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League of Legends Build Guide Author AraisDemlant

Tank Katarin- What?

AraisDemlant Last updated on March 15, 2011
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Tank Katari- What? Build guide

Believe me, I would have stopped at that title, and that ridiculous notion that she can be built as a tank. Trying to take an offensive caster and turn her into a tank? Who the hell would do that? Why would anyone I ask, why? I have no f***ing idea why. I played a match once, and some guy did it for fun, using an unperfected build of course, and for some, unknown, godforsaken reason, that we could NOT figure out, he went legendary. He had around 20 kills, and only 1 death. Afterwords, I went on to perfect my tank Kat build, just trying it for fun because I thought it would be funny, AND with my all AP runebook (Keep that in mind), and by some miracle of god, and I mean this in the strangest way, this build works. Do NOT ask me how, or why, I have no f***ing clue why, but just try this, at least once, before you rule this out.

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What to take? I don't know what the hell you have for runes (Sorry if that sounds harsh). I have 3 runepages I fully built the second I started this game, after only buying one champ (Pantheon). First one is an all AD (Attack damage), second is an all AP (Ability power), and third is half MR (Magic resistance), half Armor. I do not like the idea of taking different red (Place word here), different blue (Place word here) and etc. Why the hell not just max your one single aspect and save some bloody time? Instead of having +.3% crit chance, + .5% crit damage, etc, why not just take ALL crit damage or ALL crit chance? If you do have runebook pages, I would recommend taking the one with the most AP, or if not, the one with the most AD. And focus on only those 2 aspects. I personally do not care for magic penetration, armor pen, etc. When you're sporting 1000 AP, who the hell cares about your magic pen?

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Go with my 9 - 21 - 0 mastery guide. Remember, don't ask me why, it just works

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Start with a regrowth pendant. Why? Warmogs early on can help you in the long run by getting it fully stacked quickly. Also, the regrowth pendant allows you to take some damage while shunpo-ing around and chucking a few bouncing blades at those unsuspecting victims. When you have enough money, go back, grab some boots and a ruby crystal if possible, and keep on trucking. After getting your first kill, or after enough money, go back and finish warmogs, and then either grab Boots of Swiftness (Trust me, take it to chase them bastards down) or try for Rylais. After Rylais, get Frozen Mallet, and then finish with Atma's. What to take for the last item? Hell if I know, grab whatever makes you sleep at night. I have never gotten a last item because I have never needed to get it (Or played for that long). Why all this trouble, and why these items you ask? For the most part I CAN answer these questions.

Why Warmogs? Health, lots of it, and some good regen as well. Why Rylai's? More health, and some AP as well. Not only that, but your abilities now slow the enemy down. Why Frozen Mallet? More health, some AD, and some good old fashioned slow that now applies to your regular attacks as well. Why finish with Atma's? Why the hell not? You're sporting (My cool hip word for roughly) 5000 health or so, and 120 AD, with this baby, your AD is around 230 (Roughly). Thats a huge buff to your abilities, and your physical attacks as well. Remember, Kat's abilities not only scale off of AP, but AD !!!!!AS WELL!!!!! <- REMEMBER THIS. With this build, and my runepage, you're sporting 5000 health, 150 Armor, 150 AP or so, and 230 AD. Those towers there? Man, those things tickle you. 5 enemies underneath them? Why yes please, I would like a Pentakill. Mayo? No thanks, I prefer Italian dressing on my rape sandwich.

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Skill Sequence

Self explanatory. Her ult takes priority (Duh), then Bouncing Blade next, followed by Shunpo third, and Killer Instincts last.

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Summoner Spells

I take Teleport with all my champions if I can. Some exceptions include Lux, who needs Clarity early on and Flash to get away. Kat with Flash? Yes take it. Why take Flash? This is my personal preference. When you're in a team fight and you Shunpo in, and use your ult, and need to get out of Fiddle's, Nunu's, (Place name) here's ult, you can not only Flash out, but then Shunpo to a minion to further increase the distance between your *** being dead, and waffles for breakfast. Also, as a side note, when in team fights, or when getting ganked, minions are always pooled up in the center of the lane, and usually there isn't any minions to Shunpo to that will save your life. Flash can bring you one step closer to that next minion wave, so you can get your *** out of there, and go eat some waffles.

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Just because you have (Place number here) health, doesn't mean you lead. If there's an Amumu crying about, throw his crying *** in the fight first. The point of this build is to not only keep you alive when getting focused, but also packing a huge punch at the same time, and also giving you the ability to easily tower dive anyone who's left. Always let your tanks lead first in fights, it's what they do. You follow up with Shunpo and your Ult, and maybe a Blade or two, then if need be, Shunpo or Flash out. Try to be as reserved as possible when it comes to Flash, if it even looks like you have a remote possibility to run and not use Flash, then run first. You can also use Flash to close the gap for your Shunpo, so you can kill that pesky Ashe who's been bothering you with all those damn arrows.

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This, I can safely say, is a super-unique build. It takes the right runebook I think to really make it work. Follow these suggestions and this build guide, and I Garen-tee (Get it?) you that this DOES work.