, IF YOU USED THE ABOVE LISTED RUNES/MASTERIES!!!

Cheers, and adieu, mademoiselle.
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