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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arthias

Swain, Lets Just Morph And Eat Them

Arthias Last updated on November 14, 2010
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Hi, I am Arthias and this is my first champion guide.

The purpose of this guide is to show you how I play Swain effectively.

What most players don't realise is that Swain was created as a Mage/Tank. Using this build Swain has been called "OP" and "Broken" and from what i've seen I am the only one who plays him like this. This build is based on the assumption that you know how his skills work.

I play Swain as a Solo Mid champion.
Depending on who you're up against you should be able to slowly whittle down your opponents HP.
Try not to get it too low so that they go back to base.
At level 3 you should be able to kill them if you harrassed enough using your Laser Bird/Nevermove/Torment combined with Ignite, you should have sufficent damage to keep on killing your lane.
Come level 6 it becomes even easier then just gank as you see fit and start stacking up the kills.
Then just rinse and repeat until the end of the game, taking into account team fights and what not.

Summoner Spells.

Clarity and Ignite

Ignite - An extra DoT/Healing Reduction.

Clarity - Clarity has one purpose; mana. Why? Clarity is there to replenish your Mana for when your Ravenous Flock is about to run out. This is vital to Swain due to the fact that if you play like me then you'll be throwing yourself in the middle of the fight, and you don't want this to run out during a fight EVER. There have been COUNTLESS times where Clarity has saved my *** from near whole teams chasing because ive had enough mana to keep leeching hp.


Mana Crystal & Health Potions x2 - As you wont need Clarity for your ultimate at the start it is a good idea to start off with more mana and get the most out of it. The two health potions are self explainitory.

Tear of the Goddess - This item is a great starter item for Swain as it builds up mana early for his Ultimate. Turn this into an Archangels Staff after making your Spirit Visage.

Sorcerer Boots - Spell Penetration is ALWAYS good.

Spirit Visage - Now this is where you might be going... why would I want this? Well. The main reason you will want this is the 20% extra healing. This applies to your Ravenous Flock birds. This item has enabled me to solo 3 champions at once. The HP, Cooldown Reduction and Magic Resistances are just the icing on the cake. Although im not sure if the 20% adds to his passive which is a regeneration effect, so technically it should.

Archangels/Rylais/Zhonyas - Ability Power Mana/Slow/Invulnerability.

Banshee's Veil - Stuns and Silences prevent Swain from toggling his Ultimate, so it drains alot of mana at a very fast pace if it's stuck on, so the Banshee's can be a life and mana saver. If put up against a CC (crowd control(stuns and snares)) heavy team then get your Banshees either before or after you finish crafting the Archangels.

Why don't I take Mejai's Soulstealer? Because I don't need it. At level 18 and with all of your items you will have sufficent Ability Power to kill your enemies.

NOTE: I've played over 50 games as Swain and they've never lasted long enough to get all of the items listed.

Please comment/give feedback. Like I said, this is my first champion guide on my favourite champion.