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Syndra Build Guide by ErNanii

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ErNanii

Syndra - The Ultimate Late game Build

ErNanii Last updated on September 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi and welcome to my Syndra's Guide, Its my first atempt ever so sorry if I miss something.

So, I've started to play syndra as soon has she got released and my first impretion wasn't very good. It felt harder to play with than most of mid lane champions, and the dps didnt compensate that extra difficulty at all. But in the end it turned out to be a very fun to play champion, versatil and a pretty good assassin with impressive results.

When i play Syndra I aim for late game, and my goal is to make as much damage per spell as possible and survive whatever the enemy team throws at me. So my build will have a litle of everything as any other mid lane AP caster build.

I hope you guys find this helpful and help you to reach that victory you want so much. ^^

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Runes ( first things first)

I'm sure most of you guys who are reading this guide already have a standard AP Rune build, in wich u add as much Ap for early game as possible.


Greater mark of insight. Its mandatory

Greater seal of replenishment. For tht early mana regeneration you need so much.

Greater glyph of potency. More AP

Greater Quintessence of Potency. Also mandatory for AP caster.

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Same thing with masteries, use your standard AP boost masteries with 2 options, add resistences or utility. Because Im a dps and my goal is to obtain kills I prefer always use 9pts on Utility.
So i know Swiftnesshas been nerfed form +4% movement speed to +2%, but i still think it is wrth to spent 4 pts on that mastery because its always helpful some extra speed. Also those 216 mana points from Expanded Mind are very atracting specially if u are going to build Archangel's Staff.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence Farming
All u have to do is spam Qfollowed by Wand hit the max amount of minions. Allways save Eto stun and pull back who ever tries to take you down.

Skill Squence 1vs1
The idea is Spam Qand w and once ur target is slowed by W u cast a Qfollowed by a Eto stun him and release all of ur power to get the kill.

If what you want its ur ulti to deal the most dmg as possible its simple... Cast QGrab the sphere with W and HOLD it, once u can cast Qagain release W on the target cast another Qand Throw your ultiat him. Cast Eonly after the the ulti wich is when the enmy is surrounded by speheres and its easier for u to stun him with E.

Skill Squence in Team fight
Its pretty much the same as 1v1 because your goal on a team fight is focus one target, but the ideal is to help your team with the CC, if you have a good carry with you help him by casting all your CC skills on the enemy team to trap then, while dealing "tons of Damage".

I havent tried yet a building based on CD reduction but since syndra already has a low CD i think the only skill i would notice the difference is the E, wich could be casted more times.
I will dig on that to c if i can cast to the field more than 3 spheres at once and then cast the ultimate.

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GamePlay (Lets play some LoL)

Ok so I think its here where I show you what this guide is all about.
Buy a Doran Ringas first item. It will give you everything u will need in early game. Farm as much as you can and dont waste any oportunity to damage your oponent. After that, you will buy the 1st tier of boots, Boots of Speedand u will rush to buy Tear of the Goddess, so from now on its all about spam ur spells and gain mana tht u will need mid/late game.

Okay So now you've got yourr starting gear its time to go get some kills. Now depending of how good you have been doing or who you are facing against, you have two options:
-Grab some survability items as the Catalyst the Protector.
-Get the Blasting wandand buff ur Damage.
Now the most importante thing on LoL is the team play, and if you notice ur team mates arent doing well its your duty for the team go help them, and as a mid lane champion ITS YOUR DUTY HELP YOUR TEAM MATES everytime you can. Gank Top or Bot once in a while, dont let the jungler do all the work alone, you can suport the jungler aswell counter jungling with him, or just go gank one side while he goes gank other side. And in the act grab some kills and assists. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

So now you've got your Rod of Ages, and you want to stack more AP. In a normal match I would advice you to buy Mejai's Soulstealer, but not all matches have a good start and if your enemy team is making presure on you and dont let u farm and you need more damage, you should skip Mejai's and rush for Rabadon's Deathcap. Only then you give your team that damage boost you guys need so much.

So now you can make ur self some kills, its time then to buy a Mejai, try to work with your carry focus the same guy or aim to the most squishies and release all Syndra's power into them. Try to grab as much kills as u need so be wise when using ur ultimate.

In the late game Syndra has shown what she is capable of, her CC habilities and her very low CD habilities have given your team what they need to win a team fight. Its time to end it!
Ive played Syndra many matches and in most of them syndra can realease all her might without even get hit once, so i rarely buy survability items on mid/late game. So just add get the items u feel more confortable with but also gives the maximum Damage as possible, a good example is the Linch Banewich fits very nice on every low CD Skills champions. You wont try any other build after you try it.

As I said survivability items arent needed if you play on a balanced team in wich everyone does his job. If something is failing dont think like you need more survivability, by own experience, i think all DPSers must boost their DPS as much as possible, just because in this case the best chance to survive is dealing the MAXIMUM DAMAGE POSSIBLE. Yes you can buy Will of the Ancients if you feel more confortable, but if you are the focus wich im sure you will be when playing Syndra not all the Spell vamp from the game can save you, plus area spells means less spell vamp. So just talk to your carry and focus their DPS champions.

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Ive already said what are my choises and the ones i woudlnt take for any chance.
When i learn how to add images to this guide I will specify more this matter.

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Thanks for Read this Guide and I hope this build has helped you guys. Its the best way i know to play Syndra so far.
Remember in the end its all about TEAM WORK. So be sure to always adapt your choises to your team needs.

GL and HF summoners :)

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