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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MakinHerSquirtle

Swain - Crows of Death

MakinHerSquirtle Last updated on January 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Swain is a great champion that isn't always seen very much by all players. For those who are still ignorant of him, he is a mage whose abilities generally focus on damage over time, making him an interesting champ to work with. Because of this, there will be a lot of instances where other players will take the kill after you work them low, but played right he can carry your team to victory.

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Pros / Cons


Has a good stun.
Plenty of DOT.
Great Ultimate that deals massive damage when used correctly (and can heal you!)
Strong abilities that aren't super complicated.
Turns into a GIGANTIC RAVEN.

Very squishy early game.
Doesn't have a great escape mechanism.
Normally targeted during team fights.

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Runes are pretty self-explanatory. If you prefer a different rune build, that's fine, just make it complement an AP spellcaster.

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This item build isn't set in stone every game, but is a recommended list to use. Depending on what the other team looks like, you may want to buy different items at different times, or different items all together. If it is tanky and will build Magic Res., go with an Abyssal Scepter. If you are feeling very comfortable go ahead and take Mejai's, it just all depends on the oppenents. But more than likely, this build will fit your needs pretty well.

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Early Game

Try to start off mid, as it helps you get money and Swain can work well mid. Buy your Meki and 2 health potions and go ahead and level up your first ability, Decrepify. Head to your lane and last hit creeps while harassing (in a smart way!) the enemy. Your bird has a good range and you can leave it after you make it attack which is great.

Keep last hitting and level up in your abilities in the order above and keep harassing. If you are taking control of the lane (which you should be) just keep spamming your raven, and if possible use your ability Torment first, because enemies will take more damage from the crow!

If you need to, go back and purchase your Tear of Goddess and get some boots and more health pots.

At level 6 you should be ready for the kill. Your sequence will be W-E-Q-R. After you pop your ultimate they will either be about dead or ready to run. Place your stun behind them so they run into it, and then Ignite if needed. Ignite is great cause it just adds to your other damage over time. If all went right, you should hopefull have your first kill of many.

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Mid Game

Go back and buy some more items. If the game is looking good on your end, go ahead with Mejai's, but if you don't think you can build stacks, proceed with the rest of the build.

If your teammates need it, help them gank in their own lanes and then return to your own to crush the self confidence of their wanna-be mid laner. Your sequence remains the same now, Ghosting whenever you need to escape or kill, and Igniting when feeling the emeny trying to flee. Help out the other lanes with ganks to gain some more stacks if you decided to get Mejai's, and continue to dominate your own lane and take the turret.

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Late Game.

Go ahead and grab the Golem buff if it's there, because really why not? If all is going well you should close to all three staffs and what ever last item you decide to go with and a lot of stacks if you decided to go Mejai's. NOTE: Just because your ultimate regens health does NOT mean you are a tank now. SO many times Swain's run into like 4 people and think, "Oh, I got this", and proceed to die. You are still very squishy and should not rush blindly into the fight.

Also, many times you will back out of a fight because of low health, and an enemy will follow you thinking they have a free kill. LET THEM CHASE YOU. You cna normally at least 1v1 if you have the mana to support your ultimate. It is a great way to get a kill you never planned on.