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Tahm Kench Build Guide by thriek

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thriek


thriek Last updated on September 12, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Tahm Kench with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Amumu Amumu's W will still damage Tahm even when swallowed, plus his damage is maximum health based.
Warwick Warwick's sustain makes him harder to kill than others in 1v1.
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Tahm, best jungler. Not even kidding.

Every time I pick Tahm jungle in Ranked, my team say the same things:

"OMG no troll"
"Surrender at 20 gg"
"Tahm is a supp though?"

Then they get to the post match screen and see that I dealt out about 300k damage.


The thing is, his ult passive deals so much damage, especially when combined with devourer and titanic hydra. Let's take late game for instance, if you use the build I've given here, Tahm will have almost 3000 bonus health (Plus his base health, putting him somewhere around 5000 total). His R passive is 20 + 8% of his bonus health on hit at max rank.

That's about 260 damage on hit.

...Wow. And when you add devourer... it's 520 on every second hit.

Wow. But wait, what if we add titanic hydra to that? 1% of 5000 is...

Another 50. Or 100 on second hit with devourer.

That's 310 damage on hit, and 620 on second hit with devourer... Oh, and he'll also have about 200 attack damage with this build, so that puts his basic attacks at...

510 damage, and 820 on every second hit. Plus you know... he has those stuns, his devour, a massive shield, and he is so DAMN TANKY!

Now you see why Tahm is so OVERPOWERED? He's so broken it's not funny. And with the extra attack speed from devourer, it's 3 smacks (One of them using titanic hydra's activation buff), q for stun, get in another couple of smacks, devour them to deal a THIRD OF THEIR MAXIMUM HP + 260, then if they're not dead yet, one more smack should do it.

In every match I play with him, I ALWAYS have the highest damage output, even more than the ADC and end up carrying the game. So yeah... he's pretty damn strong.

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But he does have flaws...

His most obvious flaw is his speed. He has one of the lowest base movement speeds in the game, so even with him being the leviathan that he is, it's no good if he can't catch anyone.

In early game you'll be relying on engaging with a tongue lash, slowing the enemy and hopefully getting those two other passive stacks on them before they flash away. Of course, the disadvantage here is that you lose that nice stun from your q in the fight.

His other flaw is that he has no escape moves without his flash, if Tahm enters a fight, he's probably in there until the end. That's why it's important to build him as a wrecking ball. The only exception is if you're on the outskirts of a team fight, and you swallow/save an ally for a movement speed buff temporarily.

Finally, his first jungle round isn't that good. Without him being able to devour the blue or red buffs, he takes a while to clear those particular camps, taking a fair amount of damage from them. If you get invaded and engaged by the enemy jungler just after taking your first blue or red, then it's pretty likely you'll die. I hate Shaco.

In order to remedy this, you'll need frozen mallet and trinity, combined these two should let Tahm stay on any champ they engage.

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How to play him

First off, grab your hunter's machete and two health potions. Start with devour, W.

Start on Gromp, this will be very quick. Smite, a few smacks while your lane ally helps you, then devour to kill it pretty quickly. Be careful that your ally isn't standing too close, your devour will target them first, even if you clicked the gromp and not them. Take a Q as your new ability.

Then we do the blue... this will take a long time for a jungler, and you'll lose half your health in the process. Keep the area behind blue warded, because you do not want to get ganked at this point. Swallow the little golems and spit them, spamming potions and your q until it's dead.

Then wolves, save the smite, which will be off CD now. Instead, give the big one a smack, devour it, and keep it in your belly while you focus on the little ones for about 4 hits. It's usually best in early game with the little camps to keep the large monster in your belly while you take out the smaller ones, to save you taking extra damage. Take an E after this one.

For the rest of the game, focus on maxing your W and R first. E is lowest priority, and should be the last one to get ranks after level 3. Only ever use your E if you are very low on health, or you see an ult incoming that would kill you (like Garen's ult. Your E shield counts as health, so his ult will do very little damage).

Now for the ganks. In early game, you'll usually have to use a blue smite and slow them, and if possible, land 3 hits before having to use your Q, so you can stun them. Then add a couple more hits, devour, and it's done.

Also, keep an eye on lanes. if an ally is about to die, try to be there to swoop in and eat them, carrying them away or to the nearest tower.

If you get invaded, assuming you're not low, always engage them. Don't use your devour! What you need to do is start hitting them with basic attacks, as soon as you build enough passive, q them for a stun. Then, if they still have over half hp, instead of using devour, keep hitting them until you get to use Q again. Of course, if you have a teammate on the way, or you yourself are low, then devour can be very useful for holding an enemy down.

In team fights, if there is another tank, let them engage. People vastly underestimate tahm's damage output, so you shouldn't get focused. Pick an enemy, and build stacks on them. then Q and W to take them out of the fight for about 4 seconds, that should give your team the advantage. Although, if one of your carries is about to die, it's usually better to eat them and carry them to safety.

Finally, how to use your ult. It's main power comes from it's passive, but I mainly use to jump around the jungle and farm quicker. It's other use is to come to an ally's aid and hopefully get there in time to eat them and save them, or to teleport ahead of a fleeing enemy. But my favourite use of ult, is to teleport the adc with me next to an unguarded inhibitor or nexus. That's fun.

Anyway, I hope you see now just how good tahm really is. Support for him is a waster, give Tahm jungle a try, you won't be disappointed!