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Udyr Build Guide by Nyareth

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nyareth

Tank and Gank a guide to Jungle Udyr

Nyareth Last updated on November 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First build on the site still getting used to the system i apologist for any of the spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes any suggestions or comments are appreciated.

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Lets start out with the basics of Jungling Udyr.

1: The first thing you need to know when jungling, GO FOR THE BLUE BUFF FIRST, this is a must it will give you more opportunity to switch stances more efficiently
2: Learning how to gank and then get out if you are not needed in the lane anymore is KEY
3: Items, well even though i gave my personal opinion on how to build Udyr if your opposing team, is very DPS oriented then thorn mail is very effective however you can substitute with Force of nature or another DPS item.
4: As ill state below, UDYR NO LIKE STUNS/SLOWS!!!
5: Phoenix a key ability even though most people say Tiger stance is first i believe that phoenix is just more damage and lets you jungle more efficiently
6: Lastly the reason why he has such a high learning curve, is because he can be built so many ways and there are so many diffrent things that you can do with him.

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Pros / Cons

Great Lane Damage
Great Early Game Survivability
Great at almost anything, soloing, jungling, ganking, tanking, DPSing
Slows and Stuns are your worst Enemy which is why Flash is a must have, and you can substitute the tabi boots with Mercury's Treads.
Relativity high learning curve when compared to most LoL champions.
The vast majority of his damage comes from Melee damage

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Skill usage

Ok now lets start with your rotation so to

1vs1 Fight rotation

Bear stance is your key utility
2:Then immediatly switch to tiger for the full 5 seconds since it will take at least 1 second to stun and for the global CD on tiger to take.
3:If you are situationaly aware of your opponents ability's and see them about to use a big damaging move, activate TURTLE ASAP amazing Defense for 1v1 and team battle s
4: If you feel its neccisary for more damage throw in a pheonix here and there but in my experience and in my opinion i dont belive that it is strictly neccisary for 1v1 fights
5: After that its pretty simple once you get the hang of Udyrs timing, just rinse and repeat till one of you is dead and hopfully it wont be you. Side note, make sure you STUN as OFTEN as possible.

Team Fight
    1: Learning how to focus fire, is a key concept in team fights, get the biggest threat most of the time your team mates will have an order of kill for team fights and either them or the support is who you stun first.
    2: Once that's taken care of activate Either Turtle if your tanking or phoenix if your the Off tank so to speak. then continue with the 1v1 fight rotation and it should work in your favor depending on team makups and team mates, we all have had that game or so were we just have Terrible team mates
    3: If you are the tank some times its effective to try and kite the opposing team if your team has a lot of ranged, if not just make sure your tank enough to take the majority of the hits.

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Udyr's items make him a very interesting champion, he can be built in SOOO many different ways and thus makes him undesirable for so many players, however the balance ive found is 1 part tank 1 part DPS. I know hats rather simple but, it works very well.

Sustainability: Early game wrigles lantern may be enough to keep you alive, if that is the case then you can drop thornmail and work on another dps item. However ive found that wriggles's is amazing it sometimes is not enough to keep you alive. And thus warmogs comes into the build, i personally love this item, if your in the jungle then the stacks increases tremendously and the amount of assists and kills from ganking will make the stakcs go up even higher. Now the reason why i opted mercy's Treds for the boots of the tabi, is the Dodge is amazing if your opposing team doesn't have many stuns

Damage: Ok Wriggles Lantern falls into both damage and sustainability, the damage and lifesteal it gives you early mid game jungling is amazing. Now for Atmas, the amount of health you will have at end game is insane if you follow this build which means Atmas damage will give you a great boost as well as the critical strike chance is never a bad thing to have, its almost an extra 90 damage after this build is complete. Finally on the damage potion of this build, Madred's Bloodrazer, This is a interesting item, with Udyr it is very synergistic with Tiger stance, given the massive attack speed it grants you.

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Summoner Spells(Jungling)

Smite: Need for early access to Blue and red buff

Flash: Must have For escaping a sticky situation or allowing your self to get up close to a champion and stun them

Exhaust: I like this spell with Udyr because it lets you get up close and personal to those pesky champions that just run and shoot, run and shoot

Teleport: Optional, if your planning on ganking at all your better off with out this however if you think that your going to be in "Two places at once" so to speak also if your in the middle of jungling and you need to get somewhere quick for a team fight.

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Mid game laning and ganking

1: Main priority of mid game is FARMING and PUSHING.
2: Once you've gotten to the point were you should be about as high or higher depending on your kills/deaths as the people in the middle lane, you can join your teammates,in the push, PHOENIX STANCE is your MAIN pushing ability, it is a great AoE move and highly underrated, one level at level one will be enough until about lvl 11. Closest comparison i can think of is to singed, it essentially works the same way. And by this time you should have ATLEAST wriggles lantern finish which lets you tank creeps all day long.
3: Once your in the lane your more than likely to get into a couple of skirmishes, for this we go back to our rotation, probably using turtle stance more than 1v1 fights depending on the situation.
4: Jungling focus of mid game, Get red buff as it can help tremendously when you go to gank. And dont forget to get Blue as often as possible because you never want to be in the situation were you run out of mana

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End game beast of destruction

So Udyr late game can get either destroyed of can never get touched, depending on your opposing team makeup, if there is minimal slows stuns, you can get almost anyone, having this full item set it is possible to tank a fully team of five for a couple of spells given the rare chance that there is no stuns or slows, or even disables, and then you can either choose the wrong choice and engage or RUN LIKE HELL, with bear stance and then turtle incase there ranged that can nuke you from a distance. 1v1 fight there are few that ive seen can stand up to the Beast! Your stun is your key move to stop the most annoying champs that can run away from anything. If you have a good team make up the end game should not be a problem as long as you are not left alone with more than 2 champions. You can rack up the kills and assists if you are an effective tank.