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Build Guide by Baby_man

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Baby_man

Swain- Lets just morph and eat them

Baby_man Last updated on October 9, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone. this is a Swain build for the people that are new to him because in all reality he is a little bit of a tough person to get a hang of. This build gives you some nice survivability which will help you in the long run.

I have noticed that other swain builds are extremely reliant on other people taking hits for them and standing back out of fights. This is not the point of Swain. He is MEANT to be up in the middle of a fight. So no survivability and pure nuke on him does not turn out well. Sure you may have "good" stats on the bored after the game but in all reality you are usually KSing people, or going against people that dont know how to stop a nuker(its real easy to stop Swain nuker because they have extremely low survivability).

I would suggest that the people who try a nuker build on Swain to get RYLIAS CRYSTAL SCEPTER of ROD OF AGES fast to help you survive longer.

If you are Swain being mid is a good idea.

Strong harass
Extremely powerful ultimate early game
Hard to kill with this build
Can get and serve up kills easily
Nearly impossible to kill 1 v 1 (just remember this is a team game)

People will focus you first
If you get behind than you will mainly be a support mage
Still pretty squishy
Weak endgame if everyone else catches up with you
Can not keep ultimate up as long as builds with rod of ages and Archanglels Staff

Summoner Spells

Clarity: This spell is EXTREMELY useful for swain. You can use it to bait people in that think you are oom and useless AND you can use it to keep your ultimate up for a longer time. In all reality I think swains without clarity havent figured out its usefulness with him, but that is just me.

Ignite: This ability stacks well with your torment and decrepify. It will help you get the kills on those people that always try to run.

Early Game:

(lvl 1-5)
In early game Swain starts as an ok harass. People that end up sitting at their turrets most of the time will not stop you. I feel like that is the main function of the delay on nevermore. You can put it and get away before the turret unleashes hell on you. You must be careful because he is extremely squishy and his escape abilities have pretty hefty cool downs.
(lvl 6-8)
When you hit 6 and get your ultimate this is when **** hits the fan for your opponents. You are not ANYWHERE near invincible with this but you can live through incredible situations. Always make sure when you fight people you are laning against(or anyone else for that matter) use Torment on them and try to lock them in place. If you do this succesfully pop your ultimate and ruin their day.

Mid Game:

(lvl 8-11)
This is when you should be working on zhonyas. At this point you should be able to get a good amount of health from your ultiamte. You still do not do a ton of damage so choose your fights carefully and make sure you have back up with you.
(lvl 11-15)
You should have zhonyas by this time. At this point the other team will be focusing you to try and stop your rampage. If things are going bad make sure your ultiamte is on and use zhonyas effect. This will give you 2 seconds of free healing and damaging to the other team. This has saved my life many many times in battle.

Late Game:

At this point you should either be fed or on the same level with other people in the game. The problem with this build is you are not a super nuker. You can survive longer than other swain builds, but you will not take 1k health in less than a second. You must be aware of this especially since your opponents will be reaching end game too(if you arent dominating). People will be able to take you out if they focus fire you and use everything they can to take you down.


They are like this to help you do a little bit more damage.


Since Swain's abilities do not have that great of AP ratios getting magic penn is always a good thing to do.

The health will help you live just a little bit longer.


Ruby Crystal-

grabbing this item will give you the needed survivability for swain in the beginning of the match. you dont need to get any mana regen since his passive and the fact that you have clarity will take care of that. Getting anything that gives you AP at the start is a terrible mistake since it doesnt really do anything for you.

Sorcerer Shoes-

These will help you chase/get away and do more damage.

Hextech Revolver-

You will get a little bit of AP and some much needed spell vamp for your ultimate. The more you health with your ultimate the longer you can stay in a fight.

Spirit Visage-

upgrade your Crystal Ruby into a Spirit Visage. This item gives you some survivability, cool down reduction(which is nice when you want to save a bit of mana by spamming your ulti), and increases healing done to you by up to 20%. This item has all the stuff you need to live through some crazy fights.

Zhonya's Ring-

This item inceases your ability power by a hefty amount. It also give you an amazing survivability tool. When you have your ultimate on if you are about to die you can use the unique effect to make yourself invincible. While this is happeneing you will still damage and receive heals from your ravens.

Will of the Ancients-

upgrade your revolver into this item. It will increase your ability power by a good amount and give you some more Spell Vamp.

Rylias Crystal Scepter-

At this point in the game you need more health. With the boost to AP that you receive and the health you cant go wrong with this item. it also has an added benefit of a slow which will keep people from running away from you all the time.

Rod of Ages-

Usually this is an item you get at the start of a game, but with Swain I wouldn't suggest that because it takes a long time to build and it leaves you weak for a considerable amount of time.

Archangels Staff-

this item should be the last thing you get. Replace Spirit Visage with it. Games usually do not last long enough for you to get this item but if it does this item will let you keep your ultimate up for much longer and increase your damage output.

Like I said this guide is for beginners. The damage output for this build is not as much as other builds, but it will keep you alive.

I may come out with another guide for Swain at some point but it will be some time.

Tell me what ya think! :D