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Humor Guide by Coprosmo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coprosmo


Coprosmo Last updated on January 22, 2014
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'Two friends of mine were practicing their mad skills in a 1v1 on summoners rift (Kennen vs Riven) when Kennen announced "Lets play tag!"'

This is a minigame set in the Crystal Scar as a 5v5. The guidelines are as follows;
5 people per team
To 'tag' someone you MUST hit them with a Skillshot
Slowing items such as frozen mallet and randuins omen are allowed
At 40 minutes the team currently tagging must surrender
On the team that is tagging only the person who was tagged is able to tag until someone else is tagged, the others on that team may only use CC abilities on the enemy team
Only champions with skillshots may play
Blind Pick
There are no autobans (except champions without skillshots (teemo, master yi))
Rammus Q is allowed
No one is allowed to Capture Points or Greater Relics
If game is 3v3 instead of 5v5 then game lasts for 25 minutes

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Spells that work well in this games mode are





(if anyone knows how to put the icons into this please comment :D)

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Pros / Cons

Types of champions that work well in this gamemode are:
Champions with a built in flash (Leblanc, Ahri, Ezreal) (Note: Shaco is not mentioned as he has no skillshot)
Champions with speed buffs (blitzcrank, evelynn)

Champions that arent too good in this gamemode are ones that:
Have no escape (Mordekaiser)
Champions that are generally very slow (heimerdinger, nautilus)


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