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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingDevil666

Swain The master tank Mage 2 Updated.

KingDevil666 Last updated on January 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my Second build for "Swain" I've discovered some mistakes in the previous Build, so here i am, created another one, Just comment and rate, just placed some builds i use here. Tell me if you like it, So i can Extend the Build and add more text to it.

I suggest you to start with this.

Doran's Ring And health pot as start.
Then after a while you buy Ruby Crystal ( If it's possible. Cathalist The protector")
Then buy Normal shoes and Amplifying Tone. ( If you have more, try to get Blasting Wend too.)
After that go for Gaint belt. And Then buy Blasting Wend again.
Then buy Rod of ages Or Rylai's If you didn't did that before.
Then buy the Ionian Boots of Lucidity.
Now i was thinking about selecting Zhonya's Hourglass or Deathfire Grasp.
Now i selected Deathfire Grasp because it has Abilty Power+ Cooldown+ Mana Regen.
And Zhonya's Has only Armour + Abilty Power.
Now Deathfire Grasp has also a Enemy Champion debuff, Just like Rylai's.
So then try to buy Deathfire Grasp. And after that Archangel Staff. Since it gives you alot of Mana+ Abilty Power+ 4% Of your mana get's abilty power, And LOTS of mana regeneration, So your never out of mana. And then try to buy the deathcap.

While you do that, you need to intimidate the player(s) In the line, You can perfectly do this by using Firebird, Then Nevermore, Then you use Torment. And if you got Ignite ready, You should use that one too if hes around 1/4 HP, then chase him, if you do got the ulti, Then use your utli if your walking next to him, because then you will still damage him, if you got nevermore ready, use Nevermore to stop him from running, and then again use your skills.

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I Picked those runes, Flap ABP at MARK And Quintess because we want to kill early in game already and Get strong really quick. After lvl 6 you should have like. 50 Or higher ABP, At LVL 1 I suggest you to buy Doran's Rings first, and Health pot. Then you should have 40 ABP Already. Cooldown reduction is kinda normal, We want to get quick our skills ready, so we can continue in the fight.. Cooldown is really usefull late-game if you follow the guide you should have around 38% Cooldown, Really great since Nevermore is 10 Seconds. Your cooldown will be 6.5 Seconds. Great for Combo's Fights, Cooldown+Abilty Power+ Health+Mana Regen, Should make it perfect for Swain.

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Normal Mage based Masteries, Most people select The Buff 30% Longer, but if you follow this build you don't need any Mana. 10% Less death, if you die.
And Cooldown reduction 9% Really normal. 15% Magic penetration since you don't got those shoes anymore..

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I Selected these items because it gives you great mana regeneration, Health, Cooldown. Abilty power. It really makes swain a top in Solo, Or 1vs2, If you play it correct. The best way to play is using
Q>W>E, You should be able to predict his walking line, then you shoot it with nevermore, but afcourse first get infront of him near him, so the bird will shoot as long as possible. The build is based on MP, MP regen, Health, Some Debuffs at the champions+ Abp afcourse. Cooldown is one of my favourite late game. Makes you able to ( If you got this build completly) To use your Ulti full time in battle+ Your Skills without having Mana problems, And due the fact it has enough ABP Your ulti does a nice Damage output too, And you get enough HP recovery from it.

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Skill Sequence

I always like to start with nevermore, to get out of battles, to help my team mates prevent dieng. And I usually play 3vs3, So if they're with the 3 of them in the bushes, and they jump on me, i use nevermore and run away, if trouble i use flash.
You can greatly Ambush your Enemy Champions if you want without they will ever know it, If you see a Enemy Champion running after a friendly Champion ( Friendly one has around 20 HP) And the Enempy has around 200 HP, you use Exactly Nevermore on the time that hes running next to the tower to chase your Friendly champion to kill him, you attack him with The full combo, W>E>Q>D(Ignite) He cannot attack you since then the tower will help you. This Brought me back to over 20 kills easly, I've saw it alot of times champions think they have enough health and they chase your Team, walking next to a tower.. Really a great option for that..
Torment, my Favourite skill, Makes alot of damage, and i try to skill it as high as i can as fast as possible. Combined with cooldown reducion+ Enough health Makes it a great Damage dealer+ Tank Mage.