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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aimbot XD

Swift Carry

Aimbot XD Last updated on March 29, 2011
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Hi my name is Aimbot XD. I have been playing LoL for about 1 year now. I am very advanced and I have common sense and knowledge about my past and future. I know my surroundings very well and key coordination is accurate. The guide you are about to see requires AIMBOT XD's fatal requirements to play kayle


1. Show no fear - Although you are squishy, show no fear, let them run away, if you run away like a chicken, they will feed off you. Only run in you know your going to die. If you have team coordination, then you will know that you can run back. Ill tell you more about this and when to run in again later in the guide.

2. Camera Lock off - This is a huge requirement. If you do not know how to play camera lock off, then you must practice. You must know where your enemy is and you must have map control. You can say that you can do that with camera lock off. But to maximize efficiently on your ultimate and your right click movement coordination that you must play it off.

3. Common Sense - Seriously, you need to focus. If your not trying then why try to find builds. You need to focus on your enemy, your play style, terrain. Know when to enter battle. Should I turret dive or no? Should I gank bottom or is it to late? Should I go around or over?

4. Knowledge - You must have knowledge of this game. To maximize power and common sense you need to have knowledge. Know your enemy. What spells does he have? His cooldowns and if they are ready or not. Should I engage to a battle with him or not depending on spells.

5. Control - You must control the map. Without map control they will overpower you. Don't let that happen or you will lose for sure. Like number 1. Show no fear. Get control, get overpowered. If your gonna be a kayle carry then show no fear.

6. Anger-Management - Control yourself. Do not trash talk, annoy, or spam players. It reduces your focus. I promise you more trash talk will not maximize yourself. Control your self to cuss at your computer or type it in /all chat. Your mom will hear and she will Judgement you.

7. Focus - Simple. Focus, concentrate, you cannot eat, drink, or breathe. lol JK but still focus needs more focus.

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Pros / Cons

1. Crazy Damage
2. Carry
3. Funny when you win because everyone will cry cause they lost to kayle ownage.
4. Powerful
5. Epic
6. Awesome ultimate.
7. Heal
8. Range DPS
9. Can 1v1 Tryndamere OMG!

1. Squishy until late game.
2. No lifesteal
3. Pretty slow until you get Zeal.
4. Slow late game.
5. Require team work.
6. Bad Dancing and emotes.

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The reasons why I got Yellow and Quits as Attack speed is because the more you get the more you can hit with your E. E is your main ability and I will show you how to use it the best.
Ability power because you need some for beginning of the game. You are a Hybrid of AP and Attack Speed. This is true rape. Since your passive gives Ability power. Attack speed with your E is to epic. Strength reds because it also helps your E. I didn't choose speed because you start out with a Dagger anyways. For level 1 gank in 3v3 is really better trust me.

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Simple. Offense mastery for CD reduction. speed, and attack damage. No crit because this isn't a crit build. Ability power .60 is good for your passive. It gives about 1 per level. 18 at level 18.

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Start with Stinger. Buy the dagger and a Health potion. Follow the build sequence from there. Make sure on the items you buy the attack speed first. Like on Madreds buy the bow. Nashor buy Daggers.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - This is my personal favorite. You can escape literally so easy. Jump through terrain over walls and stuff like that better then ghost for sure. You have 380 speed at start to get some more last hits on champions you can flash to them.

Ignite - This is simply easy. Last hitting them. Good at late game cause it does Damage over time with your E. THIS IS A MUST on Mundo and Tryna and everyone else that can heal. You can 1v1 them and own them.

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Easy, press E and click the middle minion in the huge pack and bam bam bam!

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Team Work

If going for a gank with another player. Make sure if they people getting ganked attack you or your player make sure your ultimate is on them right when you get into combat. Full maximizing your ultimate. Dont wait till his bout to die trust me.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling sucks dont try on Kayle. You'll own the jungle itself.

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Comment and Vote

Comment and Vote please! I will love to hear your replies to this build!

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So if you havent heard Athene, #1 Starcraft player, #1 WoW PvP bracket 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5. CoC #1. Poker Star #1 and Super Elite first in the world is coming to play LoL now. His challenge is to get 1st in solo queue 5v5 bracket. That wont happen. I'm going to solo queue bracket from now on. If you seen me give me a shoutout.