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Mordekaiser Build Guide by tehprodigy15

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tehprodigy15

Tank/AP Carry Master of Hextech Metal

tehprodigy15 Last updated on November 22, 2011
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1k---2k+ AP Q Damage Ouch

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10-27-10 In the masteries section and Aegis of the Legion
11-1-10 Blitzcrank added to counters to your Ult
Morgana removed from counters to your Ult
11-4-10 Changes with Children of the Grave, Frozen Mallet, Rylai's Crystal Scepter
11-5-10 Elixir of Fortitude added to counters to your Ult
11-7-10 Added Support Heroes, All characters for possible disruptions for getting a ghost, TIP in Iron Man, and added some color finally =)
11-14-10 Ult against Poppy changed, Added an AP, AD, and Hybrid list, and Tip in Siphon of Destruction
11-16-10 Patch notes few tweaks to Mordekaiser
11-18-10 Made several changes to the ITEMS portion and Warmog's Armor is viable to use again
12-14-10 Patch Notes¦. More NERFS¦ New Changes Below
12-15-10 Second viable build is done! Put it under NUMBER 3
12-19-10 Guide back in operation, added some tips
1-18-11 Patch notes rock!!!
2-1-11 Patch notes say¦.. Buff for Mordekaiser!
2-20-11 New Build, Change to Build #2, changes around the guide
2-28-11 Patch notes favor Morde again lol

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For the Nubs of LOL

"lane" = the road that contains towers and lead to and from the two teams respective bases

"MR" = magic resist

"AA" = auto attack

"AP" = ability power

"AD" = attack damage

"CC" = crowd control

"CD reduction" = cooldown reduction

"jungle" = The group of trees and paths that exist between the lanes

"stop over-extending" = where you, or an ally, is past a certain point where the enemy team can easily kill you

"lets baron" = refers to killing Baron Nashor, who provides a powerful buff to you and your allies as well as gold/exp.

"lets dragon" = refers to killing Dragon, which provides 190 gold to everyone on your team as well as experience to those in the immediate area

"getting red" = refers to killing Lizard Elder, which gives the champion's physical attacks a slow on the enemy's movement speed and deals damage based on their level

"getting blue" = refers to killing Ancient Golem, which provides a mana/CD reduction buff

"baiting" = sitting in the brush waiting for an enemy champ (or team) to come check an area, and then ambushing him

"gank" = used in the sense of ambushing an enemy champion (or champion's) that is pushing to far in the lane

"zoning" = where you are prohibiting the enemy champion (or champion's) from getting any exp/gold by standing between them and the creep wave

"deny" = Gangplank is the only champion who can deny in League of Legends, and it is the act of killing his own friendly creep in order to 'deny' the enemy champion gold/exp

"b" = back, fall back, get out of there

"oom" = out of mana

"lom" = low on mana

"care" = be careful, they might be coming for you

"miss, mia" = missing in action, used to describe when a champion is missing from a lane and to be careful of incoming ganks

"backdoor" = sneaking into the enemies base in order to bring down towers/inhibitors or the nexus

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This is a tanky/AP build. He is meant for dealing out decent burst early game. Mid game starting to get tanky yet using his ultimate to deal most of his damage in team fights. Mord should be very powerful yet difficult to kill with Only a warmog's. Late game his tank stats should be just fine depending on what the enemy team is like (adjust items to counter enemy team damage), but in order to do well in team fights you must use your ultimate on the enemy DPS champion in order to get those awesome MULTI KILLS. Yet you will be almost impossible to kill with raping damage from the enemy dps champ.
To control ult hold ALT and left click as usual.

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Health regen pendant.(must have)
sorcerer's boots( more ap damage with MP early and late)
hextech revolver ( great damage with lifesteal. great for early game killing sprees)
warmog's ( must have awesome survivability)
FON ( good against ap enemy champs)
Rylai's (good damage along with slowing your enemies during a chase. Even more health and AP)
Thorn's mail (against good dps enemies)
or Guardian's angel ( if u are invincible then get this for more tankier stats and a 2nd life is always good even when you are already invincible)

2nd build is straight up 1k to 2k damage plus with your Q ability.
2 revolvers early game give good damage and lifesteal.
Build up to Rabadon's which will give straight up crazy AP damage.
Lich BAne is very unorthodox but is AMAZING
Void Staff will make your damage OUT OF THIS WORLD...seriously
Rylais' for all of you that want health and SLOWING ABILITY

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Skill Sequence

Early game - harass with shroud. use e and q when necessary. it's good to be aggressive with mord because it will lead to more damage and more kills. THE BEST COMBO is (ULT + IGNITE)
guarantee kill when enemy is low health
Mid- Starting to become tanky yet strong as hell with hextech. the warmog's will be crucial mid game. (if you HAVE to depending on enemy team, get FON or thorn's mail instead as first tank item)
Late- The tank items will make you impossible to kill yet strong AF. You ult late game will basicly get you any late game enemy DPS or Tank Champion. So basicly you would be using 2 late game heros at once...BEAST

This is what make Mordekaiser Mordekaiser, this is what wins fights and what makes Mordekaiser undeniably the best bruiser evar! This is also what makes stacking health with Mordekaiser redundant, this shield is essentially your health and without armor and magic resistance your shield will be weak in turn making you weak. With this, Cooldown Reduction is perfectly viable to contribute to. The faster you can use Siphon, the more often your shield can replenish as well as keeping up your W up for maximum damage reduction and damage output. As a side note though early game you should focus more on your actual health as your abilities take it away, focus on last hitting normally rather then taking out the entire wave as easy as it may be each time, late game on the other hand spam away!

The mace has its niceness to it, but a bit more disadvantages to leveling it first, one because it does low damage at early levels, two it doesn't build up your shield like Siphon does, and three because its a melee ability so put a point in it at level 4 and leave it be till level 13.

Creeping Death should be your second ability to max. It provides Armor and Magic Resistance which is great for both offensive and defensive play because it also dishes out considerable damage, if used around minion waves or multiple champions its the perfect way to keep your shield up over a sustained time rather then in bursts. Its a good tool for helping allies who are under attack as well. This is one of moves that benefit the best from CDR. By holding Alt and hitting W you will automatically apply this to yourself without having to click.

This is Mordekaiser's bread and butter. This is maxed first. Why? because not only does it generate your shield the best of all your abilites but it also does considerable amount of damage which is great for last hitting and harassing. At level 1 it doesn't do a terrible amount of damage but its a great tool for last hitting minions. Level 2 and up the damage greatly increases making it easier to dwindle down their squishes.

This is your ultimate, which is also a DoT and a HoT if you play wow (:. Which means not only does it do damage over time but it also heals you over time. With this in mind it can be used defensively just as well as it it an offensive ability, through it on a tank with alot of health you just healed up 35%+ of your health. Because this does damage over time it makes using in combo with it extremely effective. This is also what allows you to take on whole teams if you can turn a 1v5 into a 2v4 or in team cases a 5v5 into a 6v4. When you kill and enemy with it on them you get them as your pet! As a note your Pets damage also builds your shield.

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Summoner Spells

ALWAYS USE IGNITE WITH ULTIMATE. The best combo = more kills!
Ghost is probably your 2nd best choice so you can escape easily.

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Marks- Magic Pen (More damage early and late game)
Seals, Glyphs, Quints - AP more damage early game. Easy kills

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Pros / Cons

+ Amazing solo laner
+ Nice farming abilities
+ Can solo groups of enemies with your ghost
+ Can carry teams
- Has no abilities to help your teammates
- Very vulnerable to CC
- Can take some dmg but cannot be a main tank
- Slightly expensive build